Broken & Bruised Episode 36 – 40




Early the next day, Monica who overslept is woken up by a strange phone call, to start with she has no idea who is calling her because the number is not saved so she chooses to ignore the first call….. after the first one ends, the person calls again yet she also ignores and it’s the third one she chooses to pick, she’s uncountably mad but she had to pretend because she has no idea who the caller is “Hello….good morning” she says in her coolest voice possible “Hello madam” this response and the voice makes her smell poverty from a far so she just rolls her eyes the best way she can “How may I help you” “I’m aware your son is living together with one called Melanie in your house and he parades her as the woman he’s soon going to marry”
Monica’s interest is already picked and to even start with, this woman seems to be someone who knows this Melanie “If I say yes what would you do….is Melanie not a woman like the rest of you” “Cut out the pretense, I know if there is someone who wishes she had the power to end that God forsaken relationship, it’s you” “Who are you…. what do you know that I don’t know” “Meet me in thirty minutes time, you will get to know what I know that you don’t” “Where can I meet you, and can I really trust you” “The trust choice is yours….but if you really want to save your son the misfortune ahead, meet me at Javas opposite centenary building…. I know there you can now relax about your security” the line went dead and Monica didn’t need to think this over, she has no idea what this person must have against Melanie but since it’s something she can use to rid her son of her, she’s so willing to take all the risks, she didn’t take long to get ready because after ten minutes, she was already headed out “Good morning Mum… you’re up Early today” she didn’t want Lisa to see her but it’s too late now Lisa….. I’m going out, if my son asks about me tell him something came up” she leaves and her driver is ready to drive her but she says she wants to be the one to drive herself today…….
it took Monica another ten minutes to reach at Javas, she settles in a corner where people will not pay much attention to be able to spare her a second glance,she asks for breakfast and she’s served fried plantain and boiled eggs as escort…… she was still devouring her breakfast but all of a sudden she looks at someone coming, it’s the last person she had prayed to meet…… the person is smiling at her but she can only stare at her in rage “Goof morning Monica…. I can see you truly love your son” Janet makes herself comfortable in the next chair “I should have known it’s no body important but just another ‘wannabe’ calling me….why didn’t I Remember this voice” she says to Janet she had despised with so much Passion, she has never liked her and she doesn’t like her even more now “I know that you Monica and I have never really gotten along even when you were Still the head of that company….you never liked me and I don’t like you either and there is no pretense about that” “I’m glad you have not forgotten that Janet or whoever you call yourself, you’re right I have really never liked you you know why…..because I was able to see right through you…. you were never interested in that Job, you were only having eyes for my son who never even noticed you” “And I’m not denying that fact Monica…….but you see, perhaps your son would have been a better person had he set his eyes on me instead of that leftover” “Hahahaha I see you two know each other so well….Mel the clever one beat you up at your game and now you have resorted to blackmail….. birds of the same feather ” I wouldn’t say we are birds of the same feather….. and I wouldn’t say we know each other so well because Melanie knows nothing about me ……
few months ago, a wedding was to take place, more like a Royal wedding but this time it was between a minister’s firstborn son and another woman who really had nothing on her profile…..everyone was interested in this wedding and it was going to be a very popular one but… even ended up to be the most popular one when the minister’s son left the bride at the alter in the middle of saying their vows…… every moment was captured by the media guys, the groom had taken off, the bride gathers courage after being filmed by a few faster ones, she also ran out of Church crying and what’s more a Superman somewhere among the congregation got up and took the fight upon himself fighting tooth and nail just to defend the brides honor” Monica is trying to recall if she came across a news like this “What has this minister’s son’s story got to do with why we are here” “Everything Monica… just exercise Patience because the story is still continuing…. like I said, it all happened a few months ago and up until now, no one knows why the much waited for weddingnever took place but few months down the road, this woman gives birth to a baby girl and what’s more she’s engaged to be married to a very wonderful man ” What are you insinuating ” Monica is getting the pictures clearly but she still has some doubt buttons on her head “What I’m saying is…that woman, the one the minister’s son left at alter is non other but Melanie…. your sons bride to be” “Noooo….this isn’t true” “Check it out” Janet gets out the news paper and hands it over to Monica who started reading with trembling hands, it’s very clear now…… she remembers the day of this particular wedding, she had seen someone in news like her own son fighting the cameramen like a lunatic, she remembers Tobi didn’t come home that time for days and never said where he had been all those days….. she sees Melanie so clearly on the paper and her heart breaks, she’s so sure that bastard child is not her son’s, she’s going to put an end to this nonsense all today, she won’t share a roof with a loose woman trying to parade herself like a real lady….she gets up ready to go but she has one final word to Janet “Don’t think because you have told me this, it will change my feelings about you….you’re all the same to me” “Well the feeling is mutual, I was never expecting that anyways…….” Monica walks away and Janet raises the cup Monica was using for tea “Cheers Melanie… let’s see if you’re going to become Mrs Akankwasa… will never be able to marry any rich kid out there because your record is out there all over…..not even your innocent face and undeniable beauty will be able to save you”………….
