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How do you know you’ve finally met the man of your dreams?
1. HE’S DAMN SO SURE YOU ARE THE ONE: When a man meets his woman, he is as sure as his breath you are his Eve sent from heaven. He doesn’t fidget or doubt it for a second.
2. HE LOVES YOU UNCONDITIONALLY: Nothing you do or don’t do affects his love for you, he loves you perfectly the way you are.
3. HE MAKE SACRIFICES FOR YOU: When a man loves a woman, he does things he would not normally do for other people for her. He goes out of his way to make you happy.
4. HE CREATES TIME FOR YOU: He enjoys your company and spends his spare time with you.
5. HE IS GENEROUS: He is always eager to give to you and spend on you.
6. HE ADMIRES YOU: Your total package excites him.
7. YOU ARE BOTH COMPATIBLE: Spiritually, socially, mentally, emotionally and other llys.
8. HE IS PROUD OF YOU and eagerly shows you off.
9. HE INTRODUCES YOU TO MAMA: Ah, this is a big one. A man won’t take you to his momma unless he is interested in marrying you. Once his mind is made up, momma and poppa are the first to know.
10. YOU LOVE HIM TOO: Love is mutual. You day dream about him and you enjoy his company as much as he enjoys yours.
11. YOU GLOW WITH PRIDE: You may even fall in love with glo network. Your friends tell you you look more beautiful and you always plaster a beautiful smile on your face, it’s so beautiful being in love!
12. HE GETS JEALOUS: Well, healthy jealousy is part of love. He feels insecure whenever he sees another guy trying to woo you and “steal” you from him.
13. HE PROTECTS YOU: I remember a day I was strolling with my fiance, we heard sounds of gunshot and intuitively without thinking, he grabbed my hand and ran. I was slow but he didn’t let go of me. There was another scene of sporadic shooting on campus right behind the window where we were studying together. He was horrified as he damned whatever consequence and brought me down to a safe place. I was so close to being hit by stray bullets. A man who genuinely loves you will lay down his life for you.
13. HE WAITS FOR YOU: Mutual love sparks chemistry but if you say NO to sex, he won’t force you because he doesn’t want to hurt you. He will control himself and wait till you are both legally married.
14. HE LOVES GOD: A man who loves God will find it easy to hear Him, obey Him and love you genuinely with all his heart.
Have you found him? Say YES to him immediately because he’s the one you’ve long been waiting for.


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