Teacher’s chuks PT 3 episode 2

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

“Sir, He didn’t do anything to her, she is just under the influence of the Holy Spirit.” Baba Agba replied

“ Which HolySpirit?.. What HolySpirit is making her say nonsense out of her mouth…Imagine her saying I sleep with her… When do I have that time and besides which devil will allow me sleep with my niece?” He said

At that point Baba Agba and I knew what the issue was, Ajaara must have confessed all her deeds and her uncle was a culprit. He was trying to cover his tracks because of his wife.

“ Sir, what exactly do you want?” I asked

“ I want you to follow me right now and cast out the demon in her that is making her say things that are not real..” he said with fear in his eyes.

Baba Agba took the officer aside. I didn’t know what he told him, but I noticed the officer nodded..

Baba Agba asked them to go bring Ajaara.

Ajaara was sobbing profusely. Surprisingly, She was in her normal state, so I was confused about what the officer was talking about her acting strangely.

“ Hmmm… I guess this man is behind Ajaara’s promiscuity, and he is only trying to cover his tracks” I quickly reasoned and it felt like Ajaara was listening to my thoughts because she jumped up and started shouting at the officer..

“ You caused this, you ruined my life, ever since I was brought to live with you at the age of 7 when my parents died, you started playing with my genitals and warned me not to tell anyone….” She jumped on him and started biting him…

“ You want to deny it?” She said as the officer was trying to pretend. His wife was shocked and was looking at his face for answers…

“ Uncle Chuks tell him to pull his boxers down he has a mole on his manhood”…

“ Jesus!” the wife of the officer shouted.. “I am finished.. I am finished”

“ No you are not the one who is finished, I am the one who is finished, Do you know how many times I have aborted for him” She said screaming like someone who wanted to be heard. The compound was as silent as a graveyard with Ajaara’s voice ringing loud in the air.

“ The first time I aborted for him was when I was 12 years old and till date, I have aborted 7 times…I have been in pains, my piercings was a way of me having a pain greater than the one I was feeling internally…”

At that point, some milliitary officers walked in and met Ajaara’s burst of outrage. Her uncle couldn’t do anything as he bowed his head in shame…

“ You made me make area boys( hoodlums) as friends, and when I told them what you were doing, no one could help me because you are a milliitary man… I have been dead a long time ago.. I should have died alongside my parents , you promised to take care of me…. but no… you ended up destroying me by turning me to your sex slave….God!, Why did you let me lose my parents? why did you watch this beast tear me into pieces. I never knew you existed … I never knew you were this real….” she broke down in tears…

We were all silent, but I noticed one of the junior officers stepped out to make a call.

“ These are all false accusations…!” Ajaara’s uncle said in a very low tone.

“ Shut up! How did she know about your mole… You useless man, so your sleeping around was not enough, you brought your nonsense to your Brother’s daughter. God saved you, it is not to my own niece or any of my daughters, I would have slaughtered you”… His wife said

“ Says who?, He was doing the same to your sister’s daughter Agnes, that was why she left. I didn’t have anywhere to go, that’s why I became his private toilet at home…” Ajaara said crying profusely and I couldn’t hold back my tears. It made me see her promiscuity in a different way, she was just a victim.

“ No wonder, Ajaara manifested a lot of strange spirits in her, this was because her uncle was sleeping with multiple partners, therefore he acquired a lot of strange spirits which he transferred into the innocent girl” My heart bled for Ajaara as I watched her crying so hard… Baba Agba was short of words as well.

“ Sir, you are required to report to the commandant’s office with immediate effect” said the officer who had stepped out to receive the call.

Fear was written all over the Uncle’s face…

“ You made a report about this?, how dare you?” He said to the officer who still gave me a salute…

“ I am sorry sir, but I have personal hatred for men who take advantage of young girls, because my only sister died after being raped at the age of eight.” He said not maintaining eye contact with his superior.

“ You will pay for this, when I get out of this mess..” He said boldly as he was asked to step out of the compound….

The Officer’s wife was crying as well

“ That serves you right, may you be punished, useless man. You spend on women, yet I don’t get a penny from You….Ajaara, why didn’t you tell me about it, you know I am always out during the day, I couldn’t have suspected he was doing all these..” She said

“ I didn’t want to destroy your marriage “ Ajaara said

“ But you were destroying yourself, You should have told me or someone else about it, it would have stopped….Oh my God…Let’s go in, you need to eat something, you haven’t eaten since yesterday.” She said with sincere concern in her voice

“ I am not going with you anymore… I am not living in your house, you know if he returns, he will kill me..” Ajaara said with a loud wailing voice…

“ But you can’t stay here with them..” she said

“ I will go somewhere else, far away..”

At that point I knew I needed to help Ajaara, but how was I going to help her? Should I ask Baba Agba to accommodate her in his house?, but what if the officer returns?

“You can stay with me!” I said not knowing how that came out, especially since I was still squatting with someone, Baba Agba looked at me and gave a knowing smile…

“ Why?” I couldn’t say…

To be continued



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