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. Introduction
God wants to talk to you. He wanted to talk to us everyday. He wanted to fellowship with us through His Word. He wanted us to meditate upon His Word and ponder it.

The Bible is God’s Word, It is God-Breathed, therefore it has life, it has the power to change life, when you believe and confess it.

The Bible is not an ordinary book wherein you can easily process information. You can only extract information on the Bible and have a fresh insight and revelation of His Word through the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Therefore, let us not treat the Bible as an ordinary book for it is inspired supernaturally by the Holy Spirit.

A. Meditating, pondering, thinking, studying reflecting on God’s word takes time and effort.
Psalms 119:15 VW I will meditate on Your Precepts, and pay attention to Your ways.

👉 Reading is just the beginning. The longer part is the revolving of God’s word in our minds, the thinking part.
Having a reading plan is very important but it should not hamper your meditation. Otherwise, it will just be like eating fast without chewing much which will cause indigestion and that is not good for your health.

So it is not the quantity that is more important here but the quality. And the more quality knowledge and understanding you have, the more you will have; so quality and quantity eventually follows.

When I am so blessed pondering one verse or one chapter, most of the time it will take me 3 days or one week to ponder and meditate it. The result is awesome, because I got a lot of fresh insights from His Word.
My bookmarks are: OT, Psalms, Wisdom/song books (Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, Song of songs), and NT.

I go from Genesis to Job, Isaiah to Malachi, then back to Genesis in a cycle for the OT bookmark; from Psalms 1 to 150 for the Psalms bookmark (cycle); from Proverbs to Ecclesiastes to Song of songs for the Wisdom/song bookmark (cycle); and from Matthew to Revelation for the NT bookmark (cycle)..

Take note, the meditation is not confined to the devotion/study time. You can ponder about God’s word while walking, riding (especially in heavy traffic),eating, waiting for somebody, etc. This is simply meditating day and night, Josh 1:8.

👉 Understanding the word includes knowing the teachings, the why’s, principles and applications. This can mean new insights or expansion of previous insights. The more you discover fresh insights from God’s word, the more you become excited to ponder, meditate, think about, study and learn more. It is just like eating good food that pleases your palate. On the other hand, if you do not understand the word, it is just like eating plain unseasoned rice without any dish or toppings. It is so bland and tasteless. You cannot eat much because you are not satisfied. That’s why we need to pray for an understanding heart just like the psalmist.

As you meditate God’s word, you learn more and get more insights and applications, thus growing in knowledge, understanding and wisdom. It is a wonderful cycle really: understand to meditate, meditate to understand, and the cycle repeats. This should be part of our lifestyle.

B. Meditation sheep style
Josh 1:8 BBE Let this book of the law be ever on your lips and in your thoughts day and night, so that you may keep with care everything in it; then a blessing will be on all your way, and you will do well.

One synonym of meditate is ruminate and chew over. The sheep is very interesting in the aspect of ruminating their food. Yes, they graze and then ruminate (chew the cud) in cycles all day, but it is also possible that they graze more quickly in the morning and then fully chew and digest the food later in the day. Wow! What a wonderful picture of meditating God’s word day and night. Firstly, our Shepherd leads us in the morning to the green pasture of God’s word. Then the word we have read and chewed in the morning we continue to ruminate all day and to the night. This is the good characteristic of the sheep that we should follow.

Again, ruminate means to think again and again; to muse; to meditate; to ponder; to reflect (Webster’s dictionary).

C. If you guard God’s word, God’s word will guard you.
Prov 6:20-21 KJV My son, keep thy father’s commandment, and forsake not the law of thy mother: Bind them continually upon thine heart, and tie them about thy neck.

👉 Bind God’s word continually upon your heart so that your heart will always be with God’s word.

👉 Meditate on God’s word always and meditate things with God’s word always. The neck in the Hebrew, gargeroth, literally means throat (as used in rumination), though always used figuratively according to BDB. Rumination means chewing the cud, and figuratively means meditation, pondering, thinking and thinking again, or reflection.

