How to Breed Bettas – 5 Tips to a Successful Courtship


With their beautiful fins, colors, and personalities, it is hard not to want to begin breeding these creatures out of a sheer desire to see what wonderful combinations you can come up with. Furthermore, learning how to breed bettas can actually be quite profitable, and if not a small business, can at least help your pet hobby pay for itself. With the following tips to help to guide you through a successful courtship and mating process, good luck!

1) In the two weeks leading up to the mating of your Betta fish you want to be doing a few things to make sure that your fish have the extra energy and drive to actually mate. Most important of these things is to increase the amount of food you're feeding both of your fish. While Betta fish need extra food for energy, be careful not to overfeed, it is the number one killer of Bettas.

2) Now let's talk about the mating tank itself. If you are first learning how to breed bettas you are going to want to get a tank that is divided, because you want your two Betta fish to know each other before they are actually in the same living space. Being able to see one another through a clear barrier for a while before the actual mating can actually go a long way towards making future interactions successful.

3) This one is often overlooked by novice Betta owners, even though it should seem obvious when breeding Betta fish. Do not have a running filter in your mating tank. There are actually two reasons for this. First, your male Betta fish is going to build a bubble best in which to house the eggs. The flow from the filter and disruptive move around this nest. Additionally, a filter is a bad idea in a mating tank because it can suck up and kill Betta fry after they are born.

4) Let your fish have lots of rest in the time leading up to the courtship. Because Betta fish are absolutely terrible at monitoring their own sleep habits, they will depend on you to turn lights off early and provide a quiet place to rest.

5) Look for aggression when introducing your potential mates, but don't be too critical. In the time leading up to mating there will almost definitely be some fin-nipping and chasing. Don't freak out as these are just your male's overly zealous attempts at getting the attention of the female. If things are too violent and the female seems excessively stressed, it may be time to remove her and try again another day. Learning how to breed bettas means you will need to be a patient observer.




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