Let It Go – Episode 8

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“The patient has been taken to the mortuary” I told Dr. Doris.
“Her properties?”
“They’ve been given to Nurse Prexious. She already called the numbers on the phone found in her bag . One person picked and she is already on her way” my phone beeped in my pocket again. After receiving Ken’s call, I put it on vibration.
“Okay,” she sighed. “You’ve done well” she said and left.
The patient gave up the ghost just few minutes after the ambulance dropped them while the second patient is being attended to by Dr. Bunmi. I felt a prick when she did but that’s just life. Plus, I am kind of used to it. No one sees people dying more than hospital workers; especially doctors and nurses.
I picked my phone from my pocket, only to see I have missed three calls from Ken. What could be wrong? I muttered to myself.
Just as I was about dialing his number, his call came in again and I picked up.
“Hello Ken, what’s up?” I heard a voice shout ‘she has picked up’ and then some shuffling.
“Hello Nancy” Ken said. He sounds quite shaken.
“What is it? Why are you…?”
“We are almost at the hospital” he interrupted.
“Please come with out with the doctor

. Maddy was involved in an accident” he said and I gasped.
“Okay, you’ll meet me” I replied and hanged up. I was transfixed at a point, trying to absorb and process the information when I heard someone call my name.
“Nancy, what is it?”
I looked up to see Brent looking at me worriedly. That was when my brain finished processing the information.
“Dr. Bunmi” I said “No, Dr. Doris. I have to get Dr. Doris” I repeated and ran for her office, leaving Brent confused.
Kennie’s car pulled in in front of the hospital; some nurses and Dr. Pelumi came with three stretchers. Maddy, the bike man and the driver were carried with the stretcher into the Emergency Room.
Kennie thanked the two men who in turn left him words of prayer and left. He afterwards sighted Nancy and went to meet her.
“How did it happen?” Nancy asked with a shaky voice.
“I don’t know. Those two men that just left witnessed the accident though” he replied and they both got silent.
Nancy sat down on a seat while Ken stood and paced about. After some minutes, Dr. Doris came out of the ER and approached them. Nancy sprung up from her feet and she and Ken drew closer.
“Ken, what happened?”

“I wasn’t there but the men who were there said that the car hit them from behind.”

“Okay, we have been able to stabilize her breathing and stop the bleeding. She’ll need a CT scan to determine how severe her injuries are”
“See Doctor, do anything, I consent. So far it will make her get better” Ken said in despair.
“Okay, thanks” Dr. Doris said and called Nancy aside.
“I didn’t want to say this in the presence of her fiancé but she has lost a lot of blood. She was also terribly injured. Do you know her blood group?”
“Oh My God” Nancy said under her breath. “Yes, she’s AB”
“Are you sure? You know we cannot afford to make mistakes or should we check her chart? Just that it will…”
“I’m definite, Doctor” Nancy interrupted.
“Okay, that’s good” she turned to leave but Nancy called her back.
“What about the bike man and the driver?”
“Luckily, the bike man only had some fractures, though not minor but it wasn’t at the thigh muscle so he is still okay. He fainted due to the shock but he’s being resuscitated. He’ll be good.”

Nancy nodded.

“The driver?”
“He is in a coma. I’ve told Nurse Prexious to try the numbers found on his phone so we can get across to his relations”
“Wow” she said distractedly. “What about Maddy?”
“After the tests, we’ll know for sure but I think…” she hesitated.
“What do you think, doctor?” Nancy asked, fear written all over her.
“I think she has a severe head injury, just let us do the scan first to know which it is”
Nancy took a deep breath and swallowed audibly.
“So she will definitely need a surgery. Just let me help whenever”
“No, you can’t. Your adrenaline level is very high right now. Plus, who will stay with her fiancé?”
“Okayy” Nancy drawled.

Dr. Doris gave a tight smile, held her shoulder tight briefly and left.

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