Wanted PT 1 – 14

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Shola came to visit Benita, her friend and pastor’s only daughter.

Benita is a child of God filled with zeal and knowledge of God. Very spiritual as well. She heads the single sisters forum in her father’s church she called QUEEN’S COT. Aside being respected as the G.O’s daughter, her spiritual maturity cannot be ignored. She is indeed a leader of reputable example.


Shola came to invite her to a programme her course mate’s church was about having.

What kind of programme? Benita asked

Praise night. Panam Percy Paul will be live.

(Benita jumped for joy) what!!!! Serious??? I’m coming please. What an opportunity to see that great man of God.


Dad, Benita called

Yes princess, (searching through his bible) how are you today?

I’m good dad. Dad please I need permission. Shola and I were invited to a programme. (Sits next to her dad) but dad, it’s an all night and PANAM PERCY PAUL will be there live.

Woooooow, amazing, when is this?cos, I will like to go too.

15th of this month. Its 15th.

Oh no!!! I have a programme on the 15th. You have my permission. Make sure you tell mumy about it.

(Jumped for joy) thanks dad. I will.


Sandra, shola’s course mate came with two tickets. Surprised to see BENITA.

SHOLA who is this with you please?

Oh, my bad, so sorry, her name is BEnita. My best friend and my pastor’s only daughter.

Woow, nice but I have just two reservations. you know a big person is coming. You didn’t tell me some one will be coming with you.

Its fine, Benita replied. I will sit anywhere. What matters is worshipping in his presence.


It’s a very big church. Benita entered and felt goose bumps all over her.

JESUS, I HOPE I’M IN THE RIGHT PLACE. I just don’t feel comfortable.

BENNY, shola called, are you OK?

I’m not, I just don’t feel comfortable here.

Sandra was looking at Benita with so much despite.

This place is the house of GOd na replied Sandra, why being uncomfortable? Don’t you go to programmes?

Hmmm, Benita sighed. I sense a heavy presence of marine demons in this place.


Will stop that? This is a house of God please. Don’t criticise my church please.

Shola replied, Sandra don’t be angry but my friend her has the gift of revelation. Maybe they have come to scatter the programme.

Hmmmm, there is more to this HOLY GHOST HELP ME Benita replied

Sandra hissed and went in

To be continued




Benita looked at her wristwatch, it’s 9:45 pm.

-wow, it’s late already she muttered. Holy ghost shield me with your glory. Amen.

The programme started. Benita wasn’t comfortable at all.

Praise and worship was going on, she wasn’t just flowing. She could still feel the presence of marine spirit. Everyone was busy worshiping and singing, dancing and jubilating. Benita was seated praying. She looked shola’s way. She was busy dancing and singing.

Few minutes after praise and worship, it was announced that PANAM PERCY PAUL could not make it to the programme. Everyone felt disappointed, Benita too. That was actually the reason she was there.

Time for ministration. A woman walked up to the podium as MINISTER ZINA. As she handled the mic, Benita’s eyes were opened and what she saw handling the mic was a GOLDEN FISH WITH VERY LOOOOG HAIR.

-Blood of Jesus Christ she muttered.

Minister ZINA looked at her.

-young lady

Benita answered with shock

-Yes please

-are you OK?

-yes ma

  • good. Please don’t be distracted. Listen to the word of God.

The minister continued her message.

Benita saw yet another vision. The altar was a big ocean with millions of mermaids.

Blood of Jesus Christ. Holy ghost!!! What place is this? Oh Jesus, save me please.

The woman turned to Benita again. Benita could sense the rage in her eyes.

Arrrgh, continued Benita, and I did not even pray. I was so carried away by the guest. PANAM Percy Paul was only a scam to gather people ( she looked around) and they really did. Holy ghost please save me today, I promise to be careful next time.

Again, she looked shola’s way. She was busy enjoying the sermon and shouting amen to minister zina’s declarations. Benita shook her head. If only she knew or could what I just saw.

Message is over but the minister had some announcements to make.

-somebody shout gloooory. While I preached, God laid in my heart to help people. If you are sitting on the green chair you are one of them. Please wait behind.

(There are three colours of chairs in the hall. Red, white and green. There was jubilation, clapping and shouting.)

MINISTER ZINA pointed at Benita.

  • you, young lady (she smiled) daughter of the most high. Hey!!!! ( she speaks in tongues) I see so much anointing on you. Please step, the Lord said I should lay my hands on you.

Benita stood up

I’m very sorry ma, you can’t lay your hands on me.

Minister ZINA smiled.

Hmmm, God told me you will refuse. Test he said I should help you. Wait and see me.

I’m also very sorry ma. I won’t be needing your help. Thanks so much.

Hahahahaha minister ZINA laughed.

God was right. He told me you will refuse.

The programme ended at about 4:30am. Shola was to wait because she sat on the green chair.

Sandra was so mad at Benita. She walked up to her.

How dare you? You little brat. How dare you humiliate my pastor like that by turning her down? You are such a fool and an ingrate.

Benita looked her in the eyeballs.

-You are one of them

Sandra was shocked

  • WHAT!!!!

  • Yes you heard me and God will expose you all.

— hmm, I can see that you know too much. Don’t dare us, if you still value your life.

—ten thousand of you cannot harm me. I bare on my body the marks of Jesus Christ.

  • be warned. We are a moving train. Don’t try stand on our way. We crush without mercy.
  • I am the rail. I cannot be crushed.


To be continued.



MINISTER ZINA SURFACED. She dragged Sandra out.

