“TEACHER CHUKS” Episode 19

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
On my way back to the city in the taxi, I was thinking about all Chinaza had said, she
made a lot of sense, her reason for asking us to get married was wisdom. We wanted to
outsmart the evil ones, and make something meaningful out of our messed up life…
“Chuks, if we go on this way, we will die without a seed to call our own, but if we get
married, we can raise a good seed, who we will nurture to become someone we could
have become”…Chinaza had said, while trying to convince me to get married to her…

“Raise a seed? But you told me I am empty and cannot father a child”
“Yes! Same with me, I have lost all my virtues, but we can adopt a child and raise him/ her up within the family system. You will be the child’s father, and I will be the best mother I can be to the child. I will not repeat my mother’s mistake with the child. Let’s try to do one good thing with our life…”

I wondered why Chinaza suddenly realized that she needed an offspring, but whatever
her reasons were, she was right about having a child we could come ours…
I concluded in the taxi that I was in for the marriage, at least, it would help the Sperm
business. I wasn’t going to be scared of my wife knowing about my shady business, as
she was actively involved.

I started imagining how beautiful my daughter would be, as I wanted a girl.
“I would never let any boy touch her” I thought defensively of my future daughter and smiled genuinely after a long time.
My phone rang, on checking the screen it was the principal of the Boy’s only school I was teaching that was calling…

That reminded me I had an unfinished business with Bode and the boys in the school, because I knew the flow of sperm from my quarters must not go down or stop if I didn’t want to die. It was part of the deal.
I picked up the call
“Ma, I am sorry ma, I am on my way back to school, I received an urgent family call”
Family? I guess Chinaza’s idea was going to work… I smiled to myself

My lucky day came as regards Bode. He came visiting one evening, and prior to that time, I had downloaded a lot of homosexual porn on my phone, because I knew Bode was always watching videos on my phone anytime he came around.
I gave him space unknowingly to him, to watch the video. I went to sleep in the room, so after about 45 minutes, I was not surprised when I heard his footsteps towards the room.

He told me he was feeling sleepy. I asked him if he was not returning to the hostel, he
answered in the negative.
One thing led to another and though I was highly irritated at the sexual act, I pretended to enjoy every bit of it. I had two agendas, Number one was to make him release his semen and two introduce Sexrush to him, but this time around as a homosexual. I watched as another spiritual transaction took place.

As we were performing the homosexual act, the black flame gushed out of my body as
usual and entered his body, thereby evaporating some of his stars. However, the
surprising part was when the two invisible smelly beings walked into the room again, they swallowed the stars as usual, but what got me trembling was what I saw them do with the semen.
They knelt on the floor, and licked Bode’s semen that had poured on the floor, they moved close to mine, but only smelt it. They didn’t lick it. On the physical, a lame man will just assume the sperm just got dry, but unknowing to them, it was licked up by some invisible beings…
Bode returned back to the hostel very early the next morning, I knew his life would never remain the same.

I was however disturbed by what I saw the smelly beings did, so I called Chinaza…
“Those are the demons in charge of collecting valuable sperm that had been wasted. The reason they didn’t collect your sperm is because, your sperm has lost its virtue.”
“Ok thank you!”
“That’s why I want us to act fast and do something for ourselves, so what is your decision about my proposal”
“I understand, I just need time to think over it”

“We don’t have all the time”
“Are you sure the fraternity will not punish us for this, we are trying to outsmart them

No, we let them assume we are doing this to be a stronger force of evil, because our
getting married will not stop our work for them, rather we get more intense. The only thing is we know our agenda.”
“And how are you so sure they can’t hear this conversation?” I said…
Chinaza was very quiet, then she says…
“They are not omnipresent, they only begin to monitor your conversation, when they
suspect disloyalty from your end, that’s why I said, we will continue our job with them
diligently, while sorting ourselves out”
“Ok I am in”. I said it without thinking..
And for the first time after meeting Chinaza I heard her say

“Thank you Jesus!”
“Jesus!” I thought silently “something was definitely going on with Chinaza” What it was, I didn’t know, but I had a bad feeling it wasn’t going to have a good ending…
To be continued…

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