“TEACHER CHUKS” Episode 12

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I watched as a lady in her 30’s stood up…

“ I intend to start up a housemaid Provider organization, where House girls can be picked up from. However, I intend to brainwash the young girls to find a way of seducing their male bosses and making love with them…Also on the side, I plan on making the housemaid service a sex organization in disguise as any Husband who needed a girl who could be meeting his sexual needs could employ her as a housemaid. The wife would be ignorant of the arrangement…”

My heart sank further as I wondered at the strategy people were putting in place to ruin people…My heart broke knowing that I had also been a victim in time past sleeping with maids.What if some of them were actually agents… No wonder, I had been emptied…

“ Good strategy but not good enough, go and tidy it up” Chinaza said to the lady…

“00654, Your turn!” Chinaza said…! I noticed she glanced at me occasionally

A man stood up this time around…

“ I am a movie producer, I intend to produce more Sex oriented movies that will have high pornographic content in it, which will Inturn create the desire to have sex. Most of them will hit the brothel or call up their girlfriends. Overtime this becomes an habit…

“Another satanically well thought out plan from the pit of hell” I thought silently but Chinaza burst his bubble…

“ We already have someone in the movie industry doing that for us… The popular Cyrus ( Not real name) is one of our sperm collectors, his erotic movies bring in a lot of male semen on a daily basis as people troop to watch his movies… His movies even encourages teenagers to masturbate, he is one of our highest paid sperm collector that is why he has so much money to flaunt around…so 00654, I am not accepting your proposal, think of something else in the next 20 minutes or else you get fried….” Chinaza said

Fried? What does that mean again… ?The devil and its agents were ruthlessly wicked.

Chinaza turned towards another person but instead of calling the person’s number, she called mine instead….

“ 00499…Your turn”…. My heart stopped working for some seconds as I knew the time had come…

I knew Every step I took to the front was a step towards hell, I knew I was about to sign a deal with the devil….

“ The most talented and untapped place where Quality semen with a lot of potential in them can be accessed is the place where you can find Children, Teenagers and Youths…”

I noticed Chinaza shifted, she looked interested and she asked

“ You hope to get your sperm collection from children, teenagers and Youth…? That is a goldmine!” Chinaza said with a big smile…

As I opened my mouth to speak about my strategy, I knew the Angels in heaven would be highly disappointed in me, but this was me trying to save my life…

“ I intend becoming a TEACHER, I had the experience of teaching during my National Youth Service Corps and I can tell you my students loved me… This is the plan…..”

I rolled out my plan for about 10 minutes and Chinaza was very excited. She approved my plan instantly and she said I was ready to be released.

We signed a deal with blood.

I finally got out of Chinaza’s prison. The driver took me to a beautiful flat that had been secured for me. The House was fully equipped, the kitchen was fully stocked.

I had to start work ASAP…

That day was on a Thursday… By Friday, I went out looking for a teaching job…. My specialization as a Fine Art teacher was in high demand, so I got about three schools who were very willing to have me as a visiting teacher. I told them I was to resume the following month.

Why? I had my reasons.. I understood teenagers and Youths. I wanted to make a statement. Teenagers both male and female would easily warm up to a Handsome teacher with Biceps.

I hit the gym, worked out for a month, I got a good cream to freshen up my skin. I revamped myself.

The moment I stepped into the first school, I knew I had conquered the school… All the girls fell for me, while all the boys saw in me a handsome mentor…..

That gave me full access in destroying a lot of them and making a lot of money….

This was what I did, Immediately I got into the first school…

To be continued

Written out by Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

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