-what are you doing owning up to her accusations? You have just ruined my plans by identifying with her claims. Sandra you should be wise. What is wrong with you? Just one confrontation and you succumbed like this.

By the way, did I ask you to defend for me? This is who I have been looking for. That lady you see their is WANTED by the marine world especially the congregation of the sixth ocean. Should anything happen, you will pay dearly.

–I’m sorry mother. I pledge and volunteer myself in the mission.

-too bad Sandra, you are no match for her. She is higher than your level. I am her only match for now.

  • what? Is she that powerful? I am on the 24th marine power region and you say she is higher than me?
  • hmmm, Sandra, do you think we are up against a chicken? Go to the control room now and check her profile. Some who brought down queen haziba?

  • what? She did that to queen haziba?

  • yes, and that is why we do not intend destroying her, she is WANTED, she must join us. She was the main reason we had this programme. Listen to me Sandra, do not interfere. Stay clear off her. She is your superior.

—yes mother. I hail the queen mother.

  • now be gone.

Sandra left.

Benita was still waiting for shola to come out. She was spiritually alert all through praying in her spirit. Minister ZINA walked up to her.

-Anointed one of the most high, what troubles you?

Sandra stood up

  • how dare you drag the name of the Almighty God into your mess Queen ZINA, Queen of the 100th marine region? What guts!!!! Be rest assured that the Lord will expose you. And I, BENITA JOHNSON, Servant of the most high God will not rest until you are brought down.
  • I mean no harm. I want to help you. I am MINISTER ZINA this is my Church. I am a minister like your parents.

  • oh please, you should know more by now. I know who you are. When your superior came to strike my mum with madness, by the the power of God she was crushed. Quit the deceit, I know you.

  • fine. Yes I am who I am. You need my help.

  • I do not need your help. Psalm 1 21 from. verse 2, my help cometh from the Lord who made heaven and the earth. He will not suffer my foot to be moved, he who keep Israel will not slumber, Behold,he who keeps Israel will not slumber nor sleep. The Lord is my keep , the Lord is my shield.

Minister ZINA could not stand it anymore. She was shivering.

  • you remain wanted by us. I will frustrate you till you join us. I will turn all that brings you joy to bitterness. I will bring you multiple sorrow till you bend bend and join us.
  • Shadrach Meshach and Abednego defeated the fire. Daniel defeated the lion’s den. My Lord Jesus Christ defeated the grave. Queen ZINA, I will defeat you.

She left. Almost immediately shola came out.

  • Benny, who are you talking to?
  • what kind of question is that? Can’t you see minister ZINA here?

  • there’s nobody here. Just you and besides I have been with minister ZINA inside her office.

  • what? Oh I see. Please let’s leave this place. I will explain later and what have you been doing there?

  • counseling o. That woman is a woman of God in deed. She told me all I have been going through and promised to help me.

  • did she give you any thing to eat?

  • yes

  • what!!! And you ate?

  • no oo, she gave me tea not just me, everyone who waited. I didn’t take because it’s too early and I haven’t brushed.

  • (deep breath) ha! Thank God. No wonder you still talk sense.

  • how do you mean?

  • hmm, let’s get home first.

  • where is Sandra?

  • gone I guess. Listen, henceforth you have to be very careful with that lady. Please.

  • hmmm, why?

  • let’s get home first.

They board a bus.
To be continued.




Reverend Ferdinand Johnson and his household did not sleep all night because of his wife’ s dream. They kept vigil all night.

Pastor Mrs grace Johnson dreamt that the ocean and every thing in it came up against their daughter Benita. She was fighting so hard and was getting weak. Suddenly a GOLDEN FISH WITH VERY LONG HAIR came up and swallowed her.

Benita got home at about 6:35 am. Her mum rushed to her.

  • oh thank you Jesus. Baby you are welcome.
  • thank God you are safe Benny her father replied.

  • why is everyone looking worried?

  • hmm, sis, her brother answered mum had a terrible dream.

-really? What was the dream please?

Richard narrated the dream to Benita.

-Hmmmm Benita sighed. Mum, it wasn’t just an ordinary dream, it is a pure revelation.

She narrated her ordeal to her family. They started prayers immediately. As they prayed, power came down. Heaven’s glory engulfed the whole place where they were.

God assured them of his presence and protection.

Benita was still worried about her mum’s dream. THE FISH SWALLOWED HER.

REV FERDINAND spoke on the need to be careful with the kind of programmes they attend. They must not welcome the idea of just anybody with the inscription MAN OR WOMAN OF GOD, laying hands on them. They must hence forth prayerfully study any programme that comes our way.

Benita wondered why shola has not been to church since the day they returned from that programme. She hasn’t visited either. She decided to visit.


Benita walked into shola’s sitting room which was already open. Lo and behold, SANDRA was in there. At sighting bENITA, Sandra stood up.

  • Shola, I should be on my way now. Will see you some other time.
  • why, you’re leaving already?

  • yea. I have some run around to do. See you in school tomorrow.

she left hurriedly.

  • Benny, so at last you decided to come check on me? Not fair o. Not been feeling well.
  • so sorry dear. ( feeling her body with the back of her palm) how are you feeling now?

  • I’m better thanks.

  • you’re healed in Jesus name. What was Sandra doing here?

  • she came to check on me and to remind me of the form I’m to fill and submit.

  • what form?

(shola brought out the form and gave to Benita)

  • I’m to fill all these areas and seal it with my blood here. ( pointing to the column)
  • JESUS, shouted Benita. Seal what with your blood? Are you OK?

  • minister ZINA said as Jesus sealed his covenant with us with his blood, that is how we must seal it on earth because we are meant to be like him.

