Teacher’s chuks PT 3 episode 7



©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde “What’s up, are you not in the mood for the picnic?” I asked Chinaza as she got into the car.
“Of course I am, why did you ask?” Chinaza asked.
“You are not looking your glamorous self,” I said.
“Well, the glamorous self is not the real me, and on this picnic I want to be myself, besides, I don’t want any distractions from evil admirers,” she said as she struggled with her seatbelt.
“Oh, evil admirers!” I said laughing.
“Ok, I get, you don’t want anyone asking for your card, but that shouldn’t bother you, I am right here with you. Who is the man that wants to come near you when I am beside you?” I said tickling Chinaza. That was the period before Chinaza’s death. That was when I saw the vulnerable part of her. The period we were preparing for our child.
“I am not talking about the physical admirers, I am talking about the invisible admirers,” she said, laughing,
“What do you mean by invisible admirers?” I said as we drove out of the gate of our mansion.
“Are you with your specs?” she asked.
“I am not with it, I didn’t see the need to come with it,” I said.
“Stop the car!” Chinaza alighted from the car and went back into the house to get my specs and hers.
“What are we using it for?” I asked her when she got in “Are we planning to hunt down any prey today? I thought we were having today to ourselves alone!” I said as the thought of us scouting for a prey that day was not going down well with me.
“I want to show you why I decided not to look like a freaking goddess today, so keep driving.”
Though Chinaza was my wife, I knew she was still my boss. I stepped on the accelerator. After driving for 10 minutes, she told me to stop the car. We parked the car and stepped out.
Chinaza took me by the hand and we climbed the pedestrian bridge. When we got to the middle of the bridge, she told me to stop.
“Put on your specs and quietly observe what happens to the ladies who look like the glamorous me, especially those who are scandalously dressed, those who expose their breasts, those who use too much makeup…”
I put on the specs and right before me I saw it play out. I could not put on the specs for long because of the fearful creatures I was seeing. I saw fearful irritating creatures hanging around like prostitutes. It looked like in real life, I saw male and female looking creatures. They were hanging around admiring the men and women walking past them. Whenever they saw a lady who looked “hot”, they will whistle the way a loose physical man would whistle when he sees a lady who is scandalously dressed. The same was happening to men, men or young men who looked at fellow humans seductively caught the attention of the feminine creature; men who had a particular hairstyle were also attracting the feminine creatures; men who sagged their trousers, men who opened their shirts to expose their hairy chest also attracted the feminine creatures.
“Who are these?” I asked Chinaza as she also had her specs on.
“These are the invisible creatures you know described in the Holy Book as the sons of God who came to have intercourse with the daughters of men… There is something I want you to notice you haven’t noticed… look closely.”
I looked closely, but all I saw was the abnormality of seeing these creatures walking around people without the people knowing what was happening. Some of the female creatures were following after men, some will jump on the men’s back and start seducing them. Some female creatures followed after women also, they acted like lesbians. As I watched on looking for what Chinaza wanted me to see, there was a change in the atmosphere.
Everywhere suddenly felt hot. An Evangelist who was preaching and sharing tracts was passing by the bridge, all of a sudden, the creatures disappeared at the appearance of the man as he had fire all over him. Chinaza and I also felt the heat as we moved away from him. As he approached us with his tract, we wove him off from a distance and in a haste, Chinaza and I left the bridge.
Chinaza immediately pulled off her specs and I did same.
“Wow, is that what really happens in the spiritual?” I said as we got into the vehicle. “I am sure you know you have a lot of them around you, you just can’t see them yourself,” she said.
“Really? What about you?” I asked.
“Put on your specs and look around,” Chinaza said with a sad smile.
It was a norm not to put on my spiritual specs whenever Chinaza and I were together at home, and since she had warned me about using it frequently, I only made use of it during my scouting for young preys.
I carefully wore my specs and I can’t describe how I jumped back in fear. In my beautiful luxurious car, I saw irritating creatures in and out of the vehicle.
“Those are my sexual baggage, the demons I have acquired over the years of sleeping with different people, and so, wearing the heavy makeup that makes me look more attractive to new sets of invisible creatures is not what I want to do anymore.” I wanted to jump out of the vehicle, but Chinaza pulled me back and took off my specs.
“You don’t want to do that because you may run mad,” Chinaza said. “So to answer your question on why I decided to look less glamorous, you have to put the specs on one more time,” she said, but I shook my head in the negative.
“I don’t want to see anymore strange beings…”
“Well, you have to see this as my husband, so that when I decide not to look like all the women on the T.V screen, you don’t get angry.”
I wore the specs and looked in the direction she was pointing me to, I saw a group of invisible feminine creatures.
“How does their hair and makeup look?” Chinaza asked.
“Normal,” I replied.
“No… This is not normal, this is where some of the demonic fashion icons like us get our inspiration from, the black lipstick, the colored eye shadows and so on. Most of the celebrities who are fashion icons are either consciously copying these feminine creatures or some of them are unconsciously being controlled by the feminine creature living inside of them.”
This was too much exposition.
“Have you not wondered that, when most women dress and make up, their faces look different from who they really are and funny enough these days when you put five ladies together by virtue of dressing and makeup, their faces and physique all look the same, thereby making them look like a set of lookalike zombies. Chuks, I am done with this life. That is why I want this child to come quick and I will teach her the good life I have missed.” That was Chinaza’s eye-opening lecture to me that day.
“Uncle Chuks, are you saying using makeup is a sin or evil?” one of the teenagers asked after I narrated the reason why most churches especially deliverance oriented church frown at indecent dressing, excessive makeup and hairstyles.
“No, I didn’t say that, all I am saying is, it is good to look good as a lady, but any kind of makeup that changes your identity and makes you look overly made-up not only attracts sexual advances towards you from humans, but also invisible strange spirits who see the resemblance you have with their feminine creatures.”
“I believe what Uncle Chuks is saying here is modesty, which is what the Bible preaches. For instance, let’s look at it physically, when a lady dresses in a sexy way, which set of people does she attract?” I heard Favour’s voice from behind. She had joined us without me noticing her entrance.
“Does she attract decent men or loose men?” Favour asked.
“Loose men!” they replied.
“What of a man who has tattoos all over him, would a decent girl filled with the Holy Ghost be attracted to him?” Favour asked.
“Nooooo!” they all chorused.
“We always attract who we are. If you dress trashy, you attract trashy beings, but when you are modest in your appearance and look, you will attract the angels of goodness, Favour and blessings who do not defile human bodies like the demonic creatures,” Favour said elaborately.
“Hmmm….” I heard the various ‘Hmmms’ amongst the ladies then Kenneth spoke up, “Uncle Chuks, you are right about the makeup thing, I naturally don’t like girls who apply too much makeup on their faces, because it makes them look different, strange and fake.”
“Speaking about makeup, some of us have acnes, pimples, blackheads and one needs to cover them up to look acceptable amongst friends, so should we because we are Christians look unkempt…?” Surprisingly, Mercy was the one who asked the question and she directed her question at her mother… I could sense some tension between them…
To be continued.




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