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God speaks in diverse ways but we do neglect His ways for our ways. Even the Bible says, His ways are not our ways, He is a Spirit Being and the way spirit being relates is quite different from the way the physical world relates.
Look keenly into the nature and let nature speak to you. God is really speaking but we aren’t attentive

Let me share this with you👇🏼

Look at this simple analysis:
Everything God created, was created with the ability to give back.
Your food is gotten from soil right? Nurtured and manufactured by soil and same food goes into your tummy, and digest and your tummy in turn gives back to the nature in terms of waste but it is a resource to the soil.
Meaning the body is giving back to the source.
The rain gives water to the earth and God’s system makes earth to give back water to the sky through the sun. Same as soil and plant and human. Plant gives to man and man gives to plant. All related to each other. Now what are you also giving back to the world? What you give is what you receive. Now you understand the principles of give and it shall be given back to you because it is a principle in place from the beginning.
A seed is given to soil as soil gives the seed back to the world in form of fruits and the seed within the fruits was given back to the soil to get more. You can see the principles at work when the Bible summarize it as, God bless the trees and seed. Be fruitful and multiply which are principles at work till now. Same as Give and it shall multiply. Believe it or not, what you give is a seed which becomes a fruit to the recipient and you also get your income from the increase in it.
What are you giving to the world? What will the world miss about you?
What seed in you is the world awaiting to seee?
The Bible says we await the manifestation of the sons of God. How will manifestation come forth without sowing?
For sowing to take place digging is necessary. And while digging, you uproot what isn’t working or what will affect your growth. For year 2019, what are you uprooting for the next planting? The new year is a season of planting, what are you willing to plant to yield investment even when you’re gone?
Let me share another analysis with you👇🏼
When a seed becomes a fruit, such fruit becomes a new seed in the soil. Meaning when you invest in yourself in such a way that you become a fruit, even at death, the seed in you has been tapped and you’ll live on! Jesus planted a seed in us which makes Him forever alive in us all. He never dies because He lives in us as a seed. In Christ was a seed which at his death germinated and become fruits that we all tapped from and it became a seed within us as well.
What are you gonna do with your seed? Will it die in you just like it died last year?
Christ has died and has risen again, your seed that died when is it going to rise back? As a follower of Christ, we died in Him and we’ve resurrected in Him, but those things that have died in you, how will you revive it? The word death is the same as inactive. A place that’s inactive is the place of death. Same as when you don’t use what you have, you are dying gradually. Will you be like the man they gave one talent that buried?
The guy with one talent was blinded and limited like some in our generation cannot see beyond every circumstances in their life. Just a seed given to him is the same as giving him multiples of such seed. But he limited himself based on his thinking. No wonder the Bible says as a man thinketh, so is he.
What have been your thoughts for last year? Did it push you forward or limited you? Your new year resolutions, how effective was it for 2018? Did it bring out its best results?

O faithless generation who couldn't see beyond himself. What a tragedy!  Many want to be fruitful but refused to utilize their seed. Just like a bird trapped in a cage that refused to fly. Just like a knowledge left untapped and unused and focusing on worldly things. Selfish generation that want light but don't want to pass through the channel light passed through to give out its value. They want to make impact but not ready to sacrifice, they want to make money but not ready for the process to get there.
   I rest my points with this👇🏼

What value are you going to give the world?
A man without value is a a man without worth and a man without worth has nothing to die for. Have you gotten that one thing that you are ready to die for just as Christ did.

Paul the Apostle stated thus: This one thing I do forgetting all things behind and focusing forward ahead This is 2019, what are you focusing on? Is it that failed relationship? That failed plan? That unfulfilled gift/talent? That failed Courses? That failed marriage?
Failed business?
What are you letting go to focus on one thing for the new year. I will leave you with these questions, What is your value? How valuable are you? Will you be greatly missed by earth or greatly adored in the grave? The choice is yours to make.

Written by Ambassador Sholotan David

Edited by Ambassador Blessing Ekele E

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