Forgetting You – Episode 10

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I frown as I feel the vibration in my pocket.

I reach into my picket and whip out my phone.

I stare at the screen.

20 missed calls from my father.

19 mesages from Sarah.

I frown deeper.

That b-tch! She betrayed me at the alter.

She had agreed to say no to our wedding but in the end she did the exact opposite.

I turn my phone off and push it back into my pocket.

I will deal with my father later.

I sigh.

Today has been a long day, I feel it’s been years.

So much drama in a day.

I stare at the small paper in my hand and reread the note Hailey left on the hospital bed for the fifth time.

“(To the guy with the locs). Please take care of my baby

. I’ll be back soon. Hails” Hails.

It’s the name she loved to be called by instead of Hailey.

I rub my forehead. What was so important that she had to sneak out of the hospital even in such a condition.

She was so weak I’m sure she could barely walk.

I glance at my wristwatch.

Its 11:45pm. Almost midnight and she isn’t back.

I’m so exhausted.

I lean back in the chair and close my eyes.


Successfully but painfully, I make my towards the van.

I need to make sure that fake nurse is really unconscious Thankfully, she’s unconscious and tied up.

I turn away to make my way out when I spot a red dot blinking on the screen of an opened laptop near the drivers seat.

I squint my eyes, staring at the red dot and realisation suddenly hits me.

It’s the tracker app indicating my location.

Without a second thought, I grab the laptop and smash it against the seat.


How stupid of me.

I step backwards and smash it onto the hard coal tar, twice.

Satisfied, I make my way back to the ambulance… *


Tired of sitting in one position for long, I got up and moved towards the baby cot where little Olivia was kicking her legs and arms about frantically.

Yep, I would love to name her Olivia if she was my daughter.

She seemed restless.

Was she sleepy? I have no idea.

I bend down and pick her up, cradling her carefully in my arms.

I rock her for a few minutes until she falls asleep.

I kiss her forehead and place her back into cot.

I turn on the oxygen tank before placing the oxygen mask over her face.

I sigh.

Hailey is still not back yet.

I wonder where she is. I wonder if she’s fine.

I really need to speak with her.

There are so many unanswered questions in my head right now.

“Where’s your mother little one?”

I glance at the sleeping baby.


I hear behind me. Locs? Who’s locs? I turn to find Hailey standing in front of the door, panting like she just ran a marathon.

Her hair looks disheveled and her hospital attire is stained with blood.

Lots of blood, some of which were beginning to dry..I glance at her shoulder blades where the blood seem to ooze out from.

Did she take out the tracker?

“Hailey? Where were you? I’ve been worried sick about you. You are bleeding Hailey. What happened..?”

I ramble on as I move towards her.

She look as though she’s gonna faint any minute now.


she calls out again.

Why does she keep calling me that? Is it because of my locs braids?

“Get me out of here. Please. I know you’ve done so much for me and we don’t even know each other but help me. They are coming for me. Please take my daughter and I away. I swear I won’t disturb you after this. Please”

she begs.

“Who’s after you? We can involve the police”

She shakes her head vigorously, laughing humorlessly

“The police can do no harm to them. They have people in the police force. Most of them are corrupt. Get me out of here locs please”

she grabs my collar. I’m barely able to understand a thing.

“Listen Hailey, just tell me..”

I didn’t even get to finish my sentence when she passed out in my arms. I sigh. What’s going on?

Hailey’s eyes flutter open and she immediately sits up as she stares around, taking in her surroundings.

The place looked familiar.

Was she back in the cottage?

“Good afternoon”

a deep voice says.

“Ugh afternoon?”

“Yes. You’ve been asleep the entire morning.

Read ” The Emerald Chase ” by the same author ( eliza )

. You’re very weak. I’m making some omelette for you. Would like me to add onions?”

Jason asks her but she wasn’t concentrating.

Her mouth was hanging open, staring at his naked chest.

He was shirtless and his skin was glistening with sweat.

Hailey’s eyes followed a single of trail sweat that was tricking down his toned stomach, down and down towards the v-line that disappeared into his shorts.

Oh lord!.

“I think you’ve checked me out enough haven’t you?”

Hailey’s head snaps up at his voice.

He was smirking at her.

He had caught her staring at his deliciously gorgeous body.

She bites her lips and blushes red like a tomato.

“Ugh.. No… I.. Was…”

She stutters.

Damn, he had rendered her speechless.

Jason chuckled and waltzed back into the kitchen.

“Get a grip Hailey”

she mutters and turns to her side.

She sees her daughter,asleep with a half filled bottle of milk resting on a small coffee table near the bed.

She reaches out to caresses her daughters cheeks.

“I would give you a better life baby. I promise”

Jason dishes out a plate of omelette and goes to the fridge to take out an orange juice.

He needed to talk to her.

It was now or never.

Who was after her?

He sighs. So much mystery.

Hailey steps down the bed and strolls towards the sofa in the room.

Her back hurt from lying down so much.

She spots her purse on the sofa and picks it up.

As soon as she does, the small container she had stuck inside one of the tiny pockets of the purse falls down.

She picks up the container and stares at it.

A sudden urge overcoming her senses.

Hailey bites her lips, trying to press back the rising urges but she knew it was pointless because every time, she lays eyes on the drugs the urges were impossible to satiate.

A little sniff Hailey, just a little.

Yes,a little wouldn’t hurt.

Without a second thought, Hailey uncorks the container and pours the c-caine into her palm.. She licks some and then presses her nose into her palm as she begins to sniff in the drug.

Hailey pours more and sniffs more.

“What are you doing Hailey?”

Jason voice echoes and Hailey freezes as she immediately drops the container full of c-caine to the floor.

Jason continues to stare at her.

Oh no!

So writers block is really catching up with me. what do you think Jason’s reaction is going to be now that he caught Hailey using drugs?. let me know..!


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