The Elder’s Daughter PT 22 – 24



Esther took the tablets. She looked at them closely. “What is there to live for when I have no worth here on earth?” she thought to herself. She opened the bottle and took out as many tablets as she could. She poured some water in a glass and, with tears flowing from her eyes, was about to put all the tablets in her mouth. Suddenly, she felt like someone touched her shoulder. Out of fear, she threw the medicine on the ground and looked behind to see who it was: there was nobody. However, she could still feel the presence of someone in the room. Esther put on her slippers and ran out of the room. She even forgot that she had been limping a while ago. Some students starred at her as she ran. She ran all the way to the main entrance of the girls’ hostels and stopped near the public garden, panting like someone who had just seen a ghost. She went to sit on one the garden chairs made of stones. She wondered what had just happened to her. “Oh my God! What was that?” she thought to herself. She was so afraid that she didn’t think she could go back to the room alone. She stayed at the garden for almost two hours before she decided to go to the library. As she was about to enter the library, Angela came running towards her “Esther, Esther! Where have you been? I have been looking for you for almost an hour now.” She said. “Oh really, I was at the public garden” Esther said. Angela looked surprised. She touched Esther’s forehead and asked “Are you alright? What happened in that room? I found almost all the tablets on the floor, with a bottle of water”

Esther did not know what to say anymore. She started crying again. Angela held her by the hand and took her to the public garden again. “Esther, please tell me what is going on” she said, looking very worried. Esther was not ready to tell Angela that Jacob had raped her. She only narrated her attempted suicide and the presence of a strange being inside the room. “I could swear there was someone in the room. I felt the person’s hand on my shoulder” Esther said as she narrated the story. Angela shook her head in wonder “My God! I hope we are not living with a ghost in that room. But Esther, how can you even think of doing such a thing? Don’t you know that it is a big sin before God to take one’s life?

Esther: To tell you the truth Esther, I do not think I believe in God anymore
Angela: What! Esther stop it!
Esther: I am serious. If God was truly real, do you think He would allow me to go through what I am going through right now? I have been a good girl all my life. I have always tried to please Him: I go to church, I don’t misbehave, and I respect my parents, so why would He allow me to be treated like dirt?
Angela: Well, you know what? I might not have an answer to your question and query, but one thing I know is that your situation is not critical enough to push you to doubt God’s existence. Maybe you have never seen people who suffer. There are some people that have been condemned to life imprisonment for a crime they did not commit, others are sleeping under bridges because they have no shelter, but they have not taken their lives. You need to have hope for a better tomorrow.
Esther: I don’t know if hope exists. Right now I just feel like I have no more reasons to live on Earth again. I just feel like digging a pit and falling into it.
Angela: Just because of a man? Esther I thought you were more than this my dear. Listen, when you start working, just get yourself a flat and put an end to your relationship with this beast. Your father will be upset in the beginning, but he will definitely calm down later on. He cannot abandon his daughter because of an outsider, especially when he hears what he has been doing to you. Blood is thicker than water.

Esther: Whatever!
Angela and Esther discussed for a long time. Angela tried to convince Esther to keep her hope alive. Esther did not seem to be very motivated even though she reluctantly said she had hearkened to Angela’s advice. They later went to the library to do some revisions. As they went back to their room that evening, Esther and Angela were afraid to meet the “strange being”. They both walked inside the room quietly and sat on their beds. After a while, Angela burst into laughter “Oh my God, I can’t believe we are actually fearing the unknown!” she said. Esther just smiled.

