“TEACHER CHUKS” Episode 21

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©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
Chinaza and I grew really close as we kept working hard, she wore her fake pregnancy
well. Even at the warehouse, no one noticed any foul play. Her sister, Tina changed
towards me. She didn’t want to Say a word to me. I asked Chinaza on one occasion to
release her, but Chinaza told me, she was trying to save her life. She told me she knew her sister so well, that if she got out of the warehouse, she could walk straight to a
Television station and expose all secret. This would automatically cause her death…

I saw reason in what she said…
I realized as we lived together, that Chinaza was a good person, but unfortunately a
victim. She had a good and compassionate heart. I noticed there were times, I would
meet her crying on her knees for hours. Anytime I tried to pull her up, she would ask me to leave her. Chinaza had gone so deep in the demonic activities, that there were days, she couldn’t sleep. She would tell me she was seeing strange things as she closed her eyes.

She confided in me that before the marriage, on nights she couldn’t sleep, she
would go out and scout for men, but since she was determined to be a good mother, she wanted to reduce her sexual activities…
I saw a lady who was tired of what she was involved in, but didn’t know how to get out.
I continued my work, till I stumbled on a new school….

This was where I met Mercy.
At work, Chinaza had told me about masturbation as a great sperm collection avenue. She told me if I could get the teenagers and youths to masturbate, my sperm collection would increase, as masturbation was a strong habit. She told me a lot of young girls and boys could masturbate several times a day, releasing their semen countless times a day.
This was the strategy I planned on initiating in the new school which was a mixed school. Whenever, I had opportunity with the students in my art studio, I was always using sex oriented examples to wire their brains towards that direction, and this did not sit well with one of the girls, whose name was Mercy

“Sir, can you use less of sex oriented examples…it is actually irritating “The other students would immediately nod their heads in agreement with her.
I decided to work on the boys instead, since the girls in the school were strongly influenced by Mercy. I scanned around for a male rat I could use. I found one who was the best student in mathematics. He was very brilliant, hence people looked up to him. Whenever, he joined a conversation, all other students took his word as final. His name was Eric.

My lucky day came…
I saw Eric coming towards my art studio and immediately I suspected that was my lucky day, so I rushed into the private toilet in the studio. I heard his footsteps…

“Who is there?” I asked
“Eric sir, I am sorry sir, I didn’t know you were in the rest room, I will check back!” He said trying to go out the way he came in…

“No problem, you can wait for me as long as no girl is with you, just shut the door, so no
one barges in…After that, you can have your seat, I will be out soon, I need to relieve myself…” I was peeping through the keyhole. He did as I instructed. He sat down looking through some art magazines in my office…

I started moaning like someone who was self-exciting himself, I noticed he shifted, he got interested and at the same time uncomfortable. I noticed he stood and was walking towards the door…

“Eric, I am sorry, give me two more minutes” I said as I noticed his hand was already on the door…
“Ok sir…“ He stepped back, I noticed he was aroused by my moaning sound… I noticed
he was also trying to follow my moaning sound to self-excite himself….
Exactly what I wanted. Yes! He got into it too… but my specs revealed something else to me, as Eric was trying to masturbate, I saw a dark smoke in form of a female body enter into the room and was caressing him.
It dawned on me, that no one could have sex on their own, Masturbation was not actually self Sex as widely proclaimed, but Sex with an invisible irritating creature…

The black smoke-like demon was all over him caressing him, and behaving like a woman. Eric couldn’t see her, maybe if he saw the dark and smelly smoke-like demon he was having sex with, he would never embrace the ideof masturbation in his life..
I noticed the trickle down his school uniform shorts and just like normal Sex, I saw stars expelling out of his body. He had wasted his sperm, so he had to lose some stars and obviously just like the norm, the smelly invisible creatures came in, licked off his sperm and swallowed the evaporated stars…The sight was highly irritating and sad…

To be continued…

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