Teacher’s chuks PT 3 episode 23

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PART 23 TEACHER CHUKS 3 ©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


She was all over me in the office…

“Uncle Chuks… I have missed you, you just disappeared into thin air.., I was so happy when I saw you in T.V. Can I kiss you?” she blurted out “No… You can’t… Calm down and let’s talk, now I am a Christian, a born again Christian. I don’t do all that again. Now I teach young ones sexual purity, therefore I must be a good example. “

“Hmm.. then I guess I have become one of your projects because Uncle Chuks, I am so addicted to sex, I hate it. “

“God can and will help you, if you are willing” I said as I wanted to use that opportunity to preach, but she was restless and not ready to listen.

“No, it’s you I want… I want you to help me out of addiction to sex, because you brought me in, in the first place.” she said as she was coming close to me and stroking her lips. She remembered that was one of my weak points…She remembered how to arouse me. I quickly changed the topic.

“What do you do now? Where are you based…? I mean tell me what is going on with you!” I said deliberately in a way to lighten the atmosphere that was thick with lust.

“Not much, I am now into modeling” she said stepping away from me.

Modelling? That didn’t sit well with me… That was not the original destiny I saw in my Spiritual googles. She was meant to be a leader. A female record breaker.

I felt guilty and I felt I had to correct the error I had committed in her life.

“That is going to stop! You can stay here with us, but there are rules you must obey…”

“Rules? … Like no kissing Uncle Chuks” she said jokingly

“Yes!” I said affirmatively

“Ok… I will try”

I stood up and was walking towards the door, when Rejoice blocked me, Let me have the First and last kiss Uncle Chuks after a very long time.


At that point, my walls came crumbling down for few seconds as she kissed me. I snapped out of it and pushed her away.

“Stop it Rejoice or I will send you away from here!” I said and right there in my heart, I knew I ought to send her out immediately as she wasn’t planning on getting saved, but rather she wanted to get me back to her bed…

I noticed the teens were not happy with her presence, she came in with a lot of negative vibe. She was sassy and was trying to prove she was a big girl. Dabira couldn’t stand her one bit, but I guess our sexual past made me have a soft spot for her. I tried to give excuses on her behalf whenever anyone reported her.

Favour also couldn’t stand her guts…

“This girl should not be here, she is an elephant trying to trample on your little crops…” Favour had said

“I am just trying to help her” I said defensively

“You help someone who wants to be helped, she is making all these a child’s play. I know you feel guilty about your past with her, but you are not the Messiah to save her. She is not bending to your rules, send her away before she bends you and breaks you!” Favour had said

Truth be told, I knew the right thing to do, but I didn’t have the will to do it.

One night after everyone had gone to bed, she had knocked at my office door where I had been working late in preparation for the “Light up Lagos “program.

“Uncle Chuks! I can’t sleep, can we go out …?”

“Go Out? This is 11:30 pm…”

“I have been in this place for 11 days and I am not used to staying in one place…”

“Where do you want to go?” I asked stupidly

“Just outside!” She said eagerly

“Ok, I will take you out and buy you some Suya (Roasted meat)…”

“Great!” She said.


I told the security man I was going to get the roasted meat for Rejoice. He looked a bit surprised but didn’t say anything…


We had just walked few meters away from the facility when a car light shone its headlamp on us and within a twinkling of an eye, hefty men had jumped out of the vehicle seizing Rejoice and I…

“What in Christ name was going on?”

“Was I being kidnapped?” I said as I tried screaming for help.

To be continued



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