Love One Another


There is a particular song lyrics that summarizes what our attitude of love should be towards each other, it goes thus, ” love one another Christ gave us this command, love one another and lend a helping hand, pray for those who hate you, don’t try to understand, you just love one another, Christ gave us this command “. Loving others be it believers or unbelievers is an express command from Christ; (John 15:12-14) as a true Christian, you are not permitted to hate anyone, no matter who or what the person has done (Luke 6:35). Note this sir/ma, someone do not have to belong to your denomination before you show love to that person; in fact, someone mustn’t be a Christian before you show love to that person.
The truth however, is that Christians no longer show love to their fellow members, how much more to unbelievers. The command in the Bible is that we should do good to everyone, but it went further and said “especially unto them who
are of the household of faith” (Galatians 6:10). Hatred, bitterness, backbiting and worldly competition has replaced the place of love in the Church of God. Little wonder believers can no longer confide in fellow believers concerning a problem, because instead of extending a hand of help in love, it becomes a topic for gossips and those even help, goes about telling who cares to listen how that person would have suffered if he hadn’t help out. A true act of love doesn’t demand publicity, appreciation or compensation. It is said that charity begins at home, if you cannot genuinely love your fellow believers in Christ, how then can you show forth that love to those outside the church.
In early Christianity, a problem of one believers is a problem for all but today reverse is the case, we no longer care about each other as everyone seem to be so encumbered with his/her own problems but it is not meant to be so. Let us wake up that true agape love that the Church of God once had, let that compassion for one another be awaken again, let us serve one another with the whole of our hearts and always lend a helping hand to those in need without a publicity (Romans 12:9). Start with members of the same household of faith and then it will extend to the outside world.
Let love reign in your heart toward each other and let no one esteem themselves better than the other. Show an act of love to someone today (1John 3:17,18).

Blessing Ekele E
Agent of Change



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