Bruised and broken Episode 41 – 45

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It has been days ever since the uncomfortable encounter between Melanie and Ronald, she has even forgotten about it somehow and she and her husband are back to being the way they were before….. today they had left home so early to come to the office since Tobi needed to meet a travelling client so early, they had even left without taking early breakfast because that would mean Tobi leaving Mel behind and she finding a cab to work something she doesn’t like doing yet she can’t accept a gift of a car from her husband……..

good enough for her, the meeting didn’t take long to finish and at around 10am, they were able to go for a late breakfast out of office, they spent an hour there and came back with their packed lunch which Tobi took to his office
“Babe mind keeping me some company in the office” he tries to tease Mel
“You should have thought about that before giving me a different office so don’t blame me for saying no because I have my own office and I have some unfinished business there”
“How about lunch…. you can’t tell me you’re not going to have lunch with me”
“Have you forgotten we just got back from breakfast taking….. I sure will come for probably late lunch but go…..I’m sure you’re also busy in there” they kiss with Janet eying from her table,Mel heads to her office and Tobi heads yo his….he’s regretting why he made Jane get a different office for her, she would have been just fine by his side right there…..he gets in and locks himself up
forgetting he left his phone with his wife…………..


Ronald drives his car and stops outside a very big building, he pulls his phone out and scrawl through, reading something and he nods, he packs his keep at the right place, before getting out, he sprays his Cologne on his body…. he remembers it used to be Mel’s favourite and every time he had it on, she would not miss to say something nice……. he checks himself properly, how he looks s and how neat his hair was……he finally steps out, feeling himself, he truly looks handsome…… he walks over to the gate and knocks at the smaller gate, the gate man didn’t waste anytime in coming, they talk for a few seconds and he’s let in……….the gateman directs him on which direction to take and he flashes his plastic smile, he walks towards the door but something catches his attention, it’s Tobi’s picture……the one Mel loves to look at a lot, he stands starring at
his cute smile and beautiful face…. for the very first time in his life, Ron feels threatened and so inferior about a fellow man….. all of a sudden what he’s putting on seems like some cheap China product, he has nothing against Tobias but he can never accept the fact that he married the woman he loved the most…….he finally manages to walk past the cute picture and heads in, he’s welcomed by a very jolly Janet
“Gods after noon Sir…. how may I help you” she smiles and he returns the smile too
“Thank you miss…..I’m here for miss Melanie Fina…. is she in”
“Yes, any appointment”
“Actually I don’t…. she’s been a long time friend and we lost contact, I was informed that this is where she works from so I decided to come check her up” Janet studies this man up and wonders
if she knows him, and if he does, from where did she know him from
“Maybe a name would help, I can call her right now and Let her know you’re here but only if you tell me your name”
“Calling her and informing her I’m here wouldn’t be the Best thing for me now…..

but just to settle your curiosity, my name is Ronald” Janet’s head finally opens…..she remembers now, he’s the minister’s son and Melanie’s ex….she’s so excited though tries to hide it, she decided to direct him to her office before calling and informing her…..she’s wishes Tobi could come this way right at this moment…………

Melanie is on the phone with someone who wants to make an appointment with Tobi, she being his wife knows his free times , when and when he can not have free times so she’s on the phone for quite a long time, she gets off and there was a knock at her door, at first she thought it’s Tobi trying to pull her legs like he always and keeps quiet, she carefully gets off her seat and tiptoes to the door where she wanted to bust him………

Tobi has looked for his phone all over, from his pockets, to the pockets of his bag
“Where did I leave you…. was it there in the restaurant or what” he gets up and ready to get going but he stops to thinkMel……yes, I gave the phone to you” he gets going right at this minute, there is another meeting
he’s supposed to hold in a few minutes time and all the details was in his phone……….

Melanie tiptoes and arrives at the door, trying to hold her laughter, she holds the door knob and opens the door wide open at once but the person she met at the door was the last person she had
prayed to see……..
Ron stares at Melanie and can confidently say, the years came with more blessings for Melanie inform of beauty, she’s breathtakingly gorgeous, with her well maintained short hair
“Melanie” he calls out to her ignoring her surprise at all of this
“Yes it’s me beautiful….. you Look beautiful”…… Melanie is still not moving an inch, she’s just starring at Ron like he’s some stranger as Tobi gets nearer

