HIM, HER & I part 21

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( A Love Triangle)
Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde
“Why don’t you move in with me?, By the time we have two to
three kids, your father will realize there is nothing he can do
about it, then we will do the proper marriage?” Odi had
innocently suggested.
The idea made sense to me. Odi was a good guy, he had
taken me to see his father who accepted me. His siblings also
showed me plenty of love. There was therefore no cause for
Mustapha was a no go area for me , though he was a cool
guy, but the religion issue would be a serious battle as being a
Muslim didn’t go down well with me. I had nothing against the
Islamic religion, as I had Muslim friends, but I had seen too
much rancor and drama between my parents over their
religious difference to want history to repeat itself in my life.
They were always arguing and fighting especially when my
father wanted the children to follow his path….
Therefore, at that point, Odi’s advice made sense.
I moved in with Odi and life was sweet. I wish there was a
better word for how my life felt. I wore designer wears, same
with Jadesola who started living with me. Odi pampered me
like a Baby, He loved Jadesola like his own.
However, he didn’t like me keeping friends. He told me he
didn’t want envy around him as most ladies were always
envious of their happy friends. What Odi said made sense, so I
lost contact with ALL my friends, including Mmesoma…
I felt I didn’t need them, I had Odi and Jadesola for all I
Trouble started brewing when after eight months of moving in,
I had not gotten pregnant. Odi started questioning my inability
to have a baby as he wanted to have a baby. He loved kids as
this was obvious in the way he treated Jadesola. He had
enrolled her into one of the best private schools in Our city.
She had a private music teacher, She had a ballet teacher,
She had a diction teacher as he told me he wanted to improve
her spoken English. Staying with my mother didn’t help
Jadesola’s spoken English and Etiquette so Odi said he
wanted all that to change….
You should therefore understand how unhappy he was when I
had not become pregnant after eight months of living together
as Husband and Wife…The pregnancy was a way of winning
my father.
I also started suspecting disaster on my end, as the realization
dawned on me, that Odi was not yet legally married to me and
if I didn’t get pregnant soon, he could send Jadesola and I out
of his life.
I knew the abortion could have been the cause of the delay,
but the relief I had in me was the doctor’s report. The doctor
had said there was nothing wrong with either of us. He told us
to be calm and rely on God.
However, Odi was not calm and I could understand, his first
daughter was with the mother abroad and his wife was yet to
have a child. I tried IUI and IVF, but it failed on several counts,
so I decided to take matters into my own hands as I felt God
was possibly punishing me for the abortion I committed.
I went to as many places as possible, I did all sort of things
and I wasn’t sure which one paid off, but exactly 3 years of
moving into his house, I found out I was pregnant.
Odi and I were over the moon, Odi especially had too much
joy exuding from him. As a gift for being pregnant, he bought
me a Gas station. He told me he had more in store for me,
especially if the child was a boy…
I returned to all the places I went and kept praying the gender
of the baby should be a boy….
The 7 months after I found out I was pregnant was one of the
best time of my life, Odi spoiled Jadesola and I silly. I silently
thanked God I didn’t end up with Papa, Bro Kennedy or even
Bro Stephen….
I didn’t let Odi and I know the gender of the child as I was so
sure it was going to be a boy. I therefore didn’t do any
Ultrasound scan. I only went for my antenatal regularly, where I
was reassured that the baby was doing fine as his/her
heartbeat was perfect.
On the 14th July, the day had started casually except that I
had a dream overnight. I saw that I was drenched by rain and I
was carrying Jadesola and a baby in my hands, A man was
trying to drag the two children from my hands, I saw Odi and
my mother closeby, but as my late mother saw that I was
under attack , she ran towards me and defended Jadesola
with all her strength but Odi stood Akimbo with no strength to
do anything…The wicked man eventually took the baby from
my hand and slammed her on the floor….
I had woken up really frightened but prayed and called my
Spiritualist who told me he would work on the dream. I had
driven Jadesola to school because Odi was out of town.
On my way back from Jadesola’s school, my water broke in
the car. I carefully drove myself to the hospital. I called Odi
and explained things to him, he was elated and he told me he
was going to take the next flight to town.
The delivery was so painful I kept gasping for breath. Odi
came in time for my pushing… I pushed and pushed and I
gave birth to Iremide ( My goodness has come)….Odi and I
had chosen that Yoruba name before the baby’s birth….
But Iremide didn’t look anything like goodness, I saw Odi’s
reaction, followed by the nurses’ reaction and I knew
something was wrong…
“ Was she a girl?” My heart sank at the thought .
I asked the nurses to let me see my baby and all I could shout
“ JESUS!” The one name I knew could help me out of this
To be continued…
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Written by Opeyemi O.Akintunde
Facebook @ Opeyemi Ojerinde Akintunde


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