Omoshalewa – Episode 11

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I really want to appreciate all those who had been following this story, most especially those who took time out to comment on each episode. Thanks so much for the motivation. I appreciate you all.

After the deed was done, I cried till I had no more strength within me. I hated Desmond at that very moment and I regretted ever giving him a chance in my life

. It dawned on me right there that he only pretended to be sick in order to achieve his aim. It was a planned work between him and Tope, his friend. I was too stupid and naive to see the handwriting on the wall.

Desmond sat down there in his living room, he relaxed in the chair and stared ahead as if nothing happened. He wasn’t even moved by my tears. I asked him why he chose to be a son of Belial, why he decided to take forcefully from me, my very pride. That which I had kept for my future husband all these years.

He didn’t respond. He just continued staring at nothing, avoiding my gaze. I continued crying for nearly an hour, mourning my irreversible loss…

He later spoke up,
“I am sorry,” he said quickly then stood up and walked towards his bedroom with no sign of remorse.

“Sorry? Will that restore my virginity?” I called after him.

He slammed the bedroom door without giving me a single response.

“Ha! What a shame!” I lamented. “My God will judge you, He will judge you…” I sobbed.

I remembered how I had always pictured the very night I would give out my virginity, willingly and proudly to the rightful owner, my husband. I never knew it would happen this way. My stupidity, gullibility and of course greed led me into that trap. I was blinded by the gifts. I forgot the word of God that says: “gifts perverts judgment…”

It is obvious that my virginity was irrelevant to the man that eventually took it at the end of the day. I threw to the swine, that which I cherish so much…

I stood up slowly from the cream colour leather sofa, stains of blood which represented the evidence of my once upon a time chastity was on it. I resumed my tears again as the reality sank into me the more. I could no longer sleep till dawn. At exactly 5:00am, I left Desmond’s place. I tied my scarf around my waist to cover the blood stains. I decided to travel back home that very day. I was very angry with Desmond and I wasn’t ready to set my eyes on him nor listen to anything he had to say. I packed my baggage and left very early around 6:50am. I could not observe my morning devotion, I was filled with so much guilt and I lacked the boldness to pray. I know the Holy Spirit had left me and God was angry with me already. So, I couldn’t even ask for forgiveness…

Another reason why I left early was because I didn’t want to set my eyes on Tope too because of the shame, it was evident that I was fooled.

I got home around mid day. I called mum to inform her of my arrival and she was really overjoyed. She couldn’t wait to see me again since over three months.

Another person I was so eager to see again was my boss at the supermarket, ‘Aunty Mope’ as I fondly called her. In order to avoid loneliness, I set out to check on her at her store and spend time there before my mum would arrive in the evening. It was a guy I met there, probably the new sales attendant. He told me she went out not long ago. I called her number but she didn’t pick up. As I was about to leave, she arrived. She was really happy to see me. We talked and talked for some time after which she noticed my swollen eyes and said,

“I hope you are okay Shalewa? Why are your eyes kind of swollen like this? Was it an infection?”

“Hmmmmmm, because I cried too much last night, I developed swollen eyeballs,” I thought, then replied,

“I’m okay aunty.”

“Are you sure?” She asked again.

I had a feeling that I should open up to her. She had been like a sister I never had. She called me often when I was away at school and she was aware of my relationship with Stephen. Of course, I really needed someone to talk to. I might suddenly explode if I had no one to share this burden with, Oyinkansola was the last person I wanted to talk to that moment. I can’t possibly tell my mum too, how can I tell my mother that I lost my virginity during my first semester at school? That is stupidity!

So, I made up my mind to tell Aunty Mopelola, at least a problem shared is half solved. I cleared my throat and spoke up,

“Actually, Aunty Mope, I do have an issue bothering me.”

“I thought as much,” she replied. “Come with me.”
She took me to her car so we could have some privacy.
After we had settled down in the car, I thought of the best way to open up the issue. At last, I spoke up,

“Aunty Mope, I lost my virginity last night.” I spat out the words that were followed by a fresh outburst of tears that I had bottled up within me.

“Wha-aat? How? When? To who?” She asked shockingly.

I couldn’t talk, I just wept on and on.

Aunty Mope pulled me to herself and said, “No Shalewa, you don’t have to do this. Pull yourself together please. I understand how painful this can be but try to take heart okay?” She wiped my tears with her handkerchief.

At last, I stopped crying when I felt satisfied. I narrated the whole story. From how I went to visit Stephen at school, my encounter there, how I broke up with him and later dated Desmond because I followed Oyinkansola’s advice and finally how Desmond forcefully had s-x with me last night.

“Hmmmmmm” she sighed. “Just during your first semester? That you are supposed face your studies squarely, the primary reason why you were at school, you allowed yourself to be carried away by ephemeral things. Well, I don’t want to start the blame game. Its okay, the deed had been done, let’s discuss the way forward. First thing first, when last did you see your menstrual period?”I pondered a bit, then replied, “about two weeks ago.”

“Good. Meaning that you are probably or possibly ovulating by now. You need to come with me.”

She started the engine of her car and called out to the sales boy to take care of the shop.

She drove for about ten minutes before she pulled up at the front of a clinic. I didn’t understand what she was up to yet. Then as if she read my thoughts, she said,

Omoshalewa, I am doing this because of the love I have for you. You are like a sister to me, so I couldn’t possibly watch you get harmed in anyway.

You see, when one has an unprotected intercourse, a lot of risks are involved, ranging from unwanted pregnancy to Sexually Transmitted Diseases.”

I opened my eyes wide in alarm as I tried to comprehend what she was saying.

“So,” she continued. “I have brought you to this clinic for a thorough check up and treatment too. This is our family doctor’s hospital. He is also our Pastor. I will ask him to run a check on you and also give you the necessary and required treatment needed in your case. Since it’s not up to twenty four hours you had sex, they will give you the necessary treatment so that it would not result in an unwanted pregnancy. He might also book a future date with you to come for an HIV test. Is that clear?”

I nodded quietly. I was so grateful that she would help me prevent getting pregnant, I didn’t even know that one could get pregnant at first intercourse… But then, I was so scared about the issue of HIV test.

“What if Desmond has HIV virus?” I thought as I followed her quietly to the entrance of the clinic like a lamb that was about to be slaughtered…

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