” Is this how you’re going to welcome me after all there years ” he didn’t wait for her to say anything as he jumps on her for a hug he hugs her so tightly, barely leaving her space for breathing, at first Mel was too stunned to react but she starts to soften up, before she knows it, she hugs him Back with her two hands covering his back, her eyes are shut and she’s crying…..Tobi catches a glimpse of what’s happening from outside and thought he had seen
wrongly, he gets to the door, and realises it’s open and his wife is on another man’s arms crying,
it’s not just and Man but her ex boyfriend….. she stands there so lost for words and so
dumbfounded…. he could not react in anyway until when he heard Ronald talk
“I’m so so sorry Mel so sorry for all that I did to you that day…..let me make it up to you”….this is
so enough for Tobi to conclude they have been talking in this office before this hug took place, he
quietly leaves the room without making any sound and retreats back to his office when he let out
all his frustration..on his poor files and chairs
” Melanie why…..why are you pushing me so high, why must you love him…..I swear I’m not going
let him have his way with you”……..
” All these years, I thought I could ever forget you but I could not, you’re name is printed here in
my heart Melanie…. I’m here to correct my past mistakes and put things right” Mel finally gets to her senses and pushes Ron away, getting away from him and retreats to her chair

“You have no right to talk to me about putting things right Ronald, because you have no idea how
much I despise you right now… didn’t not think about putting things right five years ago, so you can’t just walk into my husband’s company like you own it, demanding to speak to me……


Ron pulls a chair and seats closer to her
“You can not say that sweetheart….. let me explain to you what really happened that time for me
to do whatever I did, I admit I was a fool back then, a bastard and I regret it everyday” Mel gets
“Just like that?….. you come in here demanding to speak to me….how did you find me”
“I was a coward by then, I was listening to people telling me different things and my head couldn’t absorb all of that”
“People?….. did you just say people…. it was your mother, you couldn’t even defend me, you let
their hatred for me overcome you and you hurt me so much get out….
get out…..get out and don’t come back looking for me……ask God for forgiveness not me because
you did what you did to me in front of the alter” her voice is starting to get higher and Ron decides to leave for now without saying much but before he leaves, he gets out his card and puts it down on the table
“Five years ago….I promised I would find the man who was responsible for your pain….


I swore I would find him and he gets prosecuted for his crime, now is the time….I have come to tell you that I’m going to do it, find him even if it’s against your wish……here is my card, call me when you can and we need to meet and talk, I only came here because I needed to see you” he walks out of the room and Mel is confused he’s willing to help her, he looks down at the card and picks it up, looking at it and after Ron who is no longer in sight, looks like she’s thinking about his offer… if
she’s considering what he said…… be continued

It never took long for Melanie to make up her mind about the card left by her ex, she knows it’s not the right thing to do but she pockets it so well in her handbag……she sits down trying to
concentrate on her work but all she thinks about is the time she used to share with him, how he would pick and drop her from from school, the places they would visit, how he introduced her to his family and defended her from his evil mother……she starts to get excited but then she
remembers herself in a wedding dress, in a beautiful Church with everyone smiling at her and congratulating her, she remembers Ron smiling at her when her mum walked her to be handed to him, in her memory Trip, she sits still and had no idea she was smiling at no one in particular, she
suddenly remembers the vow part, it’s one thing she has been trying to forget…… Mel holds her head supporting it like it’s too heavy or about to fall down, she’s in tears and doesn’t want to remember it she shakes her head and continues to

“Melanie….” Jane calls her and she almost jumped out of her skin, Jane looks puzzled and concerned What’s  going on girlfriend…. you’re acting unusual”
“Sit” she asks Jane and Jane sits still not confused

“I have been standing here for minutes yet you couldn’t even feel my presence”
“Did you want something….. I have gone through the list of people who want to make appointments with Tobi, the list is ready” Jane just continues to get more surprised

“Melanie, this isn’t you…..what’s going on, you can trust me and tell me” Mel finally fixes her gaze on Jane who is seating in front of her
“I can’t….. I can’t tell you” she gets up with files in hand and Jane gets up too
“Why won’t you tell me, hmmm….I’m your friend and friends are supposed to share everything”
“But not this one Jane….. not this one”
“Well then, I can’t force you to do or say something you don’t want to, but if ever you change your mind about it, you know where to find me and you have my number” Jane hugs her
“You don’t look good and you should get rid of this face before anyone else sees you….. you know how gossip flies around here” Jane walks out and Mel walks over to the window….she looks out
and she’s not dreaming but all this is indeed happening
“Ron why…… why did you choose to come back at this particular time when I have moved on………I love my husband, I love Tobi not because of his money or anything but because of his personality……should I give you this call and we meet, I need to hear it all, why you did what you
did because your explanation earlier wasn’t clear enough…….oh Lord what’s the right thing to do, please help me” she abandons the window and walks over to her chair and sits……….

