Let It Go – Episode 5

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“What have I done? Now he’ll think…” I thought in my mind as he removed my hand from his shoulders only to put it in his hands. It came so sudden to me that I stared at my hand encircled by his . He held my hands tightly as if I might suddenly let go.
“Nancy,” he called and I looked up to meet his eyes staring deep into mine “the day I came rushing here to see my son, panting and sweating and you smiled at me, telling me Tyler is doing very well, I got attracted towards you.”
I swallowed and he took my second hand “the other time you asked me for Tyler’s hobbies, I felt even more attracted. When I later saw you reading to Tyler and other children during your recess, my heart melted completely”
My toes curled and my stomach turned as he spoke. I pursed my lips and started thinking “Is he going to ask me out? Lord, what will I say? Ohh myy, this is the time Maddy’s help will have been most appreciated.”
I was shaken out of my thoughts when he took my right hand from his. He faced down and killed an insect on my leg, then faced me back

. Our eyes met and I looked down, then he gave a little laugh and held my hand again.
“Sorry I took your hand from mine, I wanted to…” he paused abruptly and I looked up, then he said “yes, I wanted you to look at me or better still, I wanted to look into your eyes.”
I blushed and heat crept into my cheeks. “Brent, you are just too… is this how you woo ladies with your sweet mouth?”
He looked at me for a while that I felt weird “Uhmm, did I say something wrong?” I asked.
“No, I was just thinking of how I can get minimally and still seriously hurt so I will be admitted here but still be able to do fun things with you. That way, I won’t have to travel and I’ll have time to be with you and with Tyler. He sees you as his mummy already.”
“My God, Brent, you must be crazy. Get injured and I won’t attend to you well. I’ll make your shots very painful and tell Dr. Tomie, the physiotherapist to make all your exercises painful.”
“Hahahahaha” he laughed, still not letting my hand go “so far I’m with you darling, I’m fine” he said and I smiled, shaking my head. I think I like this man. His laughter makes me laugh too.
“I love your smile” he said, intertwining my right hand with his “You’re so beautiful in all you do, even giving wicked shots” he said with a grin.
“Any man will be lucky to have you, but make me the luckiest and happiest in the world. Give me, us, a chance, Nancy”
I went mute and but alarms kept going off in my head “Oh My God, he’s asking me out!” I would blow up inside but very cool on the outside.
“Okayyyy” I said, stretching the word.
“You mean okay as in yes?” he asked, his eyes lighting up like fireworks.
“No” I suddenly answered. He looked very disappointed and I immediately added “Not no as in no,” he looked up and I continued “I mean no as in no to the former question” he looked at me with an uncertain look and then broke into a smile.

“Okay, you mean no as in not yes?”

“Yes” I bit my lower lip and then added “Sorry for the confusion. I just want to pray about it first. You know the first line of action for any believer…”

“Is to pray” he said, alongside me, turning my hands in his
“How did you know I would say that?” I asked with a look of surprise on my face.
“Well, you’ve said it before, on the first day we met. You made me worry less and pray more. I’m very grateful to God I met you that day.”
“Oh wow, I don’t even remember” I said with a small smile.
He fiddled with my fingers and said “So you will get back to me when you get an answer, right?”
“Definitely” I answered and he finally let go of my hands.

“Oh my, your hands aren’t soft at all” he said with a teasing smile.

“I never told you they were. Didn’t you see the sign ‘Hold at your own risk’?” I responded and he snickered.
“Very good. Can I hold again?”
“No way! Mr. Hamilton, go pick up Tyler and we shall meet at the reception.”
“Yes, madam” he replied. I shook my head and walked away. I was on my way to greet some of the other patients when I saw Dr. Bunmi Davies. She and Dr. Doris Hepkins are two of the most skilled doctors in the hospital and even among other doctors from other hospitals. Our doctors here are very good though. She is married and has a kid.
We exchanged pleasantries and she asked after Maddy.
“Humm, she said she will be late though but she should be here soon” I replied but she didn’t look too convinced. The whole hospital knows we are very close so if I were her, I wouldn’t be too convinced either. Just as she was about to talk, Nurse Precious, but Prexious as we all call her, interrupted our discussion.
“Sorry to interrupt your discussion mas, but we got an emergency call. I was asked to inform you that two patients are being brought in an ambulance.”
“Alright, thank you.” Dr. Bunmi said to the nurse and she left. Turning to me, she said “Don’t go yet, I may need your help. In fact, come with me.”
We walked past the reception and I saw Tyler run to me.
“Hey honey” I ruffled his hair “Mommy’s got to work to do. Leave with daddy. I’ll come visiting later” he pouted his lips and I gave him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled and I watched him bounce to Brent who’s now staring at me. I gave him a brief smile and I left to catch up with Dr. Bunmi outside.
The ambulance approached and I thought in my mind just who the unfortunate one is today. I hope whatever it is ends up a success.

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