Since Monica is not around and Tobi has been told she went out, Tobi now gave orders to Lisa to serve breakfast for the four of them before he can gets going for work, Lisa didn’t take long before she set the table up, the four come down for breakfast and they seem to be having a wonderful time together catching up with jokes when Monica walks in ” Good morning mum welcome back” Mel greets her and she didn’t even respond buy just shoots daggers at Mel, Mel is not at all bothered knowing her mood swings so well, they all concertante on their plates but Tobi is not liking the way his mother is starring at Mel with rage and bitterness all together “Mother…. aren’t you going to join us for breakfast” he says as he gets up to pull for her a chair but she stops “I’m not hungry” she walks past them but stops abruptly at the first step of the stairs “On a second thought…. I will…. Lisa, bring my plate” Lisa runs quickly with the plate, Lisa has been employed strictly for food cooking but there are other workers who do different kinds of work in the house under the supervision of Lisa, she’s liked by both Tobi and even Monica….. so she brings Monica’s plate but instead of serving herself, she continues to stare at Mel…. the poor thing is becoming so uncomfortable so she tries to excuse herself form the table when Tobi holds her hand preventing her “Melanie…. what plans do you have for your daughter” she asks her a question and Mel looks at Tobi who is as surprised as she ” I don’t understand your question ” “Of course I should have figured out you’re also dull…….so let me be a bit open with you, four years from now, what will you be telling your daughter about her routes” “Mother what’s up with all this questions” Tobi tries to save the situation “Do you think I have no plans of making. Melanie my wife?…. four years from now both she and our daughter will be bearing my surname” “Shut up….I wasn’t asking you idiot….. you have no right and you are not obliged to marry this loose woman” everyone at the table goes cold…. the workers in the house are also listening “Excuse me mum with all due respect, you have no right to insult me” “Oh yes I do Melanie…..
I have all the rights in the world to do so… think by maneuvering your way tactfully into this home through my naïve son here you would be accepted with arms wide open…..I was willing to put up with the fact that you and my son are soon becoming husband and wife until when I got to know that you’re nothing but a cheap prostitute….. you have no right to be in my house much less eat my food, you thought I wouldn’t get to know about your awful past” “STOP IT!!!….. Stop it at once mother, I will not sit here and listen as you insult the woman I’m about to Marry” Monica moves to Tobi’s face “Then you will have to kill me first Tobi…. only when I’m dead will you be able to commit this grave mistake….. I will not allow you give that bastard my family name…..because you know why, it’s because no Matter what name you give her, whether miracle, Alesi, Avasi (Passion), Aitasi(faith)or whatever, it will not change the fact that she’s nothing, nothing but a bastard child…. a bastard child” Tobi and Mel are too stunned to even talk but they both stand up, Ofelia has had it with this Monica who is drunk with reckless words, she steps forward “If you wanted to say we should leave your house, you should have said so without insulting us” “Oh look who is talking, I haven’t even started with you yet….and in fact don’t let me get started with you, your daughter is just like you or even worse, she’s the updated version of you, you think I don’t know about the fact that you got pregnant in your teenage years and wanted to pin it on a young man but knowing who who really were, the young man did what any honourable young man would have done…..but now history has repeated itself, and this time you have truly played your cards so well… first it was the minister’s son who was delivered by the holy Spirit and unknowingly my poor son fell right into your trap but tell you what, as long as I can breath, this is not happening…. Never”…. Ofelia is still shocked ” You can insult me but not my daughter, your own son here is so painful for you and my daughter too is not any different for me….Mel never asked for what came her way” the employees are gathering for this shouting match even the gateman and the driver are at the door peeping through “Why wouldn’t I