5 Ways People Use Broken Heart Quotes

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Broken heart sayings are a great way to fast forward through the painful portions of getting over a breakup. And although I don’t recommend dwelling on the negative for too long, broken heart sayings are an easy way to get over your broken relationship. While there are lots of ways to do so, broken heart sayings these are the 5 major ways in which these sayings can be used.

  1. As Motivation: There are lots of people who have a funny way of motivating themselves and thus they use broken heart quotes as motivation. Personally, I don’t like this type of motivation where the only thing that prods us further is our pain. I would rather have a reward at the end of my task, as motivation. But to each one his own.

  2. For Status updates: It is an era of online social media and thus quotes like these can help express our true state of mind and show others how we feel. It also helps others to understand what we are going through.

  3. As Reminders: There are people who love to remind themselves of their painful feelings and the hurt they suffered and thus they use these quotes. Instead of focusing on something positive, they want to keep focusing on the negative through these reminders. While this appears to be helping them, it can be disastrous in the end because it will make it difficult for them to get over the breakup. On the other hand, if they can deal with the feelings that come up properly, it will be easy for them to get over the breakup. So these reminders can be helpful, if you deal with the feelings instead of drowning yourself in pain and negativity.

  4. To Pass time: People who went through a breakup usually have a lot of time on their hands and usually go through these quotes to pass time. My advice would be to let those feelings of sadness come up and allow them to be. Don’t try to resist these feelings. You can use broken heart quotes to pass time, but remember not to spend too much time on them.

5. As inspiration for writing poems: People who are musically talented can use situations like break ups to write songs. And they find it easier to use broken heart quotes as inspiration for lyrics. I have found that writing is always a good outlet for emotions and these quotes help one to use that outlet.


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