Envy: A Great Evil


The English dictionary defines ‘envy’ as a resentful desire of something possessed by another or others(but not limited to material possessions). Mind you, looking up to someone with a sincere appreciation of that person and willing to be like the person is not envy; envy has a feeling of hatred attached to it, it is wanting something that someone possesses by all means possible. I was opportune to sit in the midst of elderly “Christian” women some time ago and as they were discussing I was disturbed in my spirit because from the beginning of their conversation to the end of it, slandering and resentful talking was all they did and it was all balled down to the envious feeling that they had towards another member in their church.
You might want to say this doesn’t affect me in any way, why don’t you answer the following questions:
👉🏼 How do you feel whenever that particular sister is always asked to lead a choir song?
👉🏼 Brothers, how do you feel when that particular brother seems to have it all and you are just struggling to balance up your life?
👉🏼 Pastors, how do you react when another pastor is given all the recognition and attention by the senior pastor?
👉🏼 Students, how do you feel when the life of your fellow student and fellowship member is on track both spiritually and academically and you are still trying to strike a balance?
👉🏼 Workers, how do you feel and react when your colleagues are being promoted and rewarded and it seems you’re left behind?
👉🏼 Is it not envy that is compelling you to send your own children outside the country to study because that family in your church did same?
👉🏼 Is it not envy that is compelling you to live your life up to the standard of that family in your church even if you cannot afford it?
Little wonder there is no more positive effect in our ministration and services, services are now rendered in an attempt to do it better than that other person instead of doing it for the edification of believers and for pleasing God. Beloved, look up to God for that spiritual, ministerial, and financial height you’re yet to attain and He will uplift you. Don’t render services to God with an intention of doing better than the other person, measure your life according to the pattern of true holiness and righteousness.

Have a blessed and rewarding weekend 🙋🏼

Blessing Ekele E
Agent of Change



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