insult your daughter, first it was the minister’s son and everybody knew about it especially when the poor boy came to his senses and abandoned her at the alter… son the ever generous young man he is, tried to save the situation by helping her but only for him to end up in the dangerous toxic web you and your daughter have created” Ofelia is trembling and comes closer “This Melanie you see here is not a loose woman, your son came helping her because he wanted to became no one asked for his help, we didn’t know him either….that minister’s kid wouldn’t have abandoned Mel if she had not met her ugly fate…she never called for those rapists” Tobi’s heart skips as the room goes cold “Hahahaha….. bravo….. very beautiful, it never took you so long to come up with the perfect excuse…. but guess what, this will never change the fact at hand, she can’t marry my son because this disqualifies her even more” she turns to Melanie who is just starring at no one in particular “Look here Melanie, or Mel or whatever you call yourself…. you and your bastard daughter are not my son’s people…. giving her his last name will not change the fact that she’s a bastard…. in fact she’s nothing but a rapist’s daughter…… a rapist’s daughter” Mel covers her ears with her hands and takes off heading upstairs……. Tobi who was also starring at his mother takes on after her…..Ofelia is crying and it’s only Jessica who looks so determined to carry on with the fight………. Tobi catches up with Mel at the end of the stairs but he can tell she’s about to relapse”Calm down…..breath breath Mel, try to control your breath” he continues to say this as Mel continues to struggle with all the voices in her head, voices of mockery and some are blaming her as usual and what’s more one of the loudest voices is that of Monica’s reminding her continuously that Mira is nothing but a bastards child, she rubs her head scattering her beautiful held pony….Tobi moves closer and tries to hold her “Don’t touch me….” she pushes him and he lands hard on the floor hitting his leg so painful, he let out a scream and Mel runs to her room shutting the door behind and once inside, she sits down on the floor and her brain is functioning so fast with options…..
Tobi runs back downstairs just in time to witness the very hot slap Jessy gives to his mother that sits her down at once but Monica gets up so fast “Now let’s face it off you little miss perfect” Jessy says but Monica strikes charging towards her, she raises her arm and she’s about to slap Jessy back but her hand in caught in the air, she turns and it’s her own son…..shocked beyond measures, she takes off to her room upstairs “You have ten minutes, ten minutes to vacate my house or else the police will not come here alone but the media guys too…..Tobi is not done with her, he runs after her ” If you are here to beg me to change my mind just make use of the door because it’s not working…. it will only make it worse… was you who brought those freeloaders in my home” “I’m not here to beg you Monica but rather to warn you and tell you to your face that I’m so ashamed to have you for a mother….. I wouldn’t mind having a poor mother if all rich ones are like you but guess what, I’m beginning to doubt if you’re really my mother because we’re too different people…. we are nothing alike ” she slaps him “You have no right to talk to me in that manner…’re fighting tooth and nail to see those people stay in here forgetting this is a very big risk you’re taking….
this will bring scandal even more if the media gets to know that the woman my son is about to marry is the same woman that was dumped by minister Pope’s son…I don’t even want to imagine the faces of my opponents but do you even know the interesting part, this time Melanie and her mother have a story to backup that stupid bastard you want to Father….. so I want them out” “Fine we shall all leave here today so you can have peace” “You’re not going anywhere with them because I won’t let you….. you can’t take responsibility for another man’s child and even more so, for a rapist’s daughter” this word brings the shit out of Tobi and he doesn’t know how he did it but he did it shouting at his mother Yes mother….Mira is a rapist’s child as you call her and for that reason she has every right to be in this house because this is where her father the rapist is……because her rapist father is here” he shoots daggers and Monica is looking lost……..
