“TEACHER CHUKS” Episode 20

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
In two months, my sex tree had increased through Bode. Sexrush took over Bode in the Boy’s hostel, he started initiating younger boys into the practice of homosexuality either by seducing or coercing them forcefully. I knew my time was up in Bode’s school.
I left and as usual, I changed my phone number, parked out of the house and returned to my mansion.

Once, I got back to my mansion, I started thinking of the next scheme, when Chinaza
called me with urgency in her voice…
“We need to get married tomorrow, call few members of your family and we will meet at the registry tomorrow. I have found a pregnant teenager who will sell her baby to us after she delivers. And I want everyone to believe the baby is ours. I have to pretend to be pregnant for about 7 months, because the teenager is just two months pregnant”

The next day, I had rented some people to stand in as my parents, while Chinaza’s
parents were physically present for the wedding. I saw Chinaza’s mother so proud of her daughter’s wealth and was thanking God, that fortunately she was marrying a wealthy man. No one spoke about Tina. When I asked why, she said it had been concluded in the family she was kidnapped and killed.

We got married. Chinaza suggested she moved in with me to make our marriage real. On our wedding night, I wept. Why?
We had gotten so used to having sex and had seen sex as a job that neither of us initiated or thought about it. Chinaza slept off, there was nothing either of us looked forward to.

We had both lost our sexual attraction to the opposite sex. Sex was no more pleasure for us as initially created by God, it was a job. I remembered how I had fantasized how my first night after my wedding would be, when I was a teenager, but unfortunately it wasn’t anything close to it…It was a night of regret.

To be continued…

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