  • JESUS CHRIST, Benita screamed. Shola, you are about entering a covenant with queen of the MARINE.

  • Benny, that’s not true. Minister ZINA is a woman of God. This form is for me to be a member in her society she called HOUSE OF DEBORAH. Sandra is a member. Since she joined, she has been independent. She pays her fees on her own. No longer waiting for her father and wicked step mother. I want to be independent too.

  • Shola, I won’t let you do this. I won’t allow them take you. (Starts speaking in tongues) ooooooh holy ghost. My bible tells me, that the lawful captive shall be delivered. For Lord will contend with those who contend with us and he will save our children. (Speaking in tongues) you marine spirit, deposited in this body in form of a snake.

Shola started shouting.

Loose your grip. Out of this body. Now, Now, holy ghost, please descend and take over.

Shola was still shouting. She started coughing and vomiting.

Benita’s eyes were opened. She saw MINISTER ZINA enchanting to kill shola.

  • you were supposed to keep it a secret you swine. Minister ZINA said still enchanting.

-ZINA, let her go NOW.it is an order.

  • stay away from this Benita, I am not here for you. She broke the edge and according to the bible, the serpent will bite.
  • Benny, I’m dying cried shola.

  • no, you will not die. For the Lord is your light and your salvation, whom shall you fear. when the enemy even our foes comes to eat up our flesh, they stumbled and fell.

ZINA, in the mighty name of Jesus Christ, fall. Who is that mountain before zerubabel. Who can stand against the Lord and his anointed. Be gone in Jesus name.

ZINA left shola.
Shola stopped shouting. She has been delivered.

Benita burned the form.

To God be the glory.

Benita got home. Lo and behold, Minister zina was in her room.

To be continued.



BENITA came into her house and had a strange feeling. Like someone strange is around.

She started singing……
There is power mighty in the blood
There is power mighty in the blood
There is power mighty in the blood of Jesus Christ.
There is power mighty in the blood.

She walked around the whole house then went upstairs to her room still singing. No one was at home except the gate keeper and their dog who was barking furiously.

She opened the door of her room, behold minister zina seated on the cushion in her room.

Benita was furious.

  • how dare you? What gut!!! Have you no fear? What are you doing in my room? Don’t you know? That light and darkness are two parallel lines?
  • Benita, I mean no harm. Again, you delivered one of our captives.

  • point of correction demon, I did not deliver her. My Lord Jesus Christ did. That subtility won’t work with me. You won’t inject pride in my spirit.

  • (Zina stood up) why are you rigid? Loosen up. Listen to me, you need our help. Don’t you want to be famous? You have powers, people need you, you have the gift to see, the world will crawl to your door step for solution.

Dear Benita, we will make you famous, and wealthy. Presidents, governors, kings, dignitaries will flock around you. You will still speak in the name of the Lord, you will still tell people to turn from their sins. Join us. The marine is so much interested in your family. Join us.

  • shut up demon
  • don’t call me demon, I am a queen

  • demon, that’s what you are. And all power has been bestowed upon me by my Lord Jesus Christ. He has given me the keys of the kingdom (speaking in tongues) that what so ever I bind here on earth, is bound in heaven and what so ever I loose here on earth is loosed in heaven.

Zina, I loose in this room the flood of fire from above.

  • stop it zina shouted

-Fire! Fire!! Fire!!!!

-arrrrrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh, Benita, I will deal with you for this. You will suffer for this, and I will make sure it starts from here, your family. I am Queen zina, the golden fish of the 100th marine region, I WILL SWALLOW YOU.

  • Big lie, No weapon, formed against me shall prosper and every tongue that riseth against me shall be condemned. Now demon, in the name of JESUS CHRIST OF NAZARETH, BE GONE.

Just then her mother opened the door. Benita was sweating. The dog stopped barking

-Benny, is there a problem?

  • hmm, mum, the queen of the marine coast, the one you saw in that revelation was here.
  • BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, WHAT!!!!! In this house?

  • I brought this upon us. I carnally went to that church programme. Lord I ask for mercy (crying)

  • no no no dear, don’t say that. We were all spiritually careless. God has shown mercy by giving you victory.

As they spoke, danladi the gate keeper rushed in


-What, where? Jesus!!!

Benita and her mum rushed out. Behold Richard Benita’s only brother and Rev. Johnson’s only son in the pool of his own blood. Was hit by a vehicle as he tried crossing to get into the house.

To be continued.



At the hospital, Richard was unconscious. He fell with this head. He had a big tear at the back if his head which was stitched.

Pastor Mrs grace could not be comforted. Benita was in tears. Rev Johnson wasn’t left out. He pleaded with the doctor to do everything possible to save his only son.

One week later, he is still unconscious. Benita was by his side all through. She prayed and prayed and prayed. One night, her parents were at the church for their monthly vigil programme. That night, Benita was alone. After so much prayers, she slept.

MINISTER ZINA came into the room.

-well, well, well, what do we have here?

  • what are you doing here demon? Replied Benita angrily.
  • I told you, you will need my help. You have been praying for a week now, no change. Would you want your only brother and your father’s only son to die?

Benita, just say yes. Join us and your brother will be fine instantly.

  • listen to me zina, I serve a God who gives life. That God created you too and gave me dominion over you. Read my lips demon, I will not join you.
  • (angry) then prepare to bury your brother.

  • that’s a lie. Who is he that speaketh and it cometh to pass when the Lord has not spoken? His life is hidden in Christ and Christ in God. Zina , give up the chase. The God I serve will deliver me from the snare of the fowler and from their noisome pestilence.