to be continued


When Tobi told his mother that Miracle had every right to be in that house, Monica became so confused and lost…… “Yes mother, the rapist you’re so passionate about is here in this house” “Who?…. is it the gateman, the driver, those other guys or who?….. tell me….answer me Tobi, who” “It’s none of those guys but your own son….yes the rapist is me and I’m the father of Melanie’s child” “Have you lost your head Tobi…. are you mad, how can you assume responsibility for something as big as this” “Because it’s true” “I need a DNA test done to prove this your allegation” “Don’t even go there mother because you will not only destroy Melanie but your own son too”……Monica lands hard on the bed and Tobi sits next to her ” Do you Remember the day I was celebrating my birthday and never came back home that night but came home the following day…..all wasted and drunk, locked myself up in my room…….” he poses to catch his breath “Did you wonder what could have been the reason why your son who has never been so irresponsible came home in that state?…..
here is the reason I messed up, I messed up big time, I destroyed a Lady who was engaged to be married to a minister’s son….I destroyed her life mother so you have no right to say all that you said to Melanie” he gets up and walks over to the door “Does she know it’s you” Monica asks so weakly “She has no idea but I intend to tell her the whole truth” he comes back “You have no idea how destroyed Melanie was, she would have taken her own life if she was not a strong woman she is… you think she would have trusted another man in her life again if she was not a good woman” “So I was right, you’re not with her out of love but out of obligation” “At first I was mother but not anymore, I fell in love and I’m not afraid to say that…..I love Melanie as much as she loves me” Monica gets up and stares at Tobi and she’s scared and afraid because in his eyes she sees honesty and truthfulness “Why did you do it Tobi…. that’s not who you’re… you have killed me” “No mother I have not killed you, I have killed myself…..your words today….. your words, you have no idea how painful they were to bear, I can only imagine how this all feels for poor Melanie” Monica kneels down and apologizes “Please son I have no words to say to you right now but I’m so ashamed of myself” “You should be….I’m also ashamed to have you for a mother too….I wish I had a way of changing that fact” “I’m so sorry…. please forgiveness is all that I need” “Not from me… should go ask Melanie for that……we are leaving your house just like you wanted” he walks out this time paying deaf ears to all her calls…….
Tobi finds Ofelia and Jessica all camped at Mel’s door begging her to open the door and Ofelia is crying since Mel neither makes a move nor talks “Don’t waste your time she won’t open up” he says to Ofelia who turns around with tears, she falls to Tobi’s feet and this is the time when .Monica came out, she stops watching and feeling so ashamed and bad “please son she listens to you, do something…. do something and let her open up unharmed, I don’t want anything to happen to my Angel….. please I beg of you” Tobi is shading tears “I Promise we will leave with no problems or anything, we shall return to our own house first thing Melanie gets out of there but please, help me… me” he holds her hands “Get up….let me handle this, all I want from you right now is to get your stuffs ready, we’re leaving” Monica too is not doing good, her state is so terrible though no one seems to bother about it…..Ofelia and Jessy walk past her to the room that was given to them to get their things ready……… Tobi takes a deep breath and looks longingly at the door, he remembers he has a spare key for the room so he too walks past his mother, he didn’t take too long before coming back, he opens the door and enters looking around for Mel only to find her cuddled up on the floor, with her knees supporting her chin, she’s in tears but not crying out loud……..
“Babe….thank God you’re fine” she looks at Tobi who is seated next to her…… she looks at him for a long time and he gets so scared but suddenly she grabs him in a very tight embrace and this was when she let out a loud cry that attracted her mother and aunt making them to run and see what was going on…..Tobi lets Melanie hold on him and cry for as long as she wants and when she calms down and comes back to her normal self, he holds her hand and lifts her Chin “Let’s get out of here babe….let’s start over so far away, away from all of this and I promise I’m not in this for a short time” she doesn’t say a word but Ofelia and her sister have already done the parking…….it didn’t take them long to vacate the House, Tobi leads Mel out of the room and leads her downstairs, he looks up and sees his mother starring with tears of pain….he climbs back up to face her “It was good thing you learnt that information mother, instead of sharing them with me first, you decided to use the way you thought was so conveniently for you… asked us to leave and we are doing that, I will continue to work in that company, I will continue to be your son but from a far, let is be this way because it was what you wanted” “Please son….can’t you reconsider” “Reconsider what mother…..did you reconsider your words before unleashing them…..
