Teacher’s chuks PT 3 episode 5

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I sat at the balcony for hours, pondering on the way forward. The teenagers had left to their different homes around 7:30 pm with a little bit of high spirits. I believed they had hopes about getting out of their situations as they had shared their issues with me, but here was I, 4 hours later with no plan, except for the phrase I kept saying over and over…

“ Lord, help me…”

Baba Agba came out for his Usual midnight prayer. He usually started 11:30pm till 2:30am in the morning.

On seeing him, I stood up to go inside, as I was not in the mood to pray. I was very confused and the confusion weighed me down.

“ Where to?” He asked

“ I want to rest a bit, I am having this slight headache.” I said

“ Ok, but what happens when they come tomorrow, do you have any meal you will serve them. You have taken their orders today, when they come tomorrow, they are coming with the expectations of being served.”

“ That’s the cause of my headache, I have nothing to serve them” I said like a deflated balloon.

“ That’s a lie, you have everything. You just need to get into the store and pick the ingredients that are needed for the kind of meal you want to serve”

“ Ingredients?, Store?, Baba Agba what are you talking about?, I am lost”

“ The Bible is the storehouse of the solution you need to get the ingredients from. The ingredients are the Scriptures that speak specifically to people’s issues.”

“ Ooook….Hmmm… This sounds simple, like a teacher who is given a textbook to study for the sake of teaching his/ her students. “ I asked

“ Exactly, But the difference in Spiritual school and Spiritual Catering is that you as the first contact must be fully filled with the meal before serving others, because you can’t give what you don’t…” Baba Agba said implying I should complete the sentence

“ …have” I said “ Hmm, that is why I am really confused about what to teach them because I am still a Bible student…”

“ Good… If you don’t mind I could be of help” Baba said raising his eyebrow in a question form..

“ Mind?, No sir, it is an answer to my prayer” I said very elated

“ Ok then, Let’s start with you first…”

“ Ok Sir”

“ There are three levels an unbeliever who just became born again must pass through to be fully where God wants him/ her to be…”

I knew I needed a pen, so I asked for permission to get the pen, which after I was permitted I dashed off in a rush.

“ The first stage is the SALVATION/ RECONCILIATION Stage. Salvation is used for an unbeliever who has never met Christ before. It is the stage of going back to one’s creator. The phase where you repent from all known and Unknown sin, while the RECONCILIATION is for the backslidden Christian who wants to renew their relationship with God.” Baba Agba Said

“ So you must first check yourself out to know if you have passed this stage before you can do a good job of talking to the teenagers about it, remember you can’t give what you don’t have. These teenagers are your fruits, and if you are a half baked Christian, you will produce half baked Christians. If your salvation is not genuine, your followers will be likewise, that explains why a lot of Churches are not on fire these days, if you check out the Spiritual temperature of the pastor, it reflects big time in the lives of the members”

“ Hmmm..” I said as I was so happy I was receiving that lecture.

“The second stage is what I call DEDICATION, DELIVERANCE AND DEDICATION Stage. This phase is very important and mostly, this is where most people get hooked. A lot of people become born again, and they have a genuine salvation, but on getting to this phase they become weak.

Here, it is the ability to dedicate your time to God. It is the growth period, this is the time to nurture your new Spirit man who is still a Baby. At this point, you must have the spirit of determination. Determination to read the Scriptures, because the Word of God is food for your Spirit and Soul. You need to start listening to messages from true men of God, You need to listen and sing good music that takes you closer to God, You need to talk to God More in Prayer, You will learn self discipline through fasting. It is while you are deep in this lifestyle that your life will be accessible to the delivering power of God. For instance, those teenagers of yours who are deep in sexual immorality, you don’t just pray for them and expect the spirit to disappear. The truth is the Spirit will Obey your command to step out the moment you were praying, but after you are through with their victims, they hang around looking for the right time to come in again to do something worse, remember the Bible states that when an evil Spirit is sent out of a man, the Spirit will check back if the life is empty, once the place is empty, the Spirit returns with Seven Spirit worse than him.

This is what happens when people get delivered and are prayed for, but the victim doesn’t follow up by living a dedicated life to his/ her Spiritual growth. They become worse than before.” Baba Agba explained very simply

“ Hmm…, but dedication to reading the Bible and growing one’s spiritual life tend to be boring and difficult..” I said wanting to know the right answer to give if any Of the teenagers asked me.

“ That is the biggest lie, the devil has been feeding people with. The Scriptures is the most interesting and informative Book in the World. There is nothing you are looking for that you can’t get in there, You have secrets of Power in there, Secrets to Governance, Secrets to Academic Sucess, Secrets to Business Sucess, Secrets To Parenting, and for those who love entertainment, the Scriptures has a lot of it. You can read the Bible as a novel and get your lessons from there. As a musician, you can get lyrics for your music… Sometimes, when I feel like watching movies, and War films being my best, I just pick up my Bible and read on David and the kings and amazingly my imagination helps as I begin to see the movie in my head as I read. I wish I could show you all that is available in the Scriptures….” Baba Agba said as he laughed in excitement

“ Really?,” I asked as Baba Agba was making the Bible sound like a masterpiece..

“ Yes, anything and Everything you need answers to, is available in the Scriptures. Even information about your deliverance is there and the devil knows it is actually the Scriptures that can defeat him. So he tactically frustrates people from reading and knowing the truth in the Word of God” Baba Said as he bubbled with Joy.

As he Spoke I knew I was still at this second phase and if I was going to help the teenagers attain that level, I needed to hasten my growth. If others were reading the Bible for 2 hours daily, I needed to make mine 5 hours.

“ Let’s move to the next Phase, the next phase is …..”

To be continued

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