Omoshalewa – Episode 12

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We entered the hospital. In about 5minutes, we were in the doctor’s office. Aunty Mope explained to the doctor, what brought us to him. He was so friendly and kind. He gave me some drugs and also recommended that I come for an HIV test in three months time…

He counseled me on the importance of facing my studies squarely, and also told me that the fact that I lost my virginity is not the end of the world.

“You can still decide to be a virgin for Christ by keeping yourself pure from now on. You see, Omoshalewa, I see in you a bright and shining star, someone who will conquer the devil no matter what

. So, brace up, forget about the past, pick the lessons learnt and move on with your life.” He counseled.

He also urged me to forgive Desmond, though it may not be easy but I must. He emphasized the fact that I must break up with him seeing that he only deceived me, he wasn’t a true child of God. But then I just had to forgive him so that I can also receive forgiveness from my heavenly father…

I felt so reluctant about the forgiveness part. It seemed to be the most difficult thing at that moment. I cried. The doctor encouraged me more and he prevailed. I confessed my sins to Jesus and also confessed that I have forgiven Desmond

Then, the doctor prayed for me. I shed so much tears during the prayer session but I felt better thereafter.

I thanked the doctor and Aunty Mope for their help. The doctor didn’t even collect a dime from us for the treatment. I was so grateful to them both. We left his office but I made sure I collected the doctor’s number before leaving. Aunty Mope took me back home in her car. She also counseled me to steer clear of Desmond and face my studies. I thanked her for her help.

I got home at around 6:30pm and I quickly fixed porridge and stew for dinner before my mum would arrive. I had my bath to relief my swollen eyeballs. Mum was so happy to see me again. She even bought me a cup of vanilla ice cream, my favourite flavour. I tried my best to conceal my mood from my mum so she wouldn’t suspect anything and thank God she didn’t. Her only observation was that I grew slimmer, I told her it was the stress at school.

We talked and talked till late in the evening since it was a Friday, she wouldn’t need to leave early for work the following day.

“I have news for you oh, Shalewa,” she said during our discussion. “It’s a good news, though there is another side to the news. I should have told you before you came around but I wanted you to concentrate fully on your examination.”

“Really?” What’s the news mum! I’m so eager to know.” I answered curiously.

“I received a letter of promotion two weeks ago.”

“Wow! That calls for celebration. Congratulations mum! That means more money in your account” I screamed happily.

“Yes o, my daughter and more responsibilities too. I will be the Head Of Operations but at another branch.”

“Hmmmmmm, Good mum. Which branch were you transferred to?”

“That is the other side of the news Shalewa. I have been transferred to one of our new branches in the East, Owerri in Imo state.”

“Huh-huh, that’s too far. So what will you do mum?”

“Well Shalewa, I want us to relocate from here. Sincerely, I am tired of life in the South West, it reminds me so much of the early years of my marriage. I want a change of environment. Coincidentally, our house rent here expires by the end of this month, so there is no need for a renewal. We have to say bye to our friends and families here and we have just one week before we move.”

Oooooh, mum. This is just too sudden o.”

“Don’t worry dear. You will get used to the new environment and make new friends. Who knows? You might even find that place more interesting than here.”

My mind went straight to Aunty Mope and the Pastor-doctor that I just met today, whom God used to lift off the burden of my heart. That I will have to leave them so soon saddened my heart too. But I accepted fate.

Mum and I prayed and we retired for the night. I remembered the drugs the doctor gave me. I secretly took the evening dose in my room before I slept.
I woke up very late the following morning, around 9:30am probably because of the sleepless night i had the previous night and the stress of the journey too..
Mum had left home already when I got out of bed. She didn’t want to disturb my sleep. She left a note for me on the dining table and some cash, should in case I needed money to buy anything while she was away.

I observed my quiet time with God. I had so much boldness to pray that morning because I was sure I had been forgiven. I committed my life and future into God’s hands anew and I also prayed for restoration and comfort…

The first thing that came to my mind after my morning devotion was to call Stephen. I dialed his number. It rang continuously but he didn’t pick it. I tried several times, the number was later switched off.

“What’s happening?” I thought. Stephen couldn’t possibly have ignored my calls. “Where could he have put his phone?”

I decided to check on him at his place. I was 100 percent sure that his school was also on break already.

I took some tea, had my bath and eagerly prepared to go and check on him. The thought of what just happened to me crossed my mind again.Come to think of it, how would I tell Stephen that I was deflowered just within a month after we broke up? Ha! It’s not wise to tell him at all. I really regret meeting Oyinkansola and Desmond. But wait, Desmond didn’t even deem it fit to call me since yesterday. It means that he truly felt not a bit of remorse for what he did…” I thought.

I felt so used and belittled. “Is that all the love he claimed to have for me?” I picked my phone and dialed his number. But I quickly stopped the call. One voice within me told me to forget about him. But sincerely, I couldn’t forget easily someone that took my virginity. I now have a kind of bond with him, the type I never even had with Stephen. Desmond was the first man to have carnal knowledge of me. I decided to call him to give him a piece of my mind for what he did, and worst of all, he didn’t even bother checking on me since then.

I dialed his line again, I was sure he wouldn’t be at work since it was a Saturday.

“Hello,” he replied. “Who am I speaking with please?”

I checked the screen of my phone again to confirm the number I dialed, of course, it was Desmond.

“Shalewa.” I replied. “Or don’t you have my number again?” I retorted angrily.

“Shalewa… Shalewa,” he repeated slowly as if trying to remember who bears the name.

“Desmond, what is the meaning of this? After you have succeeded in taking my virginity, you now pretend not to know me again?” I was burning furiously within me.

“Excuse me, I don’t even know you yet you are talking about me taking one virginity, please I am also a virgin oh, so I don’t know what you are talking about.”

Then roars of laughter erupted from the background. It sounded like the voices of about three to four people. I realised I was being made fun of.

Of course, Desmond had put the phone on speaker.

I ended the call immediately in shame. I just succeeded in opening a fresh wound for myself. What a shame. See the way a daughter of Zion is being mocked by sons of Belial. So, Desmond had indeed been pretending all these while. What a pity. I smashed my phone on the wall, crashed on my bed in dismay and cried my heart out…

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