HIM, HER & I part 18,19 & 20

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( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

His name was Bro Stephen, and truthfully speaking I had serious issues with the name. The fact that the Biblical Stephen was stoned to death just made me dislike this brother from the get-go.

After I returned from school, my mother had teased me severally that, a certain brother she had met during her early Morning evangelism would make a fine husband. She said the first day he came to our house and saw my lifesize picture frame in the living room, he had jokingly told her…

“ Mummy, is this your daughter… I like her, I hope you can give her to me?”

I didn’t give Mum any reply as I was still trying to lick my emotional wounds. I called Bro Kennedy several times in the first three days but I got no response. Likewise Papa called me several times but I refused picking up.

I called Mmesoma to know if she heard what happened and Yes she did. I knew the gist must have gone round the school already…

“ Hello Timi, Good Afternoon…”

“ Mmesoma how are you? “

“Fine and beautiful!” She said smiling…

“ Ok, I just thought to check on you!” I said

“ Ok, thanks , but I know you want to find out if I heard about what happened at the fellowship center, Yes I did, Timi, but it’s okay I believe you should be happy that the truth is out, because the Bible makes us understand in Proverbs 12:19 that “Truthful words stand the test of time, but lies are soon exposed”.

If this had not come up now, it would have come up at a time you won’t be able to control the effects. Imagine if Bro Kennedy had found out after the wedding, it would have been disastrous… But it’s still better this way… If God wants you both to end up together, God will make it possible. All you need to do right now is seek God’s face and when God forgives you, raise your head high, because When God Forgives, Man’s criticism is inconsequential. So brace up, remember it is bad when we fall, but it becomes worse when we refuse to rise up… Forget the shame and rise up.

Sis Timi, When bad things happen to me, I don’t let it lessen me rather I take it as a Lesson” She said and after about few minutes of encouragement, she ended the call…

“How will I face the whole school?” I knew I would receive a lot of finger pointing. I knew the campus newspaper would see it as a great news. I could imagine the headline:


I didn’t want to face that shame…

It was therefore a wrong timing for the so called Bro Stephen my mother was trying to hook me up with. I was emotionally sick and needed healing.

Unlike Bro Kennedy, this Bro Stephen was a handsome, born again Christian. He looked clean, he had a good set of teeth, his cloth was always well ironed, he had a nice haircut but the fact that he was a religious brother, an evangelist for that matter, I was not interested.

Anytime he came around, I would dress up and leave. I only greeted him out of courtesy. When it was about 5 days to the end of my two weeks break, Bro Stephen spoke up …

“ Sis Timi, it seems you don’t like my presence, you always leave anytime I come around”. He said and I saw the way my mother eyed me maliciously like an original African mother.

I knew I would need my allowance when going back to school and if I continued that way Mum was not going to give me a good allowance. At that point, I couldn’t joke with money because of my final year project.

I politely waited and smiled.

“ Not at all sir, I just wanted to take a walk!”

“ So how is school?” He said

“ School is fine” I replied meanwhile what I wanted to say in actual fact was “ Bros, What is your business, are you the one paying my school fees?” But the stare I was getting from my mother few meters away from us told me it would be a big mistake…

“ Ok, Your Mum told me you are in your final year, so what do you plan on doing after school?” He asked

“ Oh Boy! Is this some career talk session?” I reasoned Silently “Some of these Spiritual brothers can be one hell of a boring lot.”

I saw the way my mum was looking, so I knew I had to get us away from where she was so I could give this Bro Stephen some stones of words that will send him far away from me.

“ Sir, do you mind if we take a walk, I like taking early morning walks” I said

“ Wow… That would be nice, actually walking is my hobby. It really gives me an upper hand as regards my ministry, as I can trek miles while evangelism.” He said as we started walking away from the house.

“ It was on one of such occasions I met your Mum, when she was also evangelizing. The moment I saw her, my Spirit clicked with her…” He was saying and I cut in…

“ Sir, I actually took you away from there so we could talk!”

