Omoshalewa – Episode 5

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Emash and Godiya, oya ooo, come and check the result of your guesses…

“Won’t you at least ask me to sit?” Tope asked smiling.

“Oh! Pardon my manners, I was only surprised to see you. Do have your seat please.” I welcomed him.

We chatted for sometime, then there was a sudden silence. I was still wondering in my mind why he came around when he finally spoke up.

“Errrmmm, Shalewa

. I came to see you on behalf of my friend, Desmond. He is so much interested in you. He’s been seeing you around for sometime now whenever he comes visiting me and he had been pestering me to talk to you on his behalf. Not that he is too shy to approach you, far from that. He just preferred that I should speak to you first since you are my neighbour. Desmond is a very nice guy, you won’t regret it if you give him a room in your heart.” He concluded, as he watched my facial expression, expecting a response.”

“What is wrong with this one?” I thought. Did I post it on my fore head that I needed a boyfriend?”

Then I replied him, “thanks for the interest your friend has shown but I am not interested in any relationship now.”

Really? Why? You are matured enough now, and besides, I have never seen any guy around you ever since you moved into this apartment.”

“Matured? Indeed.” I laughed.
“Do you know my age? Anyway, I have my personal reasons and I will appreciate it if you allow us to leave it that way. Thanks.”


. I will let him know your decision.”

He left my room and I slammed the door. I was angry within me but I controlled it because I didn’t want to have issues with someone who stayed in the same house with me.

“What exactly is really wrong with guys? Anytime they see a fine girl like this, they must go out with her and most of the time, it’s for selfish reasons. Once they get her into their beds, they are gone. Nonsense!” I hissed as I settled down to take a cup of ice cream that I bought when coming home.

It’s not like anyone really sat me down to orientate me about men and their behaviours, but I learnt about men through the experiences of people around me, my mum inclusive.

I have vowed in my heart never to have sex with any man until my wedding night, and the first man that ever have s-x with me would be my first and last, my husband till death do us part, no other man would see my nakedness… And that is why I was very okay with Stephen. Since I met him, he had respected my wish to remain chaste till marriage. The kind of love he had for me wasn’t the selfish one, it’s a genuine love. Not that we were never tempted to ‘have’ each other since I met him but God has been helping us to overcome the temptations…

Stephen, a very nice and caring guy, I will never leave him for anyone…” I fantasized.

I picked my Android phone which was lying on my bed. Stephen’s smiling face stared back at me. Yes, I have used him as my wall paper picture for a long time. Then I dialed his number…

“Hi sweetheart,” I greeted.

“Hey Princess! I was just about to call you. How are you doing and how was your day?” He responded cheerfully.

“Fine and yours?”

“As stressful as ever my dear. Lectures upon lectures and I have some laundry and ironing to do because I must deliver them latest by tomorrow evening.” I just pray I get through with schooling on time and get a good job, so that my hustling and struggles will be over.”

“E ya! Sorry, the lectures are part of school life, it’s the same here. And as for these hard jobs you are combining with academics, don’t you think you need to pause a bit? You need to focus on your studies more, I have promised to help you, we can share my pocket money, Steve, that’s what love is all about.”

Omoshalewa! I appreciate your efforts and sacrifices okay? But a real man must be able to cater for himself and even his fiancée. If I can’t give you what I should for now, I shouldn’t be a burden to you either.”

“Okay ooo. Your Highness, God is your strength. Don’t worry, you will get a good job and we will have a beautiful life, God has our future in His hands, it shall be well… I miss you Stephen.”

“Amen dear, thanks for the encouragement, that’s one of the reasons why I cherish you a lot. I miss you more my Angel. Shalewa, please don’t leave me, aside God, you are the air I breathe, if you leave me…”

“Sssshhhhh! Who is talking about leaving someone here, Stephen we are together all the way, relax. Don’t even entertain such thoughts.”

“Thanks dear. Don’t worry, school will soon close for the Christmas and New year break, we shall soon get to see again. So cheer up my Angel, should I sing for you?”

I smiled, I did enjoy his songs…

“You and this your singing. Okay o, I’m listening.”

He sang one of the love songs he had earlier composed specially for me. He is a very good singer with a fine vocal texture.
I clapped for him, I felt flattered by the lyrics of the song…

“I have to go now Stephen. I have a test tomorrow morning. Sweet dreams dear. Bye. Love you. Remember to pray before you sleep.”

“Okay dear. Love you too. Good night.”

The following day after lectures, I decided to withdraw some cash from the ATM of one of the banks near the campus before going home but the machine was not dispensing cash. I checked the time, five minutes to four. I decided to quickly enter the banking hall to withdraw some cash directly from the counter before bank closes. I was running out of cash and I needed to get some foodstuffs for the weekend.

I filled the withdrawal slip and joined the long queue. I was getting tired of the slow progress on the queue. I was famished, because i haven’t taken lunch, yet there was no where to sit….

Then, I heard someone whisper my name from behind. I turned and saw a handsome young man dressed in a navy blue suit and trousers with a white shirt and tie to match. Yes I have seen this face, I stared at him as I tried to recollect…
Yea! Desmond. It was the same Desmond that I met just yesterday evening, Tope’s friend…

I said hello to him and quickly concentrated on the line on which I was standing.

“Do you want to deposit cash or you want to withdraw?” He asked.

I was pissed. “Why does he need to know?” I thought, then replied,

“I want to withdraw some cash.”

“I see. Can I have your withdrawal slip? Let me help you out. You will be worn out from staying on this long queue.”

He collected the slip from me while I still wondered what he was up to.

He went to one of the cashiers behind the counter and under three minutes, my transaction was completed and he brought the money to me.

Sincerely, I was so grateful and I couldn’t hide it…
He walked me down to the gate of the bank premises under the envious glare of the other customers on the queue.

“You work here?” I asked.

“Sure. He simply replied. “I am one of the Customers service staff here but I have never seen you around before.”

“Yea. I do make use of the ATM always. I entered the banking hall today because the machine was unable to dispense cash.”

Oh, so sorry about that. I have to go now. See you around some other time and thanks for banking with us!” He replied as he quickly walked towards the entrance of the banking hall.

I was about to stop a bike to take me home when I heard someone called my name again. I turned sharply to the direction from where the voice came to check out who it was…

“Wow! Am I dreaming?” I nearly screamed…

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