For surly they shall gather, but not by him, whosoever shall gather, shall fall for my sake. No weapon , firmed against Richard shall prosper and every tongue that riseth in judgement shall be condemned. It is my heritage as a child of God. Zina, you will do nothing. The God of Daniel will deliver me from your plans.

  • stubborn fellow. We shall see.

Benita started praying again. All through that night she could not sleep.

In the morning, a nurse came to administer medication to Richard. She placed another infusion and injected into it and left.

Few minutes later, Richard started swelling. Just then Rev and his wife arrived and met Benita shouting and crying. When Rev’s wife saw her son’s condition, she fainted.

The nurse had mistakenly administered the wrong injection. Hell was let loose. Rev wasn’t finding it funny. He threatened to arrest the nurse. Some elders and church members came. They were raining fire and brim stone. There was chaos.

Only Benita understood what was going on. Amidst her pain, she took it upon herself to talk to them.

-brethren, this is not time to sue anybody.. It is time to war with prayers. The devil according to God’s word is working like a roaring lion seeking whom to devour. We need to pray.

As she spoke, Rev noticed that RICHARD HAS STOPPED BREATHING.

To be continued.



The doctor walked into the ward and examined his pulse and shock his head. He reached out for the bed cloth and covered him.

  • we lost him. I’m very sorry Reverend.

Rev screamed

  • Jesssssssuuussssss. No Jesus, you can’t fail me. My only son can’t die.

Members and elders present could not hold back their tears. They helped to console reverend.

Benita stood by her brother. Tears rolled down her face. She shouted

-Noooooooo, Jesus noooooooo. Richard is not dead.(crying) since I was born, and now I’m getting old, I have never seen the righteous forsaken or the children of the living God beg bread. (She ran outside and went on her knees facing the sun.)

  • oh Lord God of heaven, remember. (Crying) my father and my God remember. How my parents have walked before you, in truth and with a perfect heart.

Remember now oh Lord, my service in your kingdom. Remember now oh Lord, your promises to my family. You said you will not suffer your holy one to see corruption. Oh Lord God (crying) shall the dead praise you? Richard is the keyboardist in your church, oh Lord how then can he play you those sweet melodies that arouses the magnitude of your greatness.

Heaven father, they that wait upon you, are like mount Zion that cannot be moved. (She opened her eyes and turned around and saw MINISTER ZINA)

  • for the last time Benita, accept my proposal and your brother will live.
  • you demon from the pit of hell. If my God won’t save me then so be it. As for me and my house, we will serve the living God. My hope is built on nothing else but Jesus blood and righteousness, I dare not trust the vainest thing but wholly lean on Jesus name.

On Christ, the solid rock I stand. All other grounds is sinking sand. My faith looks up to him my lamb of Calvary, saviour divine.

He will not suffer my foot to be moved. He who keeps me will not slumber. He will fight for me and I will hold my peace. (Speaking in tongues)

She began to worship…….
Onishe iyanu!!!!
You are the God of awesome wonders
I’ve tasted of your power

Onishe iyanu
You have shown me so much mercy much more than I deserve.

The words you speak
Turns things around
Your out stretched arm, has lifted me

You took away, the chains and colts
That held me bound.
(Speaking in tongues)

Olorun agbaye oooooooooooo
You are mighty

As she worshipped, everyone worshipped with her. They were all outside when the unusual happened.






Great thanksgiving was held in God’s household church. It was double celebration. Pastor Mrs grace was revived and Richard came back to live.

Members of God’s household sure knows how to appreciate God. Songs of praise and worship was rendered unto God. Substance wasn’t left out too. It was indeed a great service.

That night, in reverend Johnson’s home, at about 8:55 pm, they were all sited in the sitting room when they heard a knock on their door. Usually, danladi calls with the inter-call to them someone’s there to see them.

The knock kept coming.

Richard called Danladi through the inter- call, it kept ringing but he wasn’t taking it. The knock kept coming.

Richard moved to answer the door. Benita stopped him.

  • Richy don’t. Stay back
  • why? We need to know who’s there. Maybe danladi has gone to buy suya.

  • then we wait till we get a call from him.

Richard sat down. The knocking stopped for a while. Richard picked the phone and called danladi again, no picking.

  • it’s almost 30minutes. Where could he have gone to? Richard said. I think I need to go outside and find out.

-Rich, Benita called, you are not going anywhere and don’t open that door.

  • are you being serious? Why do you like bossing people around?

Rev Johnson cuts in

  • son, please listen to your sister.
  • yes my son said pastor Mrs grace. She says don’t go out, please don’t go out.

  • this is really unfair mum replied Richard. It is always about what Benita sees and says. I am her elder brother. She should stop bossing me around.

  • Richard, this not about bossing you around, I am only following God’s instruction. We must not open that door no matter what.

Richard called danladi again, was same as before, no picking. He tried his cell phone, switched off. The knock came again. Richard moved to open the door. Benita tried stopping him. Richard opened the door.

Three men on suit greeted Richard. The first one asked about The REVEREND. They have come to congratulate him for what God has done.

  • oh, that’s good but it’s late. You can’t see the Reverend now. Please tomorrow morning should be fine.
  • emmm, we are traveling tonight, we won’t make it to see him tomorrow.

  • oh really, I see. Please wait here, I need to inform him.

As Richard tried going in, the men forced themselves in and brought out guns and shot Richard on the leg.

—arrrrrrrghhhh oh God my leg

  • shut- up shouted one of the men. Reverend, how far na? I hear say today you collect plenty pepper. Abeg Rodger your boys. Anything na something.

He sighted Benita.