this time memory takes her back to the wedding day, the shame and embarrassment she felt that day at the
alter when Ron took off, how her knees became weak and her head started spinning, she almost lost balance and fell in the church, no one came to her rescue and she took off………she had no
where in mind to go to but at the back of her mind, she wanted nothing other than ending her life……….she remembers how she reached that high bridge and decided to end it all there but a savior like her mother calls him came her way, he was a perfect total stranger who would not go
without her……she followed him after much effort to his home now her home, he was the first man she trusted after her horrible night, she didn’t know why but she felt and still feels safe with he took care of her that night after attempting to end her life, he made her seek
treatment by getting a counselor for her, she was able to heal all thanks to him and the least shecould do is to love him the way he deserves……


they have had couple arguments in the five years they have been living together but not once in all of them has he ever thrown in her face the fact that she’s a loose woman or he helped her or even saved her……..
“I don’t need to hear what I was supposed to hear five years ago now…… you abandoned me and never bothered to find out how I was doing, if I was fine or dead Ron in fact you took off at the slightest opportunity you got, I don’t want to see you…..a past should be in the past” she opens her bag and gets out the card, she looks at it for long again and rips it to pieces…..she gets up and walks out without thinking twice, she’s headed to her husband’s office, when she came out Janet

could see she’s headed there and she gets excited knowing there Is going to be some shouting match, she sits down and closes her eyes imagining Mel telling Tobi she’s still in love with Ron,
she smiles at her beautiful imagination
“What’s up….you’re smiling to yourself and this is the first time you’re doing so, given you’re always in a foul mood”
“Can’t you just mind your business busy body and let me be, you’re always on my case in this
office like I’m following your Doctor”
“Just like Tobi, Mac would never set his eyes on you….. he knows what he wants and can never
settle for less”
“Or please Jane…. between me and you, who is the less here”
“In his eyes it’s you”
“I don’t blame you but I will not allow you spoil my beautiful day, I love every bit of today, I’m not very religious but today I realise indeed God makes a way where there seems to be no way” Jane

doesn’t understand what that means but she walks away hoping it’s nothing about Mel and Tobi…………
Tobi who thought he could not cry over a woman finds himself crying over Melanie, the image of her hugging her ex and comfortably resting her head on his shoulders as he talked to her as she
lets out all that she had been accumulating for years plays in her head
“Mel why, why would you still love him when I’m here, I have a shoulder you can lean on everyday and cry on…. I love you more than life itself…we have been through it all for give years” he had
scattered things around the office and finally sits down resting his tired head on the table, he’s not
crying anymore but his heart is heavy and weeping, he doesn’t even know for how long he has
been there in the same position he had told Jane he doesn’t want to see anyone so for that fact, he didn’t hear the door open …….Mel stood in the office shutting the door behind, she found her husband with his head on the table….. she wonders if he’s alright or he’s sick, she has not concentrated on the messy stuffs all
over the room because her attention is only fixed on her husband….. she clear her throat and Tobi sits up

“My love” he looks up her calling him her love just was enough to get him standing on his feet, he wanted to say something but before he could, Mel runs into his arms and this time she didn’t hug
him right away, she had run and just claimed his lips right away, Tobi was too stunned to even respond to the kiss but it didn’t matter to Mel who could not stop, she finally stops and hugs him
and he feels her hot tears on his strong chest…..he’s tall and she’s short and if there is something he enjoys doing the most, it’s hugging his wife because her head always remains buried in his
chest and he would rest his cheek on her head but today, he just let her be….he’s not holding her or hugging her back

“Tobi…..I love you, please don’t let go of me because I might make a mistake if you….. I love you…. only and I want to only love you and you’re my favourite person” he finally shuts his eyes not wanting to give into tears, he raises her chin up and uses his other hand to wipe her tears
looking deep into her eyes searching for that love she just professed…..what he sees is fear and doubt mixed with confusion……..

“It’s OK Babe…… don’t cry……sit down because we have to talk this out before it gets out of hand” Mel’s heart skips because she’s seeing some inference in him, she knows he saw her……….to be


“I have been holding my peace since Saturday when we ran into Ronald, I thought your reaction that day was something normal but right now I can’t hold it back anymore….. Melanie I’m so jealous, so jealous” Tobi is trying so hard not to sound so emotional but it’s failing him
“You don’t have to feel jealous Tobi there is no need to”
“Really, are you sure there is no reason for me to feel the way I do?….. well I’m human and I have feelings too, seeing you in that man’s arms, I…I couldn’t take it”
“That meant nothing my love….it meant nothing”
“How about to him….do you think it meant nothing to him, it certainly didn’t” Mel holds his hands and begs him to understand her
“My heart is yours, I might have probably reacted the way I did because his presence is stillshocking to me but that’s how far it is, there can’t be anything between us when I have you, you’re my family and I’m your wife”
“You’re not my wife Melanie….. you’re not my wife, we’re only two people who have something in common that’s a daughter…. we’re only cohabiting and you know why?….. it’s because you want
me as a boyfriend or something but not as your husband”

“Calm down Tobi please…… you know very well I see you more than what you just said, you’re my husband and in love you”
“How about Ronald…. what do you feel for him” she keeps quiet and this time he’s the one holding her hands
“What did he want…. be honest and tell me”
“To ask for forgiveness and also explain what really happened”
“And what was his explanation”
“I didn’t give him a chance to talk”
“Is that all that is about it” he asks narrowing his eyebrows
“That’s all” she lies to him

