“TEACHER CHUKS” Episode 18

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Hello Chuks, good afternoon” Chinaza said over the phone
I couldn’t answer her instantly for two good reasons; Firstly, Chinaza hardly called me Chuks, it was mostly by my number, except on very rare cases. Secondly, Chinaza never greeted, thirdly, the voice at which she spoke was very calm…
“Are you there Chuks?” I heard her voice again
“Ye..yes ma’am…” I summoned up courage to answer
“Please I need to see you urgently” she said using the same calm voice
“I will come to the warehouse immediately” I said
“No, not at the ware house, I will send an address to you, it’s a private place”
“A Private place?” I asked. I couldn’t guess what Chinaza had up her sleeves..
“Yes please, come immediately.”
She sent the text shortly after she had ended the call…

It took me about two hours to trace the address. It was a village outside the city.
When I got to the address, I saw someone who looked like Chinaza playing with some children…She didn’t have classy clothes on.
“Hmm…Chinaza was here to scavenge the children from the village, why didn’t I think towards this area” I said to myself…
“Welcome” she said heartily, she had a beautiful but innocent smile I had never seen on Chinaza’s face…
Children, this is Uncle Chuks, Aunty Chinaza’s husband to be”..
All the children rushed towards me…
“Husband to be?” I was shocked, speechless and blank.

Chinaza was talking to the kids….
“Like I told you earlier, my husband to be is very rich, and he has promised to help a lot of you by paying your school fees”
The kids jumped up again and I felt very sad for them, as I knew Chinaza was about to turn them all to her rats…I decided to play along, thinking someday I might need Chinaza to join me on an assignment.
We played and since I am a very handy person when it comes to arts, I made clay objects for them with the clay in their village.

We retired into Chinaza’s little hut at night and I needed to ask her a million questions…
“I know you have questions, and I will answer them all” she said as she gave me a mat to put on the floor.
“You have the power to read my mind…” I said as I sat on the mat
“Not when I am here, I don’t come here with all that spiritual baggage”
“Here? What do you mean?”
“This is my good city, this is where I am not Chinaza, the sperm collector…”
She sat down opposite me on a second mat and for the first time, I noticed a soft Chinaza

“I came from a struggling family of 8, Mother, father and 6 kids. Unfortunately for me, I was the first child. Eating was a big luxury for us, and far back as I can remember, my parents expected so much from little me. My mother encouraged me to ask boys for money, she would tell me it was a normal thing for boys to spend on girls. She would encourage me to wear skimpy clothes to attract boys.

Any day I came back home without a boy giving me money, my mother would call me all sort of names, from Prostitute, to ugly, to bad luck, to selfish, to irresponsible, to inconsiderate….It therefore became mandatory for me to seduce boys to give me money so as to make my mother happy.
That was how, I became sexually active as early as 12 years in other to bring money home to my frustrated and hungry mother…My father didn’t help matters as he was a gentle man who avoided arguing with my mother.

I grew up making daily stipends from sex, it was on one of these occasions I met a guy, who introduced me to porn. He told me, they were going to get me drugged and cover my face in order to hide my identity. The money he offered me for a day of porn shoot was enough to settle my family for a whole year. I told my mother about it and she encouraged me to do it, since my face would be covered.

Hmmm… I did the painful porn shoot, and from that day I knew I had been turned into something else, because due to the blindfold, I didn’t know who or what was having intercourse with me. The air in the room was very offensive, but since I had been warned not to do anything stupid, I maintained my calm, as I had earlier seen armed men outside the building, so I endured all the sexual pain they were inflicting on me…

After, the whole exercise, I was given the money in cash and I went home…
Two days later, the boy came back looking for me that he wanted to take me out, I obliged.

That was exactly how I was also brought in as a prey into the sperm factory. I was given the option of being a slave or a prey…and I choose the obvious…the rest they say is history” Chinaza said with a sad smile and the unexpected happened, she broke into tears….

“This is not the life I would have wanted to live, I would have loved to be a doctor or a pharmacist curing or saving lives, but I am doing the opposite” she said as tears flowed down her cheeks
I didn’t know whether to console her, so I sat on the floor very stiff.
“That is why, I do this on the side, going to villages and helping little children especially the girl child with money and gifts…I know what I am doing with the Sperm business is wrong, especially with all the evil I have gotten into, the slaying of people, the demonic activities, the astral projection, but all that is just following a laid down protocol, which I must follow so as not to be killed or have my family members killed. That is why I kept my sister Tina as a staff. I couldn’t kill her…”

“So you are not the boss of the sperm business?” I managed to ask
“Boss? This sperm collection business is a global evil. In this country alone, we have over 200 centers, I am just the head of one division, and that is because, the moment I was initiated, I gave the work my best, in less than a year, I already had people running into millions under my sex tree, I immediately got promoted…and was given a division. I had to have the center disguised under a business. It was the fraternity that gave me billions to start the clothing, hair extensions and shoe business as a front. “

“Hmm…” Chinaza’s talk was really raising my blood pressure as I didn’t know what she wanted of me, but I guess she read my mind again…

“I am sure you are wondering why am I telling you all these? Well, I just wanted you to know that, I am not a devil, my background turned me to this devil. I want you to know who really I am, so that when I tender my request, you will please grant it to me…”

A request? Chinaza the boss never requested, she always gave orders…
“What request?”
“Please marry me!”
I was so sure, I didn’t hear her, I guessed I was having a dream…

To be continued…


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