“ I know” he laughed

“ Ok Sir, mummy tells me you are interested in me, so I want to know if that is correct?” I asked very bluntly

“ Yes, absolutely, I have a certain peace about you…”

“ Good, but I need to let you know me a bit, because I don’t want you to judge me by my mother’s spirituality. I am Jadesola’s mother” I said expecting a look of surprise but he said..

“ Ok… I know that already, your Mum told me!”

“ Ok, since that is not a problem, I want you to know I recently got pregnant and had an abortion!” This time around he looked shocked and became silent, so I knew that was my best time to strike

“ The reason why I am telling you this is for you to know the kind of person I am, I am not a saint and judging from your level of Spirituality, you will want to marry a Godly woman, unfortunately I am far from that. Please, don’t break my mother’s heart by telling her about the abortion, all you need to do is tell her, you don’t think we are compatible… God bless you sir…”

I walked away from Him as I knew I had stoned Bro Stephen and whatever love or attraction he must have felt for me had died.

I returned back home hours later and expected my mother to look at me in a terrible way, but to my utmost shock, she smiled and gave me a big hug saying….

“ Bro Stephen said, you are exactly the kind of woman he wants to marry.. Praise the Lord!”

“ What! This brother Stephen is sick and stubborn but if only he knows who I am, he won’t dare me..” I reason silently as I watched my mother dancing in excitement.

I didn’t want any church boys!!!!

To be continued

( A Love Triangle)
©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

I played along, especially for my mum’s sake. I just wanted the five days I had left at home to be over. I wanted to return to school to see Bro Kennedy.

Bro Stephen made my home a permanent abode. He and Mum would meet for the evangelism and would return to my home at around 8am. He would stay with us till 6pm….I wondered if he had a job…

“ Yes, I do… I have a business people run for me…” he had said with a smile showing his ever beautiful dentition

“People run for you? You must be very rich!” I said teasing him, because he didn’t have a car talk less of a house. I saw him as a middle class fellow, who just knew how to combine clothes…

When I was leaving for campus, my mum gave me a lot of money out of happiness that I was happy with her choice of a man for me. Bro Stephen also sent some money into my account, of which he told me to please consider his proposal.

He promised to call me in school and joked about being a stalker. He said he was going to stalk my phone with calls…

The moment I stepped into the bus taking me to my school, I barred his number from reaching me.

On getting to school, I couldn’t tell if it was my imagination, but people seemed nice to me and there was no finger pointing. I was wondering if someone had wiped the story from their memory. As I was unpacking my clothes, Mmesoma walked in with her boxes…

“ I am back… “ She said smiling. I stood looking very surprised…

“ Back?” I asked

“ Yes, God told me to come back here, he said I should be a sister to you…”

“ Ok…” I said. “ But what if I don’t need any roommate again?”

“ Unfortunately for you, this roommate has come to stay and she is not going anywhere!” And indeed she proved that as she started unpacking her stuffs…

I wanted to ask her if she heard from Bro Kennedy but pride wouldn’t let me..and it was as if she was reading my mind…

“ Bro Kennedy said he will stop by to say hi..” Mmesoma said

“ Really!” My heart was pounding fast…

“ Yes!, He is coming to do the right thing, we spoke a lot during the Short break!” Mmesoma said

“ The right thing?” I asked

“ Yes!, He did the wrong thing that day…!”

I didn’t understand what Mmesoma was saying until much later when Bro Kennedy came around. He apologized for shouting and saying some of the things he said at the fellowship center. He was sorry for acting that way by not controlling his emotions… The part that broke my heart most was when he stretched forth his hand for a handshake and said…

“ Friends?” He said

I looked at the hand stretched towards me, I got the message he was sending across, he wanted us to be friends, he was no more interested in me.

I swallowed hard and accepted his hand and from no where my tears dropped…

“ Friends” I replied

Mmesoma chuckled in excitement.