“Let’s just forget about Ronald, he’s not going to come in between us I Promise” for now they make up and Tobi asks her not to hide these things from him…………
Ron’s next stop is at his sister’s office where Perry asks where he’s coming from dressed like that” You’re the last person I can ever lie to Perry so I have to be honest with you, I went go see

Melanie” Perry opens her mouth to say something but no words come out
“I had to see the condition under which she lives in and I must say she’s doing pretty well, a successful husband, a well furnished office of her own and a beautiful daughter in a beautiful home”

“Why do I smell jealousy in that tone”
“Because I’m jealous Perry” he points to his hearI can’t give up on Melanie….. I can’t do that, my heart won’t let me…..guess what, I’m so confident she feels the same way too”

“Don’t be so stupid Ronald, you’re only hallucinating, didn’t you see how in love she was with her husband that day”
“Appearance sister…..appearance can fool, have you forgotten so soon Mel and I were each other’s greatest love”
“That was five years ago”
“Exactly…. but the look in her eyes today told me there is still a possibility that I might have a chance to win her over…… and above all, there is nothing on her ring finger” Perry has no words
for her brother who won’t hear reasons no matter how much she tries but she’s so afraid this won’t end well………..

Meanwhile at home, Becky who has started smelling something unusual about Ronald is pouring her heart out to her favourite sister in-law
“We were fine in Zambia…. he was so loving and caring until when we came back…..

it was OK still until when we ran in to that woman” this gets Patience’s attention
“What did you say her name was”
“I don’t remember her name, it just skipped my mind”
“How was she….I mean her condition”
“She looked Rich, she was not just an ordinary person like these useless girls you see scattered around in town….. she should be doing something for herself and has her money…..I mean she’s

“Hmmmm! that can’t be Melanie” she wonders out aloud “Wait!…. did you just say Melanie?” Becky finally remembers that was the name
“Yes Melanie….. was she called Melanie?…..

though I have my doubts after hearing your
“I’m sure that was the name Perry called, who was Melanie to Ronald”Arrrgh…..some low life idiot who didn’t know her boundaries and fell hard for him, no one except Perry and Dad loved her for brother…. they eventually parted ways and that was the end of it”

Becky is not convinced
“What if she’s the same person”
“It can’t be…..she was impregnated by some fool she didn’t even know….she never got to sit for her final papers and you can just imagine…..

I’m sure you might have heard Ronald mention her name once or twice back there in Zambia, that’s it…just chill but we’re going to find out who that woman responsible for his sudden change is, Ronald used to be quite a ladies man back
then”……. for now Becky is relaxed…………

Two days later
Perry and Ron have met with her ever busy boyfriend Patrick in a restaurant for a dinner after so much persuasion from Perry that her brother wanted to get to know who the man in her life was……they are settled at a table near the entrance and there are only a few people in
there…..they continue to have their dinner and chat getting to know each other more………..

Tobi drives his car to the restaurant and packs it, stepping down….. he comes out to open for Melanie who is dressed in a very long evening gown….. after their makeup, he had ordered for a romantic dinner just for two where he can be able to spoil his wife a little, Mel has not given him a
reason to doubt her love for him in these past two days, she’s so excited as well because his surprises are always extreme
“Ready my Lady” he’s trying his best not to laugh because he’s acting in a funny way, the ever beautiful Melanie in her blue dress steps down as he takes her hand
“So ready Sir….. so shall we” he locks the car and takes her hand

“Let’s go….” they walk into the restaurant hand in hand, with Tobi not taking his eyes off his beautiful wife, all eyes turn to their direction as they walk and Mel felt on top of the world……

they have just stepped in when someone calls Melanie, they turn towards the direction of the voice and
it’s Ron who is with two other people, he had stood up on seeing them and Mel looks shocked, Tobi too is taken up by someone but not Ronald, it’s the man who is seated with Ronald……

“David……” he wonders within himself
“This can not be happening…… what are doing with Ronald” his heart races first, Mel herself is shocked for Tobi’s reaction…….. David looks at his ex Friend and wonders what the hell Tobi is doing there, he swifts his gaze towards the woman with him, he wonders who she could be, shelooked familiar to him

“Where have I seen you from…..where” he can’t tell but right now he’s more afraid of Tobi unmasking him but all of a sudden, Tobi grabs Mel’s hand and pulls her along and they exit the restaurant

“Get in….we are leaving right now” Mel thinks he’s acting out of jealousy so she keeps quiet and gets into the car with no complaint or what so ever……. the drive home was a quiet one, it didn’t take Tobi long to reach home and asks Mel to go on in, he’s going to follow her but that was it, he never came in to the house………….