  • omo, daddy use your fine daughter take Rodger me this night. (Licking his tongue) oya baby, arrange yourself.
  • for what? Replied Benita. Don’t dare come close to me.

The man slapped her.

  • e be like say, you wan die abi? My friend arrange.
  • I rather die than allow you touch mum.

  • I know you love your father, I will shoot your dad and mum if you do not arrange yourself after the count of ten.

  • don’t bother counting, I will not. Please leave my parents and go ahead and shoot me.

  • 1, 2,3,4,5,6,….………

  • Benita do as they as they say. Don’t let dad and mom die please. Richard pleaded. (Crying)

  • I won’t ( crying)

Rev and his wife started pleading with Benita. The man was still counting.

7, 8, 9,………..

Benitaaaaaa, don’t let them die please.shouted Richard

The man dropped the the gun and forcefully carried benita. Benita was raped.


To be continued.



Benita was rushed to the hospital. She didn’t have much bruises. She was discharged 3 days after.
One month later, she hasn’t seen her flow. She went to her mum.

-mum, I haven’t seen my flow.

  • Jesus. Meaning? Go get dressed. We are going to the hospital.

She called her husband on phone.

  • hello, honey, please let’s meet at our family hospital. I don’t know what Benita is saying o.
  • is everything OK? What’s she saying.

  • that she has not seen her flow.

  • what? Oh Jesus please. OK I’m coming.

At the hospital, they are seated, waiting in the doctor’s office for the test result.
Doctor Malcolm came out with the result.

  • I’m so sorry, the result came out positive. She is pregnant.
  • how come? Reverend Johnson asked. I thought you did something to prevent this?

  • yes I did. Don’t know how this happened.

  • ha!!!!! Disaster. This is not good at all. This will destroy the image and reputation of my church.

pastor Mrs grace Johnson could not hold back her tears.

  • God what is this? What is this? How can this be said? How can I face God’s congregation with this shame? Who would be live she was raped? (Crying)

Benita kept looking at the test result. She bursted into uncontrollable tears. She could not utter a word. All she did was cry, cry cry.

That night, a family meeting was called. Richard started blabbing.

  • what? Preg what? For an armed robber? No, she can’t keep it. She has to terminate that pregnancy.

-hmmm, that is the only option left for us reverend replied. But!!!

  • there is no but here dad. Our family name, church, reputation, respect and recognition is at stake here. Benita can’t keep that pregnancy. Much more from an armed robber.
  • hmmm, God, Jesus, holy ghost (crying) what is this? Cried pastor Mrs Johnson. You know what? We should fast and pray and ask God to take away this shame by himself. Abortion is a terrible sin. We can’t soil our hands with innocent blood.

  • hmmm, sighed reverend Johnson. Honey, I think you are right. The fasting starts tomorrow.

  • mum, dad, can you please be reasonable? Who says prayers can terminate pregnancy? The more we waste time, the more it forms. Now it’s just blood. I am not fasting and praying anything. Benita go and abort that thing. Good night

Richard went up to his room.

-Benita, her mum called out. You’re not saying anything?

  • mum, in times like this, I am being very careful of what I say to avoid offending God. This is a serious trying times for me but whatever the case, I won’t give up on God and won’t soil my hands too.

I will not shed innocent blood. I will not abort.

Richard heard her and came down again.

  • what? What did you say? Richard replied, then get ready to face the shame alone because you stay here.
  • Richard, will you keep quiet and show some pity for your younger sister? Pastor Mrs Johnson scolded.

  • let her show us pity too and save us this show of shame she wants to put us through.

  • Richard enough, you are sounding harsh and disrespectful even in my presence. Have you lost your sense of respect? Reverend scolded.

  • I’m sorry dad but be rest assured that Benita’s pregnancy will do more than disrespecting and being harsh.

He went up to his room.

Benita went into her room, shut the door and broke into tears. As she sang, she worshipped.

Jesus you are so good to me
Jesus you are so good to me
Jesus you are so good to me
In all circumstances
You are so good to me.

Dependable, dependable God
It doesn’t matter what comes my way
You are still God
Intentional, intentional God
Everything is working out for my good

You are good
You are good
Jesus, you are good…….

She was worshipping and giving thanks when that she devil, Minister Zina came again.

-How has the mighty fallen? Hahahahahaha, our warrior is pregnant and not married and oh, she was raped and she couldn’t fight?

Hahahahahaha, what a shame, HAs your God not failed you? Say yes to me Benita, and in 2seconds, I will flush the foetus and you will be free again.

  • you are a loser ZINA. This shame is for my double honour.

To be continued.


-what are you made of? Most big men of God do not stress me this much. Zina angrily asked.

-hahaha Benita laughed. They that know their God shall be strong and can do exploit. I am a royal priesthood, a chosen generation, a peculiar people, I am called to show forth the praise of he who has called me out of darkness, into his marvellous light.

Daughter of darkness, I am made in his image,fashioned in his likeness. I am made to be like him. He did not give up, when he was tempted by your master tempted him with giving him the whole world. Today,haha,he is the head of principalities and powers.

No matter what ZINA, I am not giving up on Jesus, who did not give up for me. He was betrayed, flogged, bruised, pierced and crucified just for me. He too went through public shame that has brought him fame. This shame is for my fame. I shall match forth in victory just like him.

What shall separate me from the love of God? Shall tribulation, war, famine,hard times,not even this pregnancy. For in all these(she smiled) I am more than conqueror.

  • your stubbornness will drag you to your grave Benita, zina replied angrily.
  • I have no business with the grave for the grave could not hold Jesus captive.

