Prayer of the day (Day 12)

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Thanksgiving on Provision

Text :- Psalm 23:1

Sing:- We give you glory lord,as we worship you,you are wonderful, you are worthy oh lord

Prayer point

  1. Say father I thank you for providing and meeting my needs according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

  2. Appreciate God because he did not make you to lack any good thing in life,he has been your Jehovah Jireh in all ways.

  3. Bless his name for feeding you,your family and every member of CIA.

  4. Say daddy thank you because you did not allow us to become beggar before we can eat or drink..

  5. Bless God because,in miraculous way,as things are hard in this country,thank him because things aren’t hard on us or our families.

  6. Appreciate him for providing for your spiritual needs,physical needs,academical needs,marital needs.

  7. Appreciate God for your weekend because he shall surely provide for you.

  8. Thank God for the provision of healing in your life and your family.

  9. Thank God because your needs are always met.

  10. Thank God for his infinite provision in your life.

  11. Thank God for his infinite grace made available for us.

  12. Ask God what you want for the day

  13. Sing unto him and bless his name

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