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I know some people may be thinking is he into career or motivational talk again?

Thought he teaches God’s word and love matters. Yes, I teach people by the grace
of God on how to be heavenly conscious, maritally fulfilled and useful here on earth. I see and hear some people complain about where they grew up from, how they grew up, and so on as reasons why they can’t be up and doing, as reasons why they can’t be productive. That is not an excuse my brothers and sisters, does growing up poor makes you poor? If it doesn’t, then your environment isn’t enough to stop your destiny.

The Bible said in Luke19:13b that ‘Occupy till I come’. Looking through that chapter I didn’t see anywhere that says let your environment determines if you should occupy till He comes. Being occupied means to be busy doing something (productive ) or being engaged. What are you occupied with? What is bringing out the zeal, passion or strength in you? What impact are you making in the life of the closest person near you, is your life influencing the person next door?

This is not about having Bsc, Msc, or any degree, it’s about getting creative, impacting lives, shaking the kingdom of hell, spreading the gospel of Christ, changing this nation and in turn changing the world.

You and I are the change we need to deliver this nation. The government won’t help if you wait for them to effect change.

What are you known for around you?
Find something to do, be creative, acquire skills (women especially), feed your spirit with the right thing so that you will manifest well physically. If you feed your spirit with the right thing, you’ll become right and put the world in the right position.

By their fruit, we shall know them‘, if he/she (Mr/Ms right) does not see your fruit, your manifestation, your being occupied; it might also cause a delay in approaching or accepting, nobody wants a partner without vision or non-purpose driven partner.


Let your vision be greater than your emotion!
Beware of laziness and flimsy excuses like my environment is the cause! Find your purpose or vision and work it out with prayers and right connection with God and your gift shall make way for you. Everybody is born with a seed of greatness like I said yesterday, bringing it to reality is now left to you.

The worst tragedy of life is not DEATH , but living life without IMPACT. Champions live for IMPACT, are you one?

Why are you limiting yourself when the Bible said you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you! (Phil. 4:13). Stop thinking of reasons why you “can’t” and start moving towards completing the work God is doing through you. Do not wait for a ready made environment, create your own!

God gave you the spirit of a warrior, not a worrier. Get up and fight for your dreams & destiny. The fear of failure will make you a failure! Somebody said, ‘ David you are who you are today because of the environment you grew up from’. I smiled and told her, no! I am who I am because I created my environment by the grace of God. Your history don’t have to be your destiny, create an enabling environment for yourself!

I’m challenging you today, create your environment and be useful!

Confession: I am wise, I refuse to be idle!

Prayer: Teach me oh Lord to be useful for You, myself and the society.

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