  • arrrrrrghhhhh benitaaaaaaa, zina shouted, gnashing her teeth. I hate your guts. You are making me loose my patience. I will trash you harder till you become mine. It starts NOW.

  • I am the daughter of a king. I can’t stoop so low to serve my father’s subjects. Give up already demon, I can never be yours.

Richard entered Benita’s room.

-young woman,can you please shut your mouth and allow me sleep? Your pregnancy is already a pain. I am trying to sleep. Don’t inflict more.

  • (Benita moved closer to him) get behind me Satan.
  • what!!!!! Richard replied. What did you call me?

-(looking into Richard’s eyes) you demon from the marine, in the name of Jesus I overcome you. Get out of this body into the dry land. In Jesus name.

  • will you shut your mouth?(he slapped her). Shameless prostitute. You will forever be in torment until you do the needful.

Revered and his wife quickly rushed out.

  • what was that sound? Their mum asked? (She saw tears on Benita’s face) wait a minute, Richard, did you slap your sister?
  • yes mum. She insulted me. She called me Satan.

  • Benita, did you call your brother Satan?

-honey, Benita can’t call him satan. Reverend replied. She must have said, GET BEHIND ME SATAN. Richard, what are you doing in Benita’s room by at this time of the night. Shouldn’t you be in your room sleeping?

  • exactly my point dad. I can’t sleep. She was making so much noise with her prayers. What has those prayers fetched her if not shame.
  • will you keep quiet? His mum Scolded. Can you imagine? Since when have you become allergic to prayers? Richard have you gone nuts?

  • Richard, reverend called, I have avoiding to mention something in other not to help the devil but your attitude is always calling for it. Need I remind you, you brought this calamity upon your sister. Do not open the door was the instruction but no, that devil in you don’t let you obey . What is wrong with you Richard? What demon has possessed you?

  • oh really?I’m the possessed one right? But the one who is pregnant for an armed robber is a saint. We shall see.

  • you caused it Richard. It was your act of foolishness and disobedience that brought this shame on us, his mum scolded.

Richard was heading to his room when Benita called him.

-Richard(crying) you said, that all that prayer has brought me is shame. I look at you and give God praise because YOU ARE ONE OF THE SHAME.

Richard lifted his hands to hit her again and mistakenly hit his mum who was trying to defend Benita.

Pastor Mrs grace Johnson fell to the ground, hitting her head so hard on the tiled floor.

To be continued.



Pastor Mrs Johnson was rushed to the hospital.

Benita was by her side doing what she knows how to do best.

Rev was with the doctor.

Richard came into the ward and dragged Benita out.

  • stay away from my mum you witch. You put her in this situation and you’re praying? I don’t want to ever see you near my mum. Take yourself and that bastard you’re carrying away from our lives. It is causing us so much.
  • will you stop this nonsense zina. Because I know it’s you. My brother Richard can never hurt me. No matter what you do, I will not give up on Jesus!!!!!!!!!

  • you are insane. Benita, you are insane. Stay away from my mum.

Rev came out from seeing the doctor.

He looked down.

Benita rushed to him

  • dad, what? What is it? Please talk to me.
  • hmmmm, my wife needs brain surgery immediately if I still want her alive. The specialist is not in town. Won’t be around until a day after tomorrow.

Making plans to fly her abroad, I don’t have much time. I can’t stand the thoughts of loosing my wife.

Richard walked in

  • Benita, if I loose my mum, I will kill you.

Rev replied.

  • Richard, if I loose my wife, I will demand her life from your hands. I will forget you are my only son and put you behind bars. If I knew your coming back to life was to take the life of my wife, I would not have prayed you back.

Right now, I just wish you never came back.

Benita was almost going crazy.

  • oh Jesus no no no no, father come to my rescue. Holy spirit help me. (She rushed to her dad) dad please you have to calm down.
  • Benita, Richard shouted, now my dad hates me because of you? I will deal with you. (He rushed out of the hospital)

-Dad Benita continued, please I beg you. Remember your good works and sacrifices for 25years in service to this great God. Dad, you taught me to be conscious of who I am anywhere I am, no matter the situation I find myself. It will help me act matured and react wisely. Dad, you taught me to always stay connected to the holy spirit during tough situations. You said it makes me tougher and the situation easier.

Reverend Johnson broke into tears.
– Benita, my wife is dying. The specialist is not here.

  • dad, JESUS IS HERE. JEHOVAH RAPHA IS HERE. THE BALM OF GILEAD IS HERE. Where is your faith dad? We can’t fight without faith. Dad, Jesus can. If he can raise Lazarus, the widow’s son, even our own Richard right in this hospital, he is still our God.


I’ve seen the God of wonders
Doing mighty things
Healing the oppressed
Setting captives free

He’s the lily of the valley
Bright and morning star
Ruler of all nations
Great and mighty king.

Heavens declare your great and mighty power
Heavens declare your great and mighty power
You are bigger than the biggest
Stronger than the strongest
Better than the best

You are the great I am
You are the great I am
You are the great I am
You are the great I am

She continued to worship

Baba olorun baba
Baba olorun baba
Bami she temi o


Bamishe temi o


(Speaking in tongues)
Impossibility specialist
The specialist who is never on vacation
Doctor of all doctors.
Surgeon of all surgeon.
The hour has come.

As she prayed, the doctor tapped rev and said

Hail master Jesus!!!.

Pastor Mrs Johnson was taken into the theatre.

Benita went home to freshen up only to meet Richard outside with her file containing her certificate and other valid documents.

