The Priest Vow Episode 2 & 3

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Episode 2.
By Amah’s Heart.

Treatment commenced immediately on her. She was in a serious condition and was bleeding from her head.
I gave all the details to a doctor who knew who I was. After the details, I hanged around a little while until the doctor came out to inform me that she was stable.
I left with the hope to check up on her the following day.
I kept awake all through the night, interceding through prayer on her behalf.
Very early the following morning I stood and went for morning mass, I knelt before the holy sacrament praying.
I believed wholly in God’s mercy and divine grace and I had this confirmation in my spirit that she will be alright.
After the morning mass I went back home, I was supposed to be in church very early because it was a Sunday and we usually run four services all around our dioceses.
I couldn’t attend the first or second mass, I told father Patrick who lives in the nearest block that I won’t be able to attend the first and second mass but I will be around for the third. I told him to relay my message to the bishop. He asked to know what the problem was and I explained to him in brief, making sure that my explanation was clear and short.
He understood what happened and the reason why I have to be in the hospital that morning.
Patrick wanted to go with me but two of us can’t be away on Sunday at same time. I told him not to bother that by God’s grace everything was already under control.
I just wanted to reach the hospital, check and pray for the lady with many others lying ill in there.
I drove down to the hospital, greeted the workers I met on duty both the Doctors and nurses.
I have visited the hospital severally to pray for patients, some of the nurses and doctors are already familiar with me.

“Good morning father!
They chorused at me, immediately I stepped in.

“Good morning, you are all blessed”
I greeted back with a deep smile.

They chorused back. Those that attends Catholics among them made a sign of the cross with their hands before returning to their work.
Doctor Krane, who was among the doctors that attended to the lady yesterday when she was admitted, he approached me.

“Father James, the patient you brought in yesterday evening… went into coma. Before she got here she has already loosed lots of blood and it was a miracle she survived. Her case was pretty serious…very serious. And the condition which she was into complicated everything, we try to stabilize her yesterday like I told you but she is still in coma with a few weeks pregnancy…

I looked at him with a puzzled face at his last statement.

“She is Pregnant??
I exclaimed

“Yes father, she is almost three months pregnant because our scan reviewed this morning that she was 10weeks gone. But the fetus is unhurt, it can only be a miracle father because she loosed forty percent of blood which makes her condition very critical. We have to put her in the intensive care after administering treatment the best way we can but the shocking thing is that the child remains unhurt.

I gasped out in safe relief. I was glad to know that despite she was in a coma her unborn child was saved miraculously.

“Can I see her now?

I asked the Doctor, who nodded affirmatively.
He led me down the corridor to the patient ward, then straight down to the intensive care unit.
I entered quietly and walked to her beside. I stared down at her motionless body, only her chest was moving up and down with many tubes attached to her body and one was on her nose like a mask, it pumps oxygen into her, enabling her to breath.
I made a sign of cross in the air across her body before bending my head in a silent thanksgiving to God for sparing her life because I know without doubt that she will survive.
After sometime, I looked over at her again before turning to leave quietly.
I went into other patients ward, some were in a helpless condition. Most of them had been abandoned by their relatives because they taught that there was no hope of survival. I took their hands into mine and prayed with them, assuring them that there was hope even when everything around them seems hopeless.
I took a peep at the pediatric ward before going in. children lay in different sick bed. It was not a good sight to behold. I quietly sat by their bedside and tell them some angelic stories. It was satisfying to bring back smile on their faces as I went from bed to bed doing almost the same thing until I felt is time to leave.

I thanked the nurses and doctors for their great work and promised to return back the next day.
I couldn’t meet up with the second or third service but I was lucky to be in time for the fourth mass.
I met the bishop after the mass was over and we talked about what happened. I told him everything about the accident and how the lady was still in coma, I mentioned that the lady was also pregnant and the doctor attending to her assured me that the unborn baby was unhurt.
The bishop said I should let him know if I need any kind of support.

I went back home after I was through with church activities and when I retire for the night my mind was centered on the lady’s unborn child.
I don’t even know her name and she is yet to be identified. I wondered why she was she trying to kill herself. Running into the middle of the road without care, she was probably running from somebody or somebody was running after her.
Who is responsible for her pregnancy? Is she married or just got pregnant for a man?
I have question with no answer. Her people might be searching for her but won’t know that she was battling between live and death.
The world is a cruel place to live, a good example is the man that hit her with his car and without remorse he pulled out his middle finger, puff out smoke from his cigarette before driving off.
For whatever reason God wanted me to witness it all and save the poor lady and her unborn child from untimely death he alone knows why and will perfect his plans in her life.

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Episode 3.
By Amah’s Heart.

Days turned into weeks then a month came and as we were about to enter the second month I visited like I have always done.
I was present the day she moved her hand and from moving her hand she blinked her eyes severally before opening them.
I called out to Doctor Krane who came in immediately to check on her.
I watched her trying to understand the kind of environment she was in.
She looked over at my side, stare at me for a very long time before looking away.
I later left that evening as the Doctor kept a close watch on her. It took almost two month for her to become responsive.
I was joyous knowing she was finally awake and I was opportune to witness it all.
I drove back to the church with a grateful heart and all I did was to kneel before the holy sacrament with a heart of gratitude.

For five days I did not go to the hospital because of the outreach that all the reverend fathers in my parish had.
I was there on a Saturday evening after my block rosary.
Doctor Krane came to me immediately he saw me.

“Good evening father….

I responded cheerfully before proceeding with my question.