David lies on his bed starring at nothing in particular but with his mind so taken up by that woman with Tobi and why he reacted the way he did “Think David think…… where have you seen her from” it took him longer than he thought but finally he does he remembers when they watched her come to the place they grabbed her from

“That’s it…..that’s it, she’s the one….Hahahaha…. she’s the one, that babe he raped Hahaha….. or poor thing, let’s wait and see what happens Tobias, I’m paying you a surprise visit tomorrow”………

Tobi slept outside in his car and never came into the house giving Mel the scare of her life, down in his car, he couldn’t even sleep a wink, he was trying to come to terms with the fact that he was finally going to face his worst fear, paying for his grave mistake……. he remained in the car till morning at around five when he now sneaks into the house, Mel was sleeping but this time she was sleeping on his side of the bed, holding on to his pillow…… he leans over and kisses her head

” I’m so sorry my love… heart is broken into pieces already ……if only the love I feel for you was big enough to cover all my sins against you”…….he walks into the shower and didn’t take long there, he comes out and dresses up quickly, he leaves before anyone was even up, but he stops at Mira’s room to give her a kiss, he leaves the house and it’s only the gateman who is

Melanie wakes up to an empty bed and empty room…..she looks around and realises Tobi really never came in……this is the very first time in five years when Tobi has slept outside apart from a
few time when he had traveled, she’s smelling something is wrong somewhere
“Was it that man in the restaurant???…” she wonders and gets out of bed, grabs her nighty and covers herself, she comes down to the kitchen where her mother is preparing breakfast

“Good morning mum”Mel….you’re up already, how was your night”
“Bad……very bad have you seen my husband” Ofelia is surprised, Tobi doesn’t leave this house before saying Hello to Everyone, he Normally comes for Mel’s breakfast himself to prepare it if he
chooses to serve her in bed so this is so shocking to her

“Did you guys fight or what” Mel didn’t respond but walks out, running towards the gateman who tells her Tobi just Left this morning not at night like she thought, she’s relaxed a bit…..she walks back inside to get ready as well

“You have some unfinished explaining Tobi….. I’m coming for you”………..
David now Patrick meets up with his two other friends Eddy and Clems to discuss this latest development, he was able to find out last night from his girlfriend that the woman who came in with Tobi was his wife and the ex girlfriend of Ronald, she explained to him the condition under which they parted ways, this was after he remembered who the lady was
” This is the best news I have heard in a long time….in fact since I came back to this country ” says Eddy

“Now is the best time to get back at him for the way he treated us” Clems says
“What do we do… do we go about it”
“Good question guys, we are going to pay him a visit in his office today….. Perry also informed me that Ronald would do anything to get the man who destroyed Melanie…..

how about we send him a little text with and unknown number, just to let him know we mch know who the man is” they hi five and get so excited
“It’s time the whole world gets to know who the righteous Tobias Akankwasa really is he thought by marrying her, that would be the end of it ……”……

to be continued



6:30 am finds Tobi at his mother place taking everyone especially Lisa is so surprised to see him there after so long he rarely comes there, she heard his car outside as she made Monica’s
breakfast, she quickly comes out to receive him, she’s so happy to see him

“Good morning boss….Glad you came to see us today”
“Lisa how are you” he walks past her and she could sense something was not right, Tobi walks some metres and then turns to herIs mother in”
“Yes, she’s already woken up but still in her room” he finished the rest of his journey to Monica’s room by talking to his heels……he knocks at the door and this makes Monica jump, it’s not just
some normal knock
“Lisa what is it” she tells from inside
“Mother…’s me”
“Tobi…..” she picks her phone and looks at the time and it’s still six
“What has happened…. why are you here this Early” she was afraid it might be her grandchild
“Can I come in”
“The door is open please…. come in” Tobi pushes the door and walks over to his mother’s bed,
Monica studies him from head to toe and sees his red eyes, she can tell he never slept a wink
“Did you and Melanie have a fight” she asks and doesn’t even wait for him to respond first but she goes on and on and on
“It’s Normal for couples to fight, even the pastor and his wife do fight, the president and his wife do that, talk of the marriage counselors, no marriage is perfect a hundred percent so I don’t encourage you as man to be accumulating these things without solving them” Tobi just looks at his
mother who has nothing, no experience in marriage or whatsoever giving him advice
“I wish that was the case mother……I wish it was just that Mel and I were only having a normal couple arguments and fights” Monica looks at him

“You slept out didn’t you”
“Yes…..I did but not out of home” Monica is dumbfounded
“Don’t give me that look mother….. I just needed time alone to cry”
“Now you’re confusing me the more…..what’s happening” Tobi gets up and starts pacing up and down

“What’s It please talk to me sonMother, my past is here to destroy me finally” Monica gets up to and walks over to him, holds his
hand and leads him back to sit down
“Can you explain that to me……, I’m not understanding this”