  • I have been waiting for you to come home. So you will see your ruin with your own eyes.
  • (laughing hard) is that fuel and matches? If God wanted you to burn it, Richard, you won’t have waited for me. So long as I am here, you can never set it ablaze.

As he was about to pour fuel on the file danladi shouted.
– small oga, I dey cook? My food i don burn finish o. Smoke I don full am for every where o

-Jeez, Richard shouted and quickly rushed inside.

Benita quickly picked her file and ran out of the compound to shola’s house.

Child of God, exercise authority!!!

To be continued.



Benita ran into shola’s compound and met shola running out.

  • ha!!! Benny, I was coming to your place. Please what I’m I hearing? What happened to mummy? ( took a good look at Benita) Benny what’s wrong? Are you owk?
  • yes I am. Water water please.

  • OK, let’s go in.

When they went inside, Benita narrated all that has been going on with her to shola. Shola gave her a hug.

  • omg, Benny, I pray everyday that God will make me as strong as you are. You saved me from the claws of the evil one. Why won’t I be here for you? You are a strong woman. Kai. Have you had anything to eat today?
  • no, I’m on a fast. Queen zina is not asleep. I won’t relent as well. Henceforth, I will be in church. I will not rest until victory is restored to Israel.

  • hmmm, can I join you?

  • oh no. Don’t bother. Besides you’re going to school.

  • may God strengthen you.

  • Amen. Emmm, shola, there is something else I didn’t tell you.

  • what’s that?

  • (Benita started crying) the robbers who came to our house that day? RAPED ME.

  • JESUS CHRIST, oh my God.( shola started crying) what? Benny, omg. And you are still this spiritually alert? I’m so sorry sis.

  • hmm, that’s not all dear. I’m pregnant.

  • ( shola shouted) you are what? Blood of Jesus save me!!!! Hey!!!!!! ( crying)

  • its OK sis. You are the only sister I have. I felt you should know what’s going on with me. Do you know Richard is asking me to abort?

  • yes of course. Wait o, Benny, are you planning on keeping that bastard?

  • shola don’t dare say that again. Do not call the child a bastard. Notwithstanding the circumstances surrounding its conception, I will not abort. I will not soil my hands with innocent blood.

  • Benita, are you OK? Do you know what this will do to you? Your image? How about QUEEN’S COT and all the ladies whom you have groomed into godliness and righteousness. The youths whom you have moulded into Daniels and Josephs of our time?

Benny, are you prepared to loose so much souls you gave up your job for? Would you just watch all your sufferings, sacrifices, and contributions to the work of God go down the drain?

Benny, you command respect, you have so much honour among the people of God. You will loose everything keeping that thing. How about daddy? Have you thought about his ministry? The scandal? Benny it will go like this on Facebook THE ANOINTED DAUGHTER OF THE RENOWNED REV FERDINAND JOHNSON PREGNANT. HA!!! disaster.

Do you know what they will call you? Deceiver, hypocrite, religious prostitute, nobody will believe the rape story. They will call it cooked up story.

Benita started crying.

I have the solution to cover this shame and end it here. Just hold on, I will be back.

Shola went in and came out with a cup containing a liquid substance and handed it over to Benita.

  • Benny here. Drink it. Go ahead and drink it.

Benita collected the cup. She looked into the cup and poured the substance on SHOLA’S FACE


— BENNY, why did you do that?

  • you were feeling sleepy. Open your eyes.It is very important to always be in spirit so that the devil won’t use you to carry out his mission. I will not ABORT.

To be continued.


Pastor Mrs Johnson’s surgery was successful. She was recovering smoothly.

Reverend Johnson saw the need to inform his workers and church elders about BENITA’S PREGNANCY. Therefore, he called a meeting.

All the workers and leaders of his church are gathered. After a short prayer, Rev started.

  • good evening brethren. First I must say thank you to you all for responding to this call. This has been a very critical time for me. As you all know, my dear wife just had a major surgery. She is getting better by his grace. Thanks to you all for your supports, prayers, visitation and care. You have been such a wonderful family. I’m so proud to have you all.

They all clapped.

  • thank you. (Takes a deep breath) I know you would all be wondering what could be the reason for this meeting. We all knew when robbers invaded my house. What I did not tell you was my daughter Benita was………raped.

(Jesus!!!, blood of Jesus,!!!! oh my God,!!!!! what,!!!!! and so many other exclamation filled the air. Some broke into tears)

Rev continued.

  • though my daughter warned that I informed you all about the rape when she was in the hospital, I felt shame. I couldn’t stand before you all to say my daughter was raped. I never knew a bigger shame was on the way.

One of the elders, elder Ben asked.

  • daddy, what bigger shame are you talking about. You are scaring me.
  • hmmmm, brethren, (tears) its with a heavy heart I bring this information. MY BENITA IS PREGNANT.

The whole hall was filled with tears. Oh God why!!!, Jesus nooooo, people were crying. For one hour, there was deep sorrowing. Elder uzo decide to break the silence.

  • chai!!!!( shook his head) this is too heavy for me. I don’t know about any other person. Daddy, we are very sorry. This is not your fault or Benita’s. It can happen to anybody. Please do not allow it weigh you down. Your spiritual alertness should not be tempered with please. Now the question is, what do we do?

Elder Mrs ijeoma stood up.

  • praise God. Hmmmmm, this is the saddest news I have heard this year. It is indeed painful. Everyone here knows Benita. Everyday, I pray for her kind of grace and anointing. (Crying) I never wished or thought of this for her. Benita will not keep that child. It has to be flushed. God has to understand. That’s my point.

Everyone in the meeting supported the woman. Except elder ben.

