How thankful are you

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​How Being Thankful Should Make You Act

As Pastor Levi Lusko has said, “We all have the choice, the choice to rejoice!”

This Holiday Season, let’s choose to be grateful, joyful, and thankful in all circumstances.

Let’s choose to step out of our comfort zones, and share the Gospel with our unsaved family members.

Let’s choose to put the needs of others before our own, and show the love of Jesus Christ to those relatives who may be a little difficult to love.

For such a time as this God has chosen us as His hands and feet in this wicked and fallen world, so let’s choose to allow His light to shine so brightly through us to others. That way, unbelievers will see our good deeds and give glory to our Father in heaven!

Let’s never forget that our God is good…all the time, and all the time…our God is good!

“All of my life

In every season

You are still God

I have a reason to sing

I have a reason to worship

And I will bring praise

I will bring praise

No weapon formed against me shall remain

I will rejoice

I will declare

God is my victory and He is here…”


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