“The guys….those who kidnapped Melanie, who drugged my drinks and…….and” he could not finish it and Monica’s arms drop
“Tell me you’re pulling my legs just”
“I wish I was mother….. what am I going to do”
“Wait… did you know they are back, have they started blackmailing you”
“No no….that’s not it, I don’t even know when they got back but last night, I ran into David, Mel and I had reservation for a dinner fro two….we ran into him”
“Did he recognise Mel”

“I don’t know mother…..I can’t tell, we left immediately and I have not talked to Mel ever since, I’m sure she’s now aware there is something going on and she would want answers yet I have non”

he gets up again
“What are we going to do” Monica wonders
“Simple….. I have to do the right thing”
“And what is the right thing if I may ask” he comes back and scouts, he takes Monica’s hands

“I have to tell Melanie the truth before someone else does” Monica takes away her hands
“Is that what you said simple?….. is that simple”
“But I have no choice mother……… do you know who he was with”
“Ronald…..Melanie’s ex boyfriend, so you can imagine what this means…what if he gets to know

Mel is the woman Ronald almost got married to, how sure am I even that he hasn’t told him something already Calm down and listen to me…
you’re not going to tell anything to Melanie, I know people like David, I know what they are capableof…..

all they want is money and that’s all they re going to ask for”
“But that’s blackmail mother”
“Yeah it sure is….”
“No mother, I won’t stoop that low….do you know that once you starts giving a blackmailer money, that’s the beginning of your end, the money giving will not get over with and in the end they betray you anyway”

“We have no choice right now son…..this is our only option right now but I can assure you, a mother is capable of anything just to see her children fine…. I’m capable of that to see that you’re well protected go back to work and let me handle this….don’t say a word about this to your wife…..

let’s wait and sew if the stupid losers are going to open their mouths” for now Tobi accepts his mother’s advice and heads to his office that’s not very far from there………..

Melanie who is in a hurry, didn’t wait for breakfast to get ready before she leaves, she had no patience to wait for it especially now she has no idea where her husband is and he’s not even picking her calls, she comes out of gate standing waiting for a cab, she now regrets why she has
always rejected her husband’s offer to get for her a car of her own…..her husband has two unused cars he has packed at his mother’s where the workers there can once in awhile drive them….

he only has his favourite Lamborghini which is enough for him and his family…… she stands at the road side for about five minutes and yet no cab is coming, it feels like she’s been there fie hours, she checks her phone and it’s already seven plus some minutes, she gets going and tells herself
she will get some cab on her way….she has only walked like two minutes when a car pulls

“Good morning beautiful” she looks inside and it’s Ron, she ignores him and decides to increase her speed but one can’t compete with a car and the stubborn Ron follows

“Get in the car and let me give you a lift”
“No thank you” she continues and he finds and open space where he pulls over and covering the pavement

“What’s wrong with you… what part of NO don’t you understand” she’s furious and Ron who is still inside raises both hands up”OK OK… don’t get mad at me…. i just want to help” she looks likes she’s going to give in

“Melanie….. trust me I won’t say or do whatever that’s not OK with you”
“Cross my heart” he does the cross sign and comes out to open the door for her, Mel gets in and he starts the car, the first three or five minutes of driving in the busy morning jam was a bit awkwardly quiet but for Mel, her mind and heart was on Tobi, wondering where he might be and
what’s eating him up…….

Ron keeps on stealing glances at her…..he finally says something
“Did husband and wife have a fight” he asks out of blue and Mel shoots him daggers
“Don’t look at me like that….I’m only asking because last night you two looked so happy when you came into the restaurant though I myself can’t understand why you left in such a manner” she looks at him and says nothing

“Your husband has money, what could be stopping him from getting a car for you”
“How do you know I have no car”
“Because I know Melanie….. I know very well”

“Have you been stalking me”
“Just a little….. I can’t seem to control myself ever since I came back….i just want to see you, and yes I have been stalking you”

“You’re sick”
“I’m just a very helpless man in love that’s all ……Melanie please listen to me, I need your forgiveness for all my sins against you” she doesn’t want to look at him
“Take me to work faster, I don’t want us to talk about something that don’t exist anymore”

“Who says this doesn’t exist Melanie?…. huh…who says that” they are confronting each other and before Melanie knows it, Ron is talking another direction and not headed towards the direction of
the office

“Where are you taking me to RonaldSomewhere far away where we can talk and listen to each other like responsible adults we are”
he responds gently

“Drop me….stop the car, I said stop the car”
“I’m not letting you go Melanie before listening to me……you have to hear reasons and if you wish
to rerun home early, you better calm down and let me continue in peace so we can reach our destination and we talk like adults” Mel is cursing her luck, just when she thought she wanted to go see her husband and they talk, now all this is happening, she’s thinking on what to do next and then remembers the best would be calling him once again, maybe will receive this time around, she gets her phone from her purse and scrawls through the numbers, she dials and put the phone
in her ears, only for Ron to take it from her ear and shuts it

