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I’ve heard of stories on how in early Christianity, no one dares to join any unit in Church without being genuinely saved or converted. There were stories about how a person amongst a group of choir would stumble from the stage down to the front of the congregation while the choir ministration is on. Why? Because that person had gone into a secret sin and God was quick to judge that person because the atmosphere of that place was filled with God’s glory and presence. But reverse is the case this days because almost everyone in a congregation meant to be the gathering of believers, have one secret sin or more in their lives. How can the presence of God be in such environment! How can there be quick revelation of hypocrites when the whole atmosphere is polluted! Roberts Liardon wrote thus, “sin and glory cannot mix, if it does? It causes an explosion called judgement.” I strongly agree with this because, being in sin (secret or open sin) and working in an atmosphere filled with God’s glory is like sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode; ask Ananias and Sapphira! (Acts 5:1-10). During their time, they worked in the glory, power and presence of God led by the apostles with sin in their lives. They took for granted the glory and presence of God, they felt it is just a little lie nah, after all the property sold was ours. They neglected God’s glory and because of this, they died on the spot! Mind you, God and the apostles do not have a hand in their death, they committed spiritual suicide! Beloved, you might say I have been doing it for a long time and nothing has happened or nobody knows. Remember you’re sitting on a time bomb, when the time gets completed (and it will no matter how long it takes), there will be a great explosion! Beware of hypocrisy and secret sins!! God’s judgement is looming!!!

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