Love Never Dies

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Many time in relationships, people get bored, they feel their love has gone stale, the no longer feel that exciting “blow your doors off” love, they have taken that love for granted, they have forgotten the connection, or let other emotions get in the way….

How does one get those loving feelings back? It’s really quite simple…one has to want to love another…it’s that simple. You must want to love and connect again…

The bonds of love are never broken, they may be hurt or damaged, but never broken…as love is love and it never dies, it is never replaced it is pure and honest from one’s heart…other emotions may flood ones mind and body, but love is always there, no one can be unloved, you can’t take it back, you can’t undo it.

Understanding love is ever present, makes it easier to reconnect…to rebond to that love you have already committed to your partner, now it need to radiate through your body, through your mind and out of your heart…you have to want to love and reconnect again…

Having that want, is the first step..then concentrate on what you love about your partner…why did you love them in the first place? What created that connection? What is it about them, that made you give your love and your heart?

Understanding that basis of love will help you reconnect.

Do you say it? Do you tell your partner you love them? Words are powerful and saying those words will help you reconnect to that feeling..Just as not saying those words…is just as powerful

Just as the words you don’t say have power too.

Many withhold love, they make it like a punishment, if you don’t do what I want, I will no longer love you…that is not love, nor a loving action. That is possession…and no one possesses another.

Are you grateful for your partner? Do you express that gratitude? Do you tell them how thankful you are that they chose to be in your life? Do you thank them for the little things they do?

Gratitude is just as powerful as other emotions, when it comes to love. Being thankful for your partner an their presence in you life, saying those words will help rekindle that lost feeling…That everyday togetherness, the little things taken for granted,

Being grateful helps one’s heart to understand, why your partner is part of your life…By wanting to love, committing to that love, by being thankful for that person and their part in your life will help you reconnect to that love,

LOVE NEVER DIES, it just changes form, it grows stronger and last longer…Love is all there is,and it’s for you to enjoy, for you to be a part of the Universal love and to share that love with others,

It will change your relationship and your life, an you will see you can love, even when it my feels stale and worn, it’s just a matter of perspective, Love does not have to “blow your doors off”, it is kind and comforting, and what you really need.


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