“What’s the meaning of this Ronald”
“You can’t talk to that man in my presence Mel…..I can never allow that”
“Well I don’t need your permission to do so…he’s my husband”

“Stop that….. stop referring to him as your husband because he’s not, he has never been your husband so don’t use that stupid excuse on me because it ain’t working…..” she’s so stunned and decided to surrender it all, she shuts up as Ron continues to drive his car to God knows

Tobi arrives to the office and packs his car, he finally locates his phone that has been on silent mods since last night, he has set it that way so no one could interrupt their romantic dinner so he forgot to change it….

he checks and finds so many missed calls from his wife, he’s so frustrated he
didn’t get to talk to his wife…..he dials her number and it’s off…..he just stands in front of his company building and dials his mother in-law
“Hello son…. good morning”
“Morning Mum…. has Mel left, I needs to speak with her and her phone isn’t going through”

“She’s gone…..she left for the office especially after learning that you were gone…. she didn’t even take breakfast”
“Thank you Mum” he ends the call
“Where could you be at Mel…..

by now you would be here in the office, he fixes his phone back and walks insideGood morning Friend….. long time” Eddy who is seated next to the entrance door greets the very shocked Tobi who can’t even afford a smile to cover up………..

to be continue

Ronald drives his car with Melanie in it for close to one hour and finally they get to his
destination……. a well furnished house built far away from town, it’s a surprise house he had wanted to move into with Melanie after their wedding and Mel never got to know about it…….

When he pulls up at the gate, the gateman sees his car and happily runs to open the gate for him……..Ron drives his car inside with a very confused Mel seated by his side, he packs the car and gets down
“Ronald….. it’s been a very long time, welcome back” the gateman no doubt is so happy to see him

“I’m very fine and thank you… is everything around here”
“Fine very fine….the house is intact” Ron dismisses him and all this while Mel is still seated inside, Ron comes to her side and opens the car

“Welcome to my crib gorgeous” Mel rolls her eyes and ignores his hand that’s stretched out to her and steps down
“Take me back Ronald….. I need to go back right this minute”
“I shall take you back but only after we have talked”
“Thank you…..but you know what, I know I can find my way back using public means” she starts to walk away from from him and he just makes one order

“Job……don’t open this gate until I tell you to do so” Mel reaches the gate and the man can’t even move
“Open this damn gate and let me out of here” she screams
“Sorry madam a boss’s order is always the order I follow” Mel looks back at Ron and he makes faces also shrugging his shoulders….. she’s so frustrated as Ron starts walking towards her
“Don’t make this more difficult sweetheart, we are both adults here…..adults who love themselves
so come with me to the house instead of embarrassing yourself out here Did you listen to yourself saying that Ronald….

like seriously, do you think I was made only to love you and no one else”
“Yes….yes, you’re supposed to love me only and you do that, you’re just with your companion because you feel grateful to him for all that he has done to you, remember he even went as far as employing you so tell me why wouldn’t you be grateful and accept to be his wife” she didn’t wait long but gives him a long overdue slap , instead of frowning he takes her hand and drags her along with him to the house and she screams at him to let her go, he pays deaf ears to her and
continues dragging her, he single handedly opens the door and drags her in……..leaves her hand and turns around and locks the door

“Let me go…..let me get out of here Ronald” he walks past her without a word and goes to a room that seems to be a kitchen, Mel is so frustrated to even care, she’s so hungry given she never had
food last night, and no breakfast this morning, her stomach has started complaining but that’s not the issue here, the issue here is her phone is with Ron switched off and she imagines her husband must be calling her by now……………

Tobi knew after last night’s encounter with David, it was only going to be a matter of time before they start hunting him down but today finding them waiting for him in his office this Early morning is definitely something he didn’t prepare for, when Eddy said Hello to him, he did not only refuse to
reply but he walks past them headed to his office and they all got up to follow, they get to his office and he throws his bag on the table

“What do you all want…I thought I made myself clear five years ago that I didn’t want anything to do with either of you much less see you”
“At least offer us seats Buddy….. we were best of friends after all” says Clems and they sit down

“We can see you have done tremendously well in our absence” adds David…. Eddy sees something that catches his eyes and walks over, it’s a picture of Melanie during a vacation in US……

she looked so happy in the picture, and so beautiful, Eddy picks the picture and walks back with it in hand, he sits down and turns the picture to face Tobi
“She’s pretty huh”
“Let me have a look” David takes the picture away from Eddy
“Who could have imagined, that little girl, she wasn’t even dressed well….who would have thought she would be the queen of this place….. Hahahaha” Tobi finally looses his head

“You all are a bunch of annoying idiots…..people go to school to learn and become better peoplebut I can see your problem is right from the families you come from, no wonder you three don’t
have any other friend apart from yourselves….. but guess what, my word still stands I don’t want to have anything to do with you, maybe I was scared of you five years ago but not now”