I’m protecting my daughter and for that I’m so capable of anything” “I wish I knew better….. I can still correct my mistake my son” “Tell me something mother…… would you have said the same thing had I not told you the truth, would you have begged us to stay back if you had no idea your son was the rapist father?….. you would have never so save that apology…. everyone in here heard the names you called Mel and our daughter….. you asked her about her plans for our daughter four years from now but I can ready picture a maid in this house or any other servant here calling a stubborn little four year old girl names……calling her a rapists daughter” he moves closer “Don’t make me start hating you mother, you have no soul and no compassion at all” “Please listen…..I’m so sorry, I’m ready to correct my mistake” “Prove that by staying far away from our lives…..I don’t know if those people will even want to gowith me to my house…..I know they only accepted to leave with me because they have no choice but how about outside this gate?… huh……whatever happens, I’m not coming back in here” he leaves at once without looking back this time…….he joins the rest outside where they have been waiting…… that was it, they left indeed without looking back……….. FIVE YEARS LATER Perry already dressed for work is evidently late for work, she is already exiting her room headed downstairs where the rest of the family are waiting for her so they can all start their breakfast together it’s still a tradition to eat together as a family in that family “Good morning Ladies and Daddy” “Hmmmm looking good Sis” patience says and Perry is excited for her sister’s compliment, in these past five years, they have really been making efforts to get along with each other especially now that their brother is away “I always take care of how well I look out there sister so this shouldn’t be a surprise to you” “Sure you do” “Mum, Dad….how are you” “We’re fine daughter… how is Patrick” “He’s fine…. he sent his greetings and I actually forgot to tell you last night” “When is he coming home” her mother asks “Soon mother ……very soon but right now he’s just taking care of something that takes most of his time” her phone starts to Ring “Helyloooo sweetheart……..”……the call was not a very long one but she gets so excited leaving everyone so confused ” What happened…. why dancing ” Patience asks “Guess….guess…. guess” “Patrick is coming homeNope…. something better…..Hahahaha……. Ron is finally coming home” all of them are extremely Happy “He’s not coming alone….he’s bringing his fiancé too……we never saw this coming…..” to be continued
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BROKEN AND BRUISED Episode 39 Today is finally Saturday, perry and her brother get ready to go out shopping like they agreed, with Rebecca….. Patience is a little jealous that she was not invited but Rebecca assures her she actually loves her more than Perry “I have only spent a day in this house but I find you more interesting to be around than your sister, I have nothing against her for real but I also know she’s one of the ways in to Ronald’s heartYes that’s true, the two have always had this weird brother sister relationship, they love each other lots and always got along so well” “And you….. you’re so different” “That’s because I don’t settle for less, I know what I Want but what I want is always what they don’t….. so don’t be surprised if perry says she doesn’t like you” “I have to win her over whatever it costs” “And remember sister in-law…. never say anything wrong about her in my brother’s presence, you two will not last but not to worry, you have my support and the support of my mother” the Rebecca woman is definitely another witch “How did you and my brother meet” “Zambia is a very fun country to be in, with a lot of happening places…. we have good musicians too” “I know…. there is pompi, Abel chungu musuka, I also know magg44 and Tasha etc you can name them” Rebecca is shocked “Why that face Darling” “All those are Gospel artists, I know them but I can’t say I’m a fan of them but finding you to be one is so shocking as well” “Hahahaha don’t say such nonsense sweetheart, I know them because I had no choice they are Perry’s favourite so you can imagine how loud she would play their songs from her room upstairs”……..
