The gift of imagination by Amb Oludakinni Henry



Most people in life envision the progress they want to make , their intentions are good. But there’s is one nagging reason that keeps many of us from moving ahead in life. It’s our thoughts: those seemingly insignificant sentences that pass through the mind, greatly influencing everything we say, do, emotion, feeling, etc.

One of the best gift God gave to man is imagination, the power to imagine things within and materialize it. God gave us this wonderful gift _ a twofold ability to see. We can visually observe what goes on around us, we also can “see” pictures in our minds. Do you struggle with your own thoughts? Thought of worry, insecurity, frustration, depression etc. I do, we all do.

According to the dictionary👇👇👇
The image-making power of the mind; the act of mentally creating or reproducing an object not previously perceived; the ability to create such images.

Imagination is one of the most advanced human faculties.

You think someone’s been following you? That’s just your imagination.

A mental image formed by the action of the imagination as a faculty; a conception; a notion. As I said it not Bible study but a SEMINAR…. But we can’t deviate from the SCRIPTURE..

As time goes on I will like to draw words from the SCRIPTURE that can help us through. Like every other power belonging to us, the imagination may be either a blessing our a curse, depending altogether upon how it is used and how well It is disciplined.

We all have a some degree the power to imagine. This gift enables us to see meaning in material objects, to observe similarities between things which at first appear wholly unlike each other. It permits us to know things that which the sense can never tell us, for by it we are able to see through sense impressions to the reality that lies behind things.

Every advance made by mankind in any field began as an idea to which nothing for the time corresponded.
The minds of investor took bits of familiar ideas and made out of them something altogether nonexistent.

This we create things and by so doing prove ourselves to have been made in the IMAGE of our Creator.

I always mentions this, anytime I takes Bible study that: God our Father imagine us in is HEART during CREATION
And brought MAN into reality.

So what comes to your mind when the Word imagery is mentioned? Do you think using imagery is done mysterious practice? Or is ur a gift from GOD to be used in a positive way!

Imagery is simply the forming of mental picture it IMAGE.
The imagery of fantasy and daydreams is a characteristic of human life. Our Ability to imagine sets us apart from animals.
BIOLOGISTS says man is an ANIMAL but HIGHER animals. What makes us an higher ANIMAL? Because of this same GIFT from GOD. That shows even this people “scientist” in one way or another still subject to the GOD of CREATION.😄😄😄
Daydreams have been responsible for some of our greatest discoveries and human CREATIONS.

Thomas Edison didn’t just sit down and invent the lightbulb.”.
He first lay on the couch in his workshop and filled his mind with fantasies about lightbulbs and electricity.
All the musicians there will always been somewhere imaging songs before they all materialize them.

Every great cathedral once existed point as an idea on someone’s mind. The imagery was translated into magnificent REALITY.

This gift can rescue us from drudgery or lead us in the creation of a masterpiece *the former serves as an escape, the later *leads to accomplishment.

It can be used to heal our negative and toxic memories and free us from self-condemnation, when used in a positive and realistic way.

The GIFT of imagination👌
It can be used as a powerful magnet to draw out our strengths and abilities, to unlock problems, and to tear down barriers blocking progress and GROWTH.

Ballplayers often imagine where they want the ball to finish, and then imagine the trajectory and shape of the ball during the shot.🏃‍♂🏃‍♂.

The key is to ensure you’re using your imagination in a positive way.
What image are in your mind today? What are their purposes, and how are you using them? Do you have any that seem to get stuck in your MIND, and no matter how hard you try you can’t get rid of them?
LET just draw WORDS from the SCRIPTURE. Gen6:5..👌

The Word imagination is used for the first time.

“The LORD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the Earth, and that every imagination and intention of all human thinking was only evil continually” (AMP)

So from the beginning of time, we see one of God’s greatest gifts misused and distorted. Not only that, the word continually shows us that people’s evil thought were, in effect, “stuck” in their minds.

And it start when they are young, Gen8:21.
This struggle begins Early, and “sticks” with us, we might say.

Henry received Help 🖐🖐🖐
Can someone say: I received HELP👌

Imaging is the forming of mental pictures or images. And interestingly, the way we imagine ourselves, we are likely to become.
If we imagine ourselves as failing, we’re more likely to fail, if imaging ourselves as succeeding in some task, there’s a greater likelihood that we’ll succeed.

For example, it’s been well documented that tennis players who mentally practice their game improve more than those who don’t .🥍🏸
And images we believe and reinforce eventually seep into the unconscious part of our minds, becoming part of who we are.
As soon as we perceive a feeling and begin to think about it, the imagination goes to work, the imagination reinforce the thoughts, the thought intensify the feelings, and the whole business builds up. 👊👊

A Scottish preacher said: it makes us full of eyes, without and within*. The imagination is far stronger than any other power which we posses, and the psychologist s us that on occasions, when the will and the imagination are in conflict, the imagination always wins.

How important therefore that we should vow by the Savior’s HELP never to throw the wrong kind of pictures on this screen in our minds,. For the imagination literally had the POWER to making the things we picture real and effective.
so we must guard our imagination, remembering it was damage in the fall, and because of that, can be distorted and misused.

The Paul the apostle writes: Eph4:17: “now this I affirm… That you must no longer live as Gentile do, in the futility of their minds in Romans 1:21 he begins to makes reference to the negative aspect of imagination: they became futile …. In their thinking.. and their senseless minds were darkened” (Amp, emphasis add).

The Paul the apostle writes: Eph4:17: “now this I affirm… That you must no longer live as Gentile do, in the futility of their minds in Romans 1:21 he begins to makes reference to the negative aspect of imagination: they became futile …. In their thinking.. and their senseless minds were darkened” (Amp, emphasis add).

Remember God knows what’s behind every thought we have.
Depending on how it’s used, imagination can be a blessing our royal pain.

Who have the leading role in your movies? Well if you’re line the test of us, you do. You’ve cast yourself as the central figure. It’s normal. But how do you see yourself?

A hero or a villain? Positive or negative?
GOD designed and gave us our minds: he also gave us instructions on how to protect and use that precious gift.
Mark12:30, matt22:37, Rom12:2, Rom8:5, phil4:8

We can’t be able to look Into all this but let study it later.
The mind is a unique and wonderful creation, with it we can solve problems and craft masterpiece. We can create problems that don’t even exist.
In the images that plays in our minds, we may depict ourselves as a functioning hero, is as an ineffective loser. We make judgement about ourselves and others.
With practice, we can snatch away the power of toxic negative imagined thought. .
When it occurs, we can speak right to that self-talk spawned by imagination, saying ” you’re not reality,- you’re a passing mental EVENT.

AS we assert that again and again, we can break the hold of the negative imagery we’ve allowed to root in our minds.
U are an investor of good and great things*

Imagine it and so YOU ARE
You are not poor,
You are HOLY
You are righteous
You are the head
You are ABOVE
You are God’s ambassador
You are special
You are the Apple of God’s eye
You are the man after GOD’s own HEART
You are LIGHT

That is who u are
As he is so are we in this World.
That which God implant in U, U CAN ACHIEVED IT ALL




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