My mother called later to find out if I had gotten to school, which I answered her in the affirmative. She added the statement I was obviously waiting for her to say…

“ Bro Stephen said your line has been unreachable” she said

“It could be the network!” I replied…

Early the next morning I got a shocking news that moved my life into a direction I wasn’t expecting…

I received a phone call from home that my mother had been hit by a hit and run vehicle and she died on the spot…

My life did not make meaning anymore. I rushed home and Mmesoma went with me. My father’s family who were Muslims by religion buried my mother that same day.

I stayed back for three days with Mmesoma by my side strengthening me with encouraging words… She met Bro Stephen and they exchanged pleasantries. My mother had died in Bro Stephen’s hand as he witnessed the accident. You could see pain in his eyes. He was always at our place with a sober look on his face. He wasn’t his cheerful self anymore.

The night before we returned to school, Mmesoma was the one who spoke sense to me…

“ Timi, when do you plan on returning to school?”

“ School?, with what just happened?”

“ Yes!, Your mum is gone and your not going to school will not bring her back, besides you are in your final year, you need to finish what you started.” Mmesoma had said

The next day I returned to school. Since I had barred Bro Stephen’s number, I never heard from him again.

I stopped attending the campus fellowship though Mmesoma didn’t like the idea. I started attending a new church outside the campus. That was where I met Odi……

To be continued



( A Love Triangle)

©️Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde

Odi was a wonderful brother I met in the new church I starting attending outside campus. He was a good cake with a beautiful Icing. He was very active in church and the icing on the cake was that He was RICH.

From the first day I noticed him in Church, I knew he was a good catch. He had a close resemblance to Bro Stephen as they looked really clean and tush. However, Odi was more CLASSY.

We got quite close and became friends. What sealed the deal between us both was when he told me he was a single dad and his daughter was in the United States with the mother. He told me he was trying to get custody of his daughter. He showed me the picture of a beautiful girl. I told him I also had a daughter, Jadesola who due to my mother’s recent death had been taken to my Aunt’s place.

He told me he didn’t like the idea of passing my child from one relative to the other, he encouraged me to embrace her and find how to train her on my own…

I was glad God had given me a man who did not see my having a child as having an incurable disease.

One thing led to the other and Odi proposed. He told me, he wanted to marry me and I could bring my daughter along with me to the marriage.

Odi was a dream come true, He was the perfect will of God I was looking for. He was good looking, wealthy, he accepted my past and most importantly he was social.

Odi was the kind of Christian that loved to go the beach with me, He was not as boring as Bro Kennedy who was always talking Scriptures. He was funny like Bro Stephen but a better version. We shopped a lot, there was no sophisticated restaurant I didn’t know… I met his friends, they were classy people as well. He was a consolation after my mother’s death as he took care of my bills and that of my daughter.

Mmesoma however wasn’t comfortable with the relationship

“ I have nothing against him, all I am saying is you need to pray and ask if he is the best for you, there are good guys, but I don’t want to get married to a good guy, I want to get married to the best guy.. I believe the same for you too.”

“ Mmesoma it’s only the blind that will not see that Odi is God’s consolation for me” I replied

“ If you say so…” Mmesoma had said

I completed my final year in the university in grand style. Papa and Bro Kennedy became inconsequential as Odi was a bigger deal. Kennedy, Papa and I graduated leaving Mmesoma behind, But Mmesoma and I continued our friendship.

I insisted on doing my one year National youth service before tying the knot with Odi, who was in a hurry to get married to me.

After Youth Service, Odi and I met a huge roadblock on our marital journey…

“ I said you can not marry him, you must marry a Muslim. Was it not the Christian Evangelism your mother was always going for every morning that ended her life, so you must marry a Muslim brother!” My father had refused bluntly.

My mother had married my father out of love and felt he would be converted along the way, but that never happened. My father practiced his religion while Mum practiced hers. It was always during their fights she would always “ If only I married the will of God for my life, my life would have been better”, hence she always rang it in my ear to marry a Christian.

Since she was dead, my father wanted to force his will on me… He wanted me to marry the Imam’s son Mustapha.

At this point, I knew I needed God’s intervention but Odi gave me a suggestion….

To be continued


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