Upstairs in Perry’s room, another similar discussion is taking place, perry wants to know how her brother and the plastic diva met ” Was it in the school Dad enrolled you into” “Yeah….but that wasn’t where we hooked up, it was after our course, we hooked up because we were frequenting the same club and one thing led to another and we became an item” “So she’s a club person”Yes, I won’t deny that she is” Perry nods indicating she understands “Shall we….” she says getting up ready to leave the room but Ron asks her to sit which she does “Perry, I know I have no right to ask you this and since yesterday, I have been controlling myself from asking it but I don’t think I can anymore…. please don’t get me wrong” “What’s that” “Have you heard from her, do you speak with her and know where she should be” perry knows who he is referring to but feigns ignorance “Who are you referring to” “Melanie…. my….I mean Mel” “Oh! the poor woman you destroyed, well I have no idea where she is” she says with sincerity but her brother is not about to believe her “I know you two liked each other and you wouldn’t just cut ties like that” “Yes we liked each other but you and she also loved each other yet it only took you a day to cut all ties with her in a few minutes” Ron looks away “You have no idea how much I have regretted my actions in all these years, I broke her faith in me, I destroyed her life but please I just want to hear she’s fine….that shall be satisfying….. I want to know If she kept the baby, if she found the man responsible for our separation…. I want to know if she ever completed her studies and found a man she finally settled with or she’s seeing a man…..I want to know who that man who saved her from the embarrassment I caused her was” “That’s quite a lot of things you want right there…. but well, the last time I saw Mel was when she must have been three or four months gone into her pregnancy, she came looking for me at the office” “Did she ask about me”
“That was five years ago, she didn’t ask about you but even if she did, it’s been a long time ever since” “I went disguised, looking for her in her former house this morning but found the house had fallen down a long time ago and someone planted maize there” he looks sad You know what I think brother…… I think you should forget about Melanie, focus on your new relationship with Becky, what if Mel doesn’t want to revisit her past, what if she’s happy where ever she is” “No….I can’t do that as long as Mel has not forgiven me, I need her forgiveness and tell her that my offer to find that man who violated her still stands…. and this time I’m not going to stop until when he’s found and prosecuted the way he should have” he’s determined “Sis…..don’t tell anyone about this, especially Mum and our sister…..
I’m trusting you because I know I can count on you…so let’s go, it’s already time”………….. Tobi, Melanie and Mira are ready for their little family adventure in the shopping mall where he makes it a point to surprise them every weekend with a gift, last weekend he was able to get for all them a pair of pink sneakers each, they had settled for pink because it was Mira’s favourite color….they are all dressed in jean trousers and white t-shirts…. they look cute and so adorable together, they are the envy of those who are struggling in their marriages, they are always cautious of where they go out to, and who they always mingle out with…..if it’s not Mac and Jane they go visit or go out with, it’s only the three of them…..they don’t have any other friends………Melanie is becoming more and more younger, and one would find it so hard to believe Mira is actually her daughter, she hits the gym with her husband once in a while maintaining her perfect figure she always flaunts and she’s everyone’s crush…..if someone who knew Mel from before sees her now, the person will not say she’s the same person, her heart is full of joy and she’s in love so ready to have a child for the man she so much loves, that would be the only way she can make it up to him for loving her unconditionally……….. They drive over to the mall, it’s the first time they are coming here since it’s newly opened, they wanted to try it out everything in it looks inviting and little Mira gets excited, the moment Tobi packs up the car and steps down with his family, all heads turn to them everyone admiring what a beautiful family they are “Time to do some crazy shopping sweetheart” she says to Mira “Dad already knows what I want…don’t you Dad” Mel looks at Tobi suspiciously “Is that true…..”
“A little somehow….. she bribed me” “And how about I bribe you too” she teases him coming a little closer and Mira runs away into the big mall Depends on what you bribe me with” he makes his eyes sexy “With this” she brushes her lips on his and they come to their senses that they were in a public place and Mira had run in already……. they feel awkward and laugh at their awkwardness as they head inside hand in hand……….it was not really a crazy shopping like Mel had said but something few for her mother, aunt and mother in-law, though Tobi could not help but sneak as usual to grab some little boxes for his people…….. they arrive at the counter paying for everything but all of a sudden, Mira says she forgot to pick up something she had promised for her friend “Please Dad, can I go back and pick it up” “No sweetheart …next time better, we need to get home” her mother says but Dad is OK with it “Whatever the lady of the house wants, she shall have it” he says turning to Mira and she’s happy “You’re my favourite person Dad” this time Mel laughs, she’s sure Mira has heard her Dad say that to her so many times “So babe….. take these stuffs to the car and we shall join you” “Whatever but don’t be so long” Mel collects the bags and heads out………
