Factors on How to Make Your Marriage Work


Your husband barely comes home for certain periods of time without due explanation, you have stopped deciding on things together, the house is such a cold home where you barely speak to each other, and the kids are starting to ask what is happening. This is the common scenario of a marriage that is on the brink of falling apart. If it is happening to you, there might be some problems that you need to resolve even before thinking about filing for divorce.

There are some factors on how to make your marriage work. These are the aspects that you need to consider in the midst of this dilemma, so you may sensitively work on the matters at hand. If you can settle the things within these aspects, then you might not need to be bothered at all.

-Your Relationship

Your relationship is the key factor to make your marriage work. A healthy relationship, founded in trust, faith, understanding, patience and love will endure the most challenging times. Your relationship is what paved way for your marriage after all. One great rule in making a marriage work, is to not let go of a good relationship. This includes the intensity of intimacy or romance that you still have for each other, your sweetness, and most importantly, your love.

-Your Kids

Your kids are the fruit of your love. And among the two of you, they will be the most affected in this dilemma, as they cannot fully understand the workings of emotions, the intensity of hurt or the extent of marital depression. All they know is that they are hurt at the condition of your marriage because they love the both of you.

Beginning to understand the depression that comes with an impending broken marriage is itself, stressing. And yet no matter what happens, as you have stated in your marital vows, it’s best to make your marriage work even at the worse of times.




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