The Doctrine of Predestination (Series 3)

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The Doctrine Of Predestination (Series 3)

God chose him as your ransom long before the world began, but now in these last days he has been revealed for yoursake (1 Peter 1 vs 20).

Now let us begin to dig deep from the scriptures to justify this reality of predestination so that many who have not believed will believe that anything that happens to man on earth has been planned before the foundation of the world, in which the reason is best known to God, of which some of the reasons are known to us, while some still remain mystery to us as at now. Because as I have said in my previous write up that there are many things that happen to man that we cannot find answers or reasons to it. But instead of us to accept our predicament over this, that we know in part, we tend to create an answer to it just to justify our beliefs that the evil that happens to the victim is caused due to his ignorance, disobedience, carelessness, and many more. But if such victim is known to be righteous and holy man, we ask God that why him? Don’t think you are the one responsible for the good that come your way, because there are many who are willing to do the same good but things they don’t want to do is what they find themselves doing. And there are also many who have done the same good you are doing that brought good fruit for you yet no result for them.

Let me also say this to deliver some of us from self condemnation and inferiority complex that you are not responsible for the bad things you experience, lest, we will blame Stephen for dying young, blame Myles Munroe for dying in plane crash with is his families, blame daddy Oyahkilome for having a broken marriage, blame bishop Benson Idahosa for dying early, blame Apostle Ayodele Babalola for marrying wrongly, and many more.

There are many mysteries about good and evil on earth that many are yet to build capacity to comprehend, lest you deny God when evil come your way, because of the teaching you have been brought up with that once you are living right all must be well. Truly, there are promises in the scripture we can claim to justify our point that all must be well, but until we know that scripture is like a bread ( bread of life )
that you can only eat the part that is given or apportion to you, because there are many Christians who know that good health or long life is their inheritance in Christ Jesus, they claim it, confess it but yet died young in sickness. That is why if we are fortunate to die before rapture we will die still hoping for some promises. No single life as ever fulfil all the 8000 promises in the scripture meant for the believer since the world begin. It is only the one destined for you before the foundation of the world that will come to reality in your life. This is what some Christians do not understand that make then to think that scripture is not working for them.

For instance if scripture says in my name you shall raise the death, that does not mean all Christians on earth will raise the
dead before they die, though it is a promise to Christians, but the manifestation will not
come to reality in the life of all, even the Apostles that received the promise directly did not all heal the sick or raise dead. only those that have been elected for it that will manifest it. So manifestation of Promises is not by choice it is by election, that is why the bible says we received by faith, faith is not what you generate, you don’t choose to have faith, you can choose to believe, but not faith, faith is a gift, it is a spiritual currency given to you by God to buy goods (e.g Healing) in the market of the kingdom. Faith is different from believing.

Now in order to do justice to this reality of predestination, we are going to be picking some lives in the scripture so that we can get the reality of this and enter our rest. Because my major motive of exposing this mystery is to let us know that all that is happening on earth is arranged by God for
just one reason, “to exalt Christ.” Another sub reason is to enter our rest, to humble us and deliver us from self pride and to give thanks in all things.

Now looking at the life of Adam, we tend to blame him for choosing to eat the forbidden fruit, but do we know that it is a
divine agenda for him to begin and end his life like that, so that Christ can be exalted on earth, because without the fall of Adam, Christ cannot be glorified on earth.

The initial plan of God for earth was that let there be Light. Let Light comes and be the king on earth and before Light can be
exalted by man, or before man can know the benefit of light they must experience darkness for some period. And somebody must be created to open the door for darkness, which is what the first Adam came to do, before the second Adam now came to open door for light. Though the drama was not acted like this seeing it literary with natural mind, but I am exposing this to tell us the mind of God over the earth, which can only be discovered by revelation.

At times, many of us do not know how to study the scriptures, we study letter, but you can’t understand the mind of God through letters, you can only know what happened through letter, you can not why such event happen through letters, because to understand why takes revelation. That is why Paul was able to outstand many disciples. Many disciples knew what happened, they know that Christ was crucified, buried and rose up on the third day, but some did not know why those things took place. It took revelation of Paul by the help of the Holy spirit to let us know the mystery of the cross, death, blood and because it what a script we can get and understand by just watching. Same to what happened in the garden of Eden, it is a script we can not understand by just watching, unless we know why God allowed such thing to happen.

Now, let me explain in this form, the mind of God about the script of this earth. In the realm of the spirit, there are two major actors in the script of this earth, the first actor is Adam who was from the soil, while Jesus who is the second Adam who was created from the Word. That is why for Jesus Christ we said the word became flesh and dwell on earth (John 1 vs 14), while for Adam we said the soil became flesh and flesh dwell on earth. Now back to our text for today, the bible says God has chosen Jesus for our ransom long before the foundation of the world. Long before Adam was created (1 Peter 1 vs 11).

Now, my question is how will Jesus be revealed and relevant for mankind if Adam did not fall, how would the verse comes to manifestation if Adam did not fall, God did not choose Christ for the ransom of man after the fall of man, He has chosen him before the foundation of the world, before Adam was created at all, which means God knew that Adam will fall before he created him. So He (God) has made provision already. So it is a divine plan before the foundation of the world is that Adam will fall, because if he did not fall there will not be any reason or relevance for Jesus to come, and Christ must be exalted on earth, because that is the divine way it has been designed to happen.

The problem with many of us is that we have not yet seen the invisible manifestation of grace in our lives so we tend to believe that we are the one who choose what happen to us.

Let grace be removed from man, that is when you will know that no man is righteous, no man seek God, no man can
choose right, all our good are selfish and that makes it to be like a filthy rag.

So I believe that if it is not the original plan for Adam to fail, God can have a way of preventing Satan to come to garden of Eden or supply grace for Adam to overcome the temptation of the devil.

I know many are having questions under this teaching like if that should be the case, will Adam, Pharaoh, Esau go to hell or is some predestined for hell?

Just keep on following in this series. I’m fully ready by God’s grace to give answers to all these questions through the help of the Holy spirit.

See you in Part 4.
Love you all.

From the desk of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle
Segun Bello


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