Ronald drives his car with Perry and Rebecca inside, he packs the car next to a Lamborghini, the three of them dressed so causally get out at once “Can I trust your words Sis….. you said this new place is lit” “I have been here twice and I love the services here, they have good customer care and they have a discount if you buy from two and above” “Mmmm how unusual of this town” “Remember they have just newly opened…. so let’s check it out” he holds onto his designer girlfriend’s hand as they head inside, he’s so taken up by Rebecca but he hears Perry call a name, a name that brought electricity to his whole body, and struck his heart first…..he looks up and sees them hugging but he’s not sure if he’s seeing Melanie for real or he’s hallucinating “Perry…. long time…I can’t believe this is really you” “Indeed sweety, you’re looking good….what are you doing around here”I came to pick a few things with my family” all this while Mel has not looked up to see the other two people but when she does, she goes cold……. as they stare into each other’s eyes, she felt like running into his arms and hug him, today she realises how much she misses him……five years have gone and it’s like yesterday….. she remembers what he did to her give years ago and the fact that she’s married, she takes her gaze away “Hi Ronald” she forces a smile and this is the very first time she’s calling his name fully “Melanie how are you” “Good…..couldn’t be any better” she responds and finally sees the other lady with them…..a woman of class, a Barbie doll “Hi….I suppose you’re his wife” Mel greets her with all the awkwardness that came with it, the woman didn’t confirm nor deny but they shake hands, before they could go any further, Tobi and Mira come out with another shopping bag in hand “Mum…..look what Dad got for you” Mira shouts from the door running towards them and everyone turns to look at this adorable beautiful little girl as they approach, Tobi and Ron’s eyes meet and Ron’s surprise is beyond “Tobias…… you and Melanie” he asks aloud “Yes, she’s my wife and this is our daughter” Tobi is getting jealous but he’s hiding it….Mel is more confused about where they know each other from and Ron is more interested in their ring fingers where he finds nothing “Let’s go Babe” he takes Mel’s hand and they head to their Lamborghini with Mira following them running……Ron is so jealous especially for the mare fact that Mel was able to fall in love again, and this time with a responsible Man….. “She’s supposed to love me…..only me” he thought to himself…….
to be continued


The drive back home for Melanie and Tobi was unusually quiet, she was starring outside absent mindedly and Tobi couldn’t help but wonder what she must be thinking about, he wonders if she’s regretting the fact that she’s his wife or she’s actually hoping there was still a possibility she can get back with Ronald, he didn’t see much but if whatever he saw was something to go by, Mel is indeed in love with Ronald still, he keeps on stealing glances at her without her noticing it because she’s not there with him…..his jealousy is almost getting the better part of him……good enoughMira is sleeping in the car other wise she would know something is up, the excitement and and all that they felt has evaporated, he continues to drive in silence till when they get home, he packs the car and does what he always does, he comes down to open the car for Melanie, that’s when she came to realize that they were already home “Thank you” she thanks him and collects the bags, she didn’t even wait for him but walks in to the House, Tobi looks longingly after her thinking she Might turn her head and look his way but that never happened, he picks up Mira and heads inside, they arrive inside almost at the same time “Welcome back children, you came just at the right time” just when Tobi thought no more bad news, his mother is in the house “Mother…. I didn’t know you were coming”
“That’s because I never wanted to let you guys know, I just wanted to surprise you” “Indeed you have” adds Melanie “Daughter in-law, how are you doing” she flashes her widest smiles at Mel who responds “You don’t look happy, what’s up….are you sick” Mel realises it’s not only her mother in-law who has realised this but good enough Tobi came to her rescue “She’s having some slight headache, that’s why she’s pale…..Excuse me I need to put Mira to bed” “No no no….don’t bother, she’s actually the real reason why I’m here, I wanted to see her…. so hand her over here, let me watch my grandchild sleep in my arms” Tobi put the now big girl in his mother’s arms, he looks up and Mel’s mood is not getting any better “Babe….I think it’s best if you get some rest….I can keep Mum company” Mel tries to say she’s fine but Tobi is not having it, she climbs up with the bags in hand and Tobi watches till when she disappears………..