  • I beg to differ ma. Sin is sin. There is no excuse that justifies sin before God. Flushing that foetus is abortion. Abortion is second class murder Benita has always preached against. In fact, I can say in strong confidence that the Benita I know will not agree to abortion. It is painful but she has to keep it.

Elder Marcus stood up.

-Ben, you are very wicked. Do you know what we stand to loose? Respect? Honour, fame, that righteousness has brought us. Our daddy will be on the news headline of blackmail. A lot of souls will be lost. I am not ready to be part of any shame o. Benita must get rid of that pregnancy.

Commotion everywhere. .
Some were already threatening to leave should Benita keep the baby.
Only few supported elder Ben.
Some walked out of the meeting angrily.

At home, rev called Benita and Richard.

  • my children, I never for saw this kind of temptation. It is too heavy. I’m at the verge of loosing everything. I had to call the elders and Inform them about Benita’s pregnancy. It did not go down well. Benita, you can’t keep that baby.
  • dad, Richard called. I said it from the unset . now see. We could have done this without informing them and nobody will know but your over holy daughter in her selfishness decides to make us a laughing stock.

  • I am surprised at you dad replied Benita. What has gone wrong with integrity you once upheld? The standards you set up. Dad how can you allow them play with your spiritual intellect. This is the devil dad. Do not give in.

  • Benita I am loosing my people. My church is at the verge of ruining. I am about loosing my toil of 25 years in ministry. Benny please. (Crying)

  • let them go. He who stands with multitude of men without God is standing alone. Not even your tears will change my mind. I am keeping the baby.

  • Then you need to get yourself a new home. Rev replied.

  • WHAT!!!


To be continued


-I will not leave this house. Dad are you being serious? Leave this house to where? Daddy please, I’m not going anywhere Benita replied.

  • you are a heartless, self-centered, arrogant and wicked child. The devil wants to use you to destroy my labour in ministry for 25 years. Elder Sam is threatening to leave. Someone whose 3months tithe alone brought about this building we live in. A six bedroom duplex. Many of them like that. So that my colleagues in ministry will start laughing at me?

Benita I suffered, I saw hunger, I saw starvation, my twin boys died on this journey because of poverty. I held unto my faith. You too almost died, how you managed to us survive that sickness due to mal- nutrition is still a miracle. I rather loose you now than go back to poverty. PACK YOUR THINGS AND LEAVE MY HOUSE.

  • Jesus ( crying) this is not happening. This not not my dad speaking. This is not REV FERDINAND JOHNSON. Daddy, you can’t do this. Where do I go from here? Daddy, (crying) it was on that sick bed, you made me this BENITA that I am today.

We had no money, doctor asked us out of the ward, I was laid on the Floor. Almost dying. Mum was in tears. You came close to me and held my hands and you said to me. ” Benny, you are five years old, the name of Jesus has five letters, you will not die, now keep saying it to yourself.”

I kept saying it. You made me believe that all I got then was JESUS. All I needed was JESUS, The one who could heal me was JESUS. I should only call JESUS. And I did. Daddy to said to me, BENNY IM SORRY. DADDY HAS NO MONEY HE CANT HELP YOU, JESUS HAS THE POWER TO HEAL YOU.

I get calling on JESUS and on the 3rd day, I got up. That was the man you were. I saw GOd’s power through you. Daddy, do not give the devil a winning trophy.

  • I thought you everything you know about the devil. I groomed you into whom you are today. I showed you the way to righteousness. You cannot be more righteous than me. Get rid of that bastard and save my ministry.
  • I will not. My faith in Jesus is stronger than the father daughter bond. When you could you not save , Jesus did. You may give up on me and throw me out, JESUS WILL NEVER GIVE UP ON ME.


-yes dad

-Are you done

-yes dad.

  • good. Throw her out

Richard lifted his sister up, heading to the gate. He had packed all her stuff and kept them outside the gate. Benita was crying and singing.

  • Richard, put me down. Dad don’t do this. Oh Jesus.

And so it was. Benita was sent out of her father’s house. She kept hitting at the gate. No answer. She started worshiping.

You are great yes you are mighty God
Walked upon thvabout you mid greate sea raised the dead
You reign in majesty mighty God
Everything written about you is great

Demons tremble at your presence
What a mighty God we serve
Glory, glory hallelujah
Everything written about you is great.

As she sang, she started putting her things together. She decided to go to shola’s place.

Shola’s mum did the unimaginable. As she sighted Benita from afar, she ran towards her.

  • mummy good evening ma
  • keep that greeting first. Where do you think you are going with all these bags?

  • mummy please, I will explain when wee go inside please.

  • inside where? You must be out of your mind. Shameless prostitute. Sherimama ,sherimama, kakakaka after every every na belle. You people now use rape to cover up. Please you are a bad influence oooooooo, don’t come and corrupt my virgin daughter for me ooooooo.

Oya goan meet your arm robber boyfriend and continue where you stopped. Omo oshi.

-thank you ma.

Benita left. She stood by the road side.

  • where do I go from here? Holy ghost help me. Please bring out shola for me now. Please Lord.

Some minutes later, keke stopped in front of Benita and shola came out.

  • omg Benny.are you traveling?
  • yea. I was asked to leave the house. Dad said, I should leave his house.

  • what? That’s a lie. Daddy can’t do that.

-(crying) he did oooooo. I just need a place to rest my head. I’m asking in my spirit for direction. Good a thing I have cash but I need God’s direction.

  • you can pass the night in my house replied shola.
  • no. As we were discussing, the Lord said I should go back home.

  • hmmmm, your sure?

  • yea.

  • OK, I will help you.

To be continued.



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