The SHOULDology of Life

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You are not where you “SHOULD BE” in life…

Your mates are married, have gorgeous houses, beautiful cars, great careers, lots of money in the bank and a ton of things, power, influence, fame…



Is it… Society, culture, religion, tradition, programming?

  • [x] You SHOULD be married by now
  • [x] You SHOULD have had 5 kids by now
  • [x] You SHOULD be making a lot of money by now
  • [x] You SHOULD have graduated by now
  • [x] You SHOULD have bought a house by now
  • [x] You SHOULD lose some weight
  • [x] You SHOULD have traveled to this place by now
  • [x] You SHOULD have started a business by now
  • [x] You SHOULD do this or that
  • [x] You SHOULD…

Seriously, WHO dictates when Life events are supposed to Happen in one’s life, at what time, at what age, at what precise moment?

Is there a cookie cutter human life timeframe of events or blueprint for all human beings? Or is it just because generations before did things a certain way that we must all follow?

Just because “things” have always been done a certain way in the past, does not mean that you SHOULD Continue to do the same thing, the same way FOREVER…

Let go of judgement and judging others.There is ONLY one Valid timing and that is “Divine Timing”, in my humble opinion.

Everything else is PROJECTION…

Yes, others projecting their “SHOULD BE”, “SHOULD HAVE” and “SHOULD DO” TIMING on you.

Don’t let them make your life miserable by accepting their projections in your life.

We are often told that we have all been “created equal” but we are VERY different. Not all human beings are alike, we all have individual fingerprints and are unique in our own way. At the same time, we have the power to choose when certain things happen in our life by cocreating with God.

Our timing doesn’t always align with God’s timing that’s why we have faith, hope and trust.

In order to avoid suffering unnecessarily, we always give ourselves more time, more opportunities, more chances to achieve our goals and dreams.

Life is not a race, we all have our own path and must go at our own speed. Comparing yourself, your results, life achievements and failures to others will create hell on earth for you.

So really, you can choose to accept what others project onto you and be absolutely miserable


You can flow with God’s timing, take inspired actions along the way and follow your heart’s desires while fully living in the present moment.



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