New year post

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  • ​My today might not make sense to you, just relax God is still working on his product. People never see the raw material but they sees the finished product. People doesn’t appreciate the raw materials but they appreciate the product. Never believe in what people says about you or what they thinks you are. Only the manufacturer can defines his product and gives meaning to his product. Man wasn’t created byman, God does. Man doesn’t know the purpose and plan of the manufacturer (GOD) towards you. That is why man define you based on what they see, what they perceive you but God defined you based on your purpose.School defines us based on the ideas passed down to us but they don’t know what the manufacturer (GOD) has in stock for you. Schoolgrade you based on exam but God grade you based on the purpose you were created. Never live beyond your expectations in life, never let the world defines you. They will always do so but remember God has his own purpose for you.God bless you

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