Prophecy can Fail


A friend told me a story about two friends who visited a soothsayer to find out about their future. While the first was told he would be very rich and great, the other was told he will be very poor and will die that way. The two friends went back home, but while the first friend stayed relaxed at home waiting for greatness and wealth to locate him, the other who was told would be poor went out each day to struggle at least for daily bread. You know what happened? The to-be rich friend died a poor man while the other who was meant to be poor became wealthy and successful. Do you know what happened there? It wasn’t that a swap of destiny was done spiritually but it was done with hard work and perseverance.
Many persons have received prophecies on how they are going to be a great person. But I tell you today, if you just sit around doing nothing and waiting for the prophecy to be fulfilled, sorry to say but you will die with that prophecy. Prophecies or revelations about your greatness in the future shouldn’t make you lazy, instead, it is meant to keep you striving until greatness is realised.
If you are a child of God there is always a great future for you, you sincerely do not a prophecy to know this. Don’t just sit around waiting to become great, go out and start with little things and before you know it greatness will set in. If you do not strive for that prophecy to be fulfilled, then it will fail.
Note that not all destined great men/women ended up being great, some died with their greatness not fulfilled. This will not be your portion in Jesus name(Amen)! Go out and work to reach greatness!
Have a great day🙋🏻

Blessing Ekele E
Agent of Change



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