“Bravo……. you deserve some handclap and accolades for being so brave but let’s see if you shall say the same thing if we meet with your little beautiful wife”
“David don’t even think about involving Melanie in this”

“Oh her name is actually Melanie?….what a beautiful name for a beautiful wife but too bad she’s a part of this…actually a center part of this”
“You monsters… have no idea how much I regret ever crossing paths with you”
“We regret that too Buddy….. but guess what, there is always a price for everything…’s called something for something……

you want this to remain like nothing really ever happened, upon you”
“All your blackmail will not work on me……I have lived every single day regretting why I never listened to my mother concerning all of you”

“And you thought by marrying her, all your sins will be forgiven huh”
“Trust me Eddy, I have no obligations or whatsoever to explain my relationship with you”

“Fine…..fine, we should maybe have a little chat with Melanie that’s her name right?….the choice is all yours” he finally sits down and looks at David
“Well I’m not scared of you”
“Well then…. I wonder how little Melanie will react when she finally gets to know that the man whom she has been seeing as a perfect husband all these years is nothing but her own rapist”

“Get out……get out and leave my office, your blackmail is not going to work on me because you’re not getting any Penny from me…..NEVER!!!”

“Let’s see for how Long… have not seen the last of us yet….. let’s go” the three all get up and leave the office at once……when the door is closed, Tobi gets up and paces up and down
“I have to tell you this today, I have to but where are you” he looks for his phone and gets frustrated when he couldn’t find it in his pocket, he fidgets with the bag and finally locates it in his bag……

he dials and still nothing, Mel’s phone is switched off……he storms out of office and heads down n to her office, he opens and there is no Mel…..he spots his own picture she had put infront of her desk, he picks it and looks at it

“Tobi you’re not a bad person, you’re not a rapist” he leaves the office and almost takes off to go look for Mel but he bumps on Jane
“Hey hey Tobi what’s up with you”
“Have you seen my wife” he looks unsettled
“No…..what’s up with you”
“Take care of everything here….I don’t want to see anyone today and if Mel comes when I’m not here tell her to call me” he runs back to his office without giving Jane a chance to respond to him ,
he only picks his bag and car keys and runs out of office and drives out at once……………

Ron carries a tray full of food and heads back to the living room where Melanie is now standing by the window looking out side, he puts down the tray and walks over to her and realises she’s not even aware he’s in the room, he looks at her inviting legs in her not so short body hugging dress, he wonders what she must be thinking about, he’s instantly attracted to her and finds himself hugging her from behind, Mel jumps off like he’s some wild animal

“Don’t come near me” she threatens as she backs away from him and he raises his hands in the air again
“Fine fine….I’m so sorry but I just couldn’t keep my hands to myself”
“Well you should learn to” she walks away
“Look I made almost all your favourites”
“I’m not hungry”

“Oh please say that to some stranger, I know you like the back of my hands…..eating doesn’t hurt and you know me, I can never hurt you…I have never and I will never”
“Sure you don’t…. and you have never” she said sarcastically and he gets the picture…. there is some awkward silence between them but Ron walks back and sits down….he starts to uncover the food

I will never get tired of asking for you forgiveness…. that’s why I’m trying to correct mymistakes, let me help you”
“You never did when I needed you most and right now I don’t need it because I’m fine” she sits down too and looks so longingly at the food

“Serve yourself… eat as much as you want” she finally grabs a plate and serves herself….. she’s maintaining her distance from Ron though, they continue eating in silence but she can tell Ron is eating more of her with his eyes instead of his food on the plate and this makes her so

“Where did you get all these food stuffs….I didn’t see you go out and I know you don’t live here”
she tries to engage him in some talk so he can finally take his eyes off her

“For you I’m so capable of anything beautiful… so the question of where or how doesn’t apply when you’re involved” not the reply she wanted……Ron continues to eat her with his eyes, he pictures how beautiful she might look especially when she is sleeping, he envies Tobi and feels
jealous knowing he has all this full package all night long, just imagining how making love to her feels like, something he never got to experience…..

all of a sudden, he feels anger on imaginingTobi’s hands all over her soft body, he takes his glass of juice and smashes it on the wall making
Mel so scared and she practically jumps off her skin as she stands up….he realises he went too far and apologies

Are you alright” Mel is still scared
“I’m OK…..I’m sorry I scared you….sit and finish your food” she sits down and still not sure if she can bear another minute in Ron’s presence
“Can you help me Ronald” she says fearfully
“Can you stop calling me Ronald please?…. what happened to Ron” she ignores his question
“Give me back my phone…… I need to call my husband”
“Another correction…..your housemate not your husband and No….you’re not calling him and I’m so serious about that” he looks dangerous and Mel knows better to shut up

“Have you ever wondered who or where that bastard should be”….. he asks Mel a question she has never wanted to even think about but now there is no way she’s going to dance her way out of this topic………

to be continued




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