“How is she…did she mention anything about her relative or where she came from or even the father of her child? Did she say anything?

Doctor Krane looked at me sadly before saying.

“She suffered from amnesia… which is loss of memory. She can’t remember anything both facts, information and experience. Her mind is blank. During the accident she happens to hit her head hard on the ground which caused a great damage to her membrane, her pellicle was completely damaged. The right cerebral cortex no longer supply information to her brain. And the one word for you to understand all this medical terms is that she suffered a memory loss and cannot remember anything, her names, where she came from and if she has a relative or not….she can’t remember anything.

I was dumb founded and bit at my lips for some seconds before saying to the Doctor.

“Does it have a cure…or for how long will she have to go on with a total loss of memory?

Doctor Krane was quiet for some time, he breathed in and said.

“There is no cure for some, like dementia which is short term memory loss. Her own is also short term and with time she may began to flip out and in. it won’t be steady but it will take time before a tiny recognition about herself will flip in and when she is about to catch a glimpse it will flip out. Her survival was a miracle, the fetus forming in her womb is still to our bewilderment because none of our medical practitioners can explain all that so therefor it will also take a miracle for her memory to return to normal. She can only remember from the moment she wakes up from coma and it will continue like that but she can’t remember who she was before the accident happened. She is not insane, she can converse and speak fine. The only problem is that she may not be able to remember what her past life used to be like.

After talking with the Doctor I walked into the lady’s room and saw her laying so still. Her eyes was fixed on the television screen which was showing a program.
The bandage on her head have been changed to a different color. It was white before and now is blue with a green mark on it.
I moved closer to her without a word, not even knowing what to say to her. She may not even understand anything.
But as I moved closer she lifted her eyes to me and looked up at me. i gave her a smile but she did not smile back as she kept looking at me.
I took a stool and draw it closer to her bed, sat down and said to her.

“My name father James….

She curved her mouth into a smile and said to my amusement.

“I saw you in my dream yesterday standing by that door and watching me with a chaplet in your hand. I have seen you twice in my dreams this week, you are as handsome in the dream as you appear to be in real life, I almost thought you are an angel. You just said that you are my father….I don’t understand. Do you mean that you are my real father? You are too young to be my father…how old are you?

I didn’t even know how to reply to that question but it was a good thing that she can converse. I felt good to hear her speak.

“I don’t mean your biological father. I’m a reverend father and I’m thirty five years old.

She did not look away as she said.

“Is that why you are dressed in a clerical collar… overall dress? Are you married?

I almost laughed at the last question but I kept the conversation going.

“Reverend fathers do not marry. They remain celibate, dedicating their entire lifetime into service to God and mankind. What should I call you…like what name will you like to be called?

She looked away, closed her eyes for some time and looked at me again.

“I can’t remember anything, not even my name. I can’t remember how I got here and the reason…the doctor said that I have been here for two months and I am pregnant but sincerely I can’t even remember how the baby got into my womb….

I smile at her last statement, I take one of her hands into mine and said.

“Everything will be alright, your life is a testimony and nothing ever happens without the knowledge of God.

I tapped her hand gently before releasing it. She smiled at me and said.

“You are too fine to be single. You are handsome and speak so well. I’m beginning to wish you will tell me that you are the father of my unborn child. I will not have anything to worry about if only you will tell me that you are my husband or boyfriend or normal friend and also responsible for my pregnancy. It will be a great relieve to know that. Because I have tried to think but everything is blank…totally blank.

I listened to her talk without interrupting and when she was quiet I began to speak to her.

“Don’t stress it. I believe in miracle and you should too. Miracle happens to those that believe. If you don’t believe in anything just believe there is a God watching over you, a loving God who has your interest at heart and saved you from dying. So your memory will be restored like a miracle and you will begin to remember everything that you can’t remember before. You were involved in an accident, you ran across the road and got hit by a reckless driver who drove off leaving you lying in the pool of your own blood. I was coming back from a block rosary which usually take place in the church premises when I saw it all. I rushed you to the hospital and you went into coma for over a month. You are alive and that is all that matters and everything you lost will be restored back, both family, friends and most important your memory. Do you believe that there is no impossibility with God…?

She did not respond, she quietly turned and returned her eyes to the television.

“We have to give you a name for now, a good name to call you. I have few list on my mind. I have some female names, like Anesthesia which means “rise again. Beatrice which means “joy bringer. Anna which means “grace. Abigail which means “father is rejoicing”…

She quickly interrupted me.
“I like the Anna….call me Anna. The other names you mentioned are confusing. Anna sound sexy and cute. I don’t care about the meaning but I like the sound of it. “Anna…Anna…”

She began to repeat the name continuously.
I smile and rose from my seat, she stopped talking and looked up at me.

“Where are you going? Please don’t leave, spend some more time with me…pleaseeee….

She said looking from my eyes to my lips then down below my clerical apparel.

“I will be back tomorrow or next to check up on you. Whenever you are afraid or feel lonely remember what I said to you earlier that God is watching over you. God is your heavenly father and he has sent angels to shield you from all harm, you don’t have to be afraid. You are safe.

She did not respond and kept looking at me as I took my leave.
I walked to the door before turning to look back at her and she was still watching me.
“You are always in my prayers. Good night Anna”…

That was my last word to her before I walked out of the door.

I spoke with Doctor Krane before leaving. I drove back home, singing along my hymnal which was playing in my car.

I felt God entrusted a soul to my care to lead and that person is Anna. I don’t know what the next phase will be but I hope the road will not be too stony to walk on.


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