Let It Go – Episode 4

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Ensure he uses his medications. I’ve written the usage on them” Nancy said and gave the package to Mr . Hamilton.
“Thank you” the man replied.
“Tyler,” she faced the young boy sitting on a chair “go play with your friends. I want to have a talk with daddy. Don’t take too many sweets okay?”
“Okay mummy Nancy” the boy replied and she smiled at him as he ran away, looking very happy. She led him outside the building and towards two seats under a tree. She took a seat and signaled to the man to take the other. She then heaved a sigh and faced Mr. Hamilton who was scrutinizing her face.
“What?” she asked him.
“Your eyes are a bit swollen” he said.
“That’s because I worked a lot yesterday”
“Hunn” he said distractedly and leaned closer. She gulped hard because of the close proximity and sighed “Mr

. Hamilton…”
“You don’t look too happy either” he interrupted
“How will you know if I’m happy or not?” she asked, tilting her head and folding her hands
“Well, you don’t sigh frequently but I’ve lost count of the number of times you’ve sighed today” he said, leaning back in his chair and crossing his legs.
Thank goodness, she heaved a sigh of relief
“You see,” he said like he won a jackpot “you just sighed again”
“No, you caused that…” she cut the sentence short and he raised a brow
“Oops sorry” she said with an apologetic smile “I mean work caused that. It’s so overwhelming so I’m just tired. The joy of the Lord…”
“Is your strength” he said together with her. “Ehm” he cleared his throat “you wanted to tell me something”
“Yeahh” she stuttered. God, what’s this man doing to me? I’ve even forgotten what I wanted to say. All his gestures are strangely affecting me. Lordd, what’s this? She groaned inwardly.
“So, Mr Hamilton…”
“Call me Brent, please”
“No, that isn’t official sir. I shouldn’t call my patient’s…”
“I insist, please” he appealed to her. Her heart skipped a beat.
“He actually has a strong jawline and… wait! Jesus! Am I normal like this? I think I have a psychological disorder” she thought
“Okay Brent” she finally succumbed and he smiled “Thank God Tyler is better now. You should monitor him and ensure he takes his medications as and when due. He is just five, still very young. Losing his mum was a very traumatic experience to him. You should cater for his psychological needs as a father and also as a mother. Travelling around and leaving him with his grandma won’t work now. He isn’t too acquainted with her and that must be why he worried more. It seems he was closer to his mum than you, right?”
“Yes” he answered, pursed his lips and took a deep breath.
“So sorry, Mr.…” he looked up and she corrected herself
“Sorry Brent”. He gave her a small smile. “Anyway,” she continued “you have to deliberately make time for him so he does not worry so much. He got insomnia because of the pain from the loss of his mom and it got chronic because of his medical condition. It is not a big deal, you can see he’s already sleeping well and very agile during the day now. Who knows, he may even receive his healing” she said with a little smile and he gave her a big one.
“Yes nurse, I believe” he paused a little bit “Thanks Nancy. I really appreciate you, more than you can ever know”
She gulped hard. “What is wrong with me? Why do I have strange feelings whenever I’m with him? Something is definitely wrong with me” she thought to herself.
“You’re welcome, Brent”
He stared at her for some time and then looked away, fiddling with his fingers.
“What’s wrong?” she asked him in a concerned tone. She moved close to him and put her hand on his shoulder but in a swift move, he took her hands away from his shoulder.


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