The shopping for Ron and his crew didn’t go as planned because after running into Mel and her husband, he feels impotent, he would have taken it lightly had it not been Tobias Akankwasa the young billionaire in town who is too gentle to lead a reckless lifestyle, he wonders if Tobias turned into a stalker and was always stalking him with Melanie, he wonders if he was the man who defended her honor and dignity on the day of their wedding….. he doesn’t know much about Tobias but he intends to find more once he gets home, Mel looked too beautiful and she’s not supposed to be for any other man, Ron together with the help of Perry covered up so well thatBecky could not find out more or suspect something, they did their shopping and left hurriedly……. they arrive home and Ron is already in a foul mood, his mother suspects there is a problem especially after he him running to his room immediately after coming in, he had found his friends with whom they had been together here five years back waiting for him but he didn’t care he just runs up “What’s up with him” Lillian asks Perry who says she has no idea but runs after him immediately “Did you guys have a fight” she turns to Becky ” “No…..we only bumped on some lady who was with her husband and daughter, and after that, he was a different person all together” Lillian gives patience a knowing look with both wondering if it was Melanie………..
Perry pushes open Ron’s door and finds him busy on his laptop ” “What has gotten into you Ronald….. why all of a sudden you’re behaving strangely……” he ignores her “Look here I never said anything back there because of your girlfriend” that word finally gets his attention “The last thing I want right now is to refer to her as my girlfriend” “Oh I’m sorry… your fiancé” “Stop it Perry, stop….can’t you see I’m hurting….I’m trying to find more about that man….that man” “Shhhhhh!….. walls have ears…. this isn’t the right time for this discussion but whatever it is, I don’t agree with you….you have no right” “I have every right…. every right Perry, she was almost my wife remember” “Almost but never your wife….she was never your wife so stop this madness because I will not let you hurt Mel again….. never” she storms off and Ron kicks the things he had scattered in in his room “I don’t need your help…..I don’t need it Perry, I will fix this alone and I will” he goes back to his laptop and he starts crawling through the people named Tobias Akankwasa, he checks one by one until when he finds the one he was looking for, he was able to tell because the profile picture there is that of Melanie…. he zooms it and he stares at Her smiley face, beaming so happily, she was definitely somewhere for a vacation or something, he can’t even tell where this place is but it’s definitely out of this country……
he continues to go through the picture and he can tell these people hooked up immediately after his separation with Mel, he knows because some of the pictures were few months after their failed wedding…… He’s losing his head, he gets out of Facebook and googles, he needed more information about Tobi and there he gets it….his profile picture there is a picture he took together with Mel and their little daughter, it’s probably in a conference somewhere…. “This should have been us Melanie…… it should be us not you and someone else…not him…not him, his money couldn’t have been the reason because I know you too well, you’re not money minded” he’s crashed down and weeps…………..
Melanie after going to their room didn’t come back downstairs for dinner because immediately when she got to her bed, a lot of things were running in her head, things she couldn’t even understand, she wasn’t sure she was understanding her feelings, she needed to talk to someone but who can she even talk to about this, she went straight to bed and just lies there starring at the ceiling…..she didn’t know for how long till when her husband came in with a tray in hand, she sees him and immediately sits up “Hi….” she trembles like someone who has been caught in doing something bad “Hello” Tobi responds with no difference in his voice but his actions so unusual, Mel realises but she can’t ask knowing she’s the reason why “I’m so sorry I didn’t stay back with Mum” she tries to engage him in a talk “She understood, she’s gone….and Mira already had her meals, she’s in her room now I brought you something to eat since you couldn’t come down for food” he hands her the tray in bed but goes to sit on his reading table….she’s hurt, it’s usually not like this, on other normal occasions, he would sit and feed her to the end but today he’s turning her his back, she tries to eat but fails…..she clears her throat “About today….” she starts “Eat your food…..we have got plenty of time to talk this over” “No Tobi” this is the first time she’s calling him by names ever since they started this relationship, and he couldn’t miss this…. there was some awkward silence between them “My loveYou don’t have to force it” “Do you think I’m really forging this?…. well I’m not…you’re my love and I owe you some explanation” “You don’t owe me anything…… the situation was understandable, you had no idea you would run into each other…. it has been five years yes but we don’t normally forget people who have been part of us like that…it was abrupt, maybe you never thought you would ever see him again after all these years…..don’t worry yourself, eat you meal and forget this even happened….but please, don’t let Mira see you like this” he walks out of the room leaving Mel in the middle of a sentence…… to be continued

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