The most common interpretation of binding around your neck is for display or ornament. But it really does not make sense for it does not relate to keeping or not forgetting it. You do not see your own necklace, do you? If it is a bracelet, you can see it if you look at your hand. But a necklace can only be seen in a mirror or if it is quite long. A necklace is rather a display for other people to see. But something always in front of you you will always see.
But if your throat is bound to God’s word, God’s word acts as a guard and filters what enters and what leaves. What enters your heart goes first into the rumination process. Your throat tissues will be made of God’s word if you eat a lot of God’s word. So the most important step is to meditate God’s word always.

Next, everything that you meditate must be meditated against God’s word, chew everything with God’s word. Everything that is not permissible, spew out. Principles, wisdom, knowledge, understanding that you are taking in must be godly. Finally, your words and even your actions must be checked against the word of God so that you will not commit sin.

D. Wisdom takes time like that of a feast.
Prov 9:1-6 WEB Wisdom has built her house. She has carved out her seven pillars. She has prepared her meat. She has mixed her wine. She has also set her table. She has sent out her maidens. She cries from the highest places of the city: “Whoever is simple, let him turn in here!” As for him who is void of understanding, she says to him, “Come, eat some of my bread, Drink some of the wine which I have mixed! Leave your simple ways, and live. Walk in the way of understanding.”

In Bible times, a feast means a holiday when people do not work and enjoy the feast. It is at least one day, and sometimes even up to seven days (in some instances, even up to two weeks). Of course, they do not just eat the entire daytime, they socialize to allow their digestive system to digest and absorb the food they had eaten. It is very much totally different compared to the fast food of our times. With fast food, some are through in 15 to 30 minutes. There is no more time to allow the food to be digested well. Also, the food is fast prepared and usually is devoid of good nutrients.

In studying the Bible or preparing for your assignment, the fast food is equivalent to spending around 5 to 10 minutes and there is no more time to digest the things you had studied, no more time for meditation or pondering. The result is indigestion, allergies, or bad health. You cannot get understanding and wisdom this way.

In the Bible passage, Wisdom has prepared a feast and invites us in. We will have to stop whatever we are currently doing and relax and enjoy (concentrate on) the feast. Getting understanding and wisdom takes time like that of a feast. You need time to meditate, ponder, digest what you had studied so that you will enjoy the health benefits. The feast is for free. It only cost us our effort and time but many people are not willing to stop whatever they are doing and they are already satisfied with fast food.

F. Guard your heart above all that you guard, for out of it flows the spring of life.
Prov 4:23 VW Keep your heart with all diligence, for out of it are the issues of life.

How are we to guard our hearts?
Like a wellspring! We should not allow the enemy to stop or block it or fill it with dirt just like the Philistines in the days of Isaac, Gen 26:15,18.
We should not allow the enemy to poison it or plant thorns.

The entry points are our eyes, ears, and thoughts (the enemy’s suggestions).
If there are bad things, before they grow worst and flow out (out of the abundance of our hearts to the mouth and to actions, Luk 6:45), we need to ask the Holy Spirit to wash our hearts so that they will be clean. Also, ask God to change us and make us more like Him.

Be careful with what we look at; be careful with what we listen to, especially the music, and the movies and the TV shows we watch. Be careful with what we think, ponder, meditate; they should not be negative.

There are very nice shows and informative shows we can watch — some Discovery Channel shows, travel shows, and most of Christian TV.

Listen only to good, inspired, Holy Spirit filled, joy-filled Christian music.

👉 Be selective of our mentors who we listen to, whose books we read.
👉Be selective of what we read — those related to our assignments, skill-related things, those that are in line with the Word of God.
Spend more time communing with God, worshiping Him, praying to Him, reading the Bible, listening to Him and obeying His instructions.
Meditate more the word of God; whatever is true, noble, right, lovely, pure, admirable, excellent and praiseworthy (Phil 4:8).




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