Angela: Ok my dear. Let us just pray and sleep. My mother says we should quote and read out Psalm 23 if ever we are afraid. Please bring out your Bible so that we can pray together
Esther: I am not in the mood of praying.
Angela: Don’t say that Esther. We all need God’s help. Just get that Bible, let us pray
Esther: I don’t need God’s help. If He is as powerful as we say, He should be able to know that I needed his help when I was being raped
Angela stood up in total shock “Esther what did you just say? You mean to say Jacob raped you?” she shouted. Esther was shaking already. She had not planned to reveal the secret. “I didn’t mean to say that. He didn’t rape me!” Esther said as she tried to cover herself with the blanket. “Oh yes he did! Now I know what you have been hiding from me. Esther how can you allow this man to do this to you and you stay quiet about it? That is it! I am going to tell David so that we can go to the police” Angela said as she put on her sandals, ready to go out. Esther rose up from the bed and pushed Angela on the bed. “Don’t you dare do that! It has nothing to do with any of you. It’s my life and I choose to live it the way I wish!” she screamed. Angela was surprised to see her in such a state. She sat down on her bed and shook her head. Esther went to the door and removed Angela’s keys. She then put them under her pillow and lay down. Angela watched her in total dismay. “Esther, I know that what you went through is horrible, but you cannot allow this man to get away with this crime. He needs to pay for his deeds. You can at least inform your father. And it will be a good reason for you to finally be free from him” she said gently.

“Don’t say you know what I am going through, because you have no clue at all of the kind of mental torture that I am suffering from. I don’t plan to involve anyone in this. I am going to forget about it and move on. That goes for you too. If I ever hear that you have told anyone, I will hate you for the rest of my life”” Esther answered with anger. Angela shook her head “My God. Lord please help” she said. That night, both of them failed to sleep. Even though they had switched off the lights, both of them could not close their eyes for a while. “If anyone else knows about this, I will be treated as a useless girl and no man will ever want to be with me again. I am truly a worthless person, it is being confirmed every single day” Esther thought to herself.

“I need to inform David about this. He is the only one that can help us to report this matter to the police. Or maybe I can steal her father’s number and call him? But I fear her reaction. I know that right now she is so hurt, maybe I should give her some time when she is much calmer. But it is always better to report such cases earlier. Oh God! What will I do? I can’t allow this man to hurt her just like this and go scot-free” Angela thought to herself.

The following morning as they were getting ready to go for classes, Esther knelt down before Angela and pleaded “Please Angela, I beg you not to tell anyone about what I told you. If you do so, I will feel so used and worthless. Help me to keep the little dignity I have left. You are the only friend I can trust, so please promise me you will not do it. Jacob is a rich guy so I don’t think I can win this case against him even if I had to report the matter to the police.” Angela felt so bad within her. Her plans to inform David about the situation had just been cut off by Esther’s plea. “There, there. Get up now. You don’t need to beg me. I promise I won’t say anything to anyone” she said as she helped Esther to be on her feet. She gave her a consoling hug and they both left.

In the afternoon, Esther received a call from Jacob who informed her that he was not able to see her before leaving. According to him, he had some pressing issues to attend to and therefore, could not have enough time to pass by the Campus. Esther was glad that she was not going to see such a monster.

Days went by. Esther was more than ever, losing hope for her life. Her only aim was to complete her third year and find a place to live alone. Jacob had only been sending some text messages once in a while, but did not call her. That didn’t seem to bother Esther at all.
On a certain Saturday, Esther woke up feeling very weak. She cleared her throat as she sat on her bed. Angela was awakened by the noise. “Esther, what is it? Are you having a cold?” she asked. Esther continued clearing her throat as if she has swallowed something unpleasant. “I don’t understand what is going on. I feel so weak and my throat hurts. My back aches too. Ouch!” she said. “Oh sorry dear, maybe you are about to have a sore throat. Let’s take a bath then we can go to the dispensary. I guess it’s because of the weather” Angela said. Esther nodded her head and they both went to take a bath. When they arrived at the dispensary, there were a lot of patients waiting to be attended to. All seats at the waiting area were occupied. Esther and Angela stood at the back as they waited for some seats to be vacant. All of a sudden, Esther fainted. The assistant-nurses rushed to attend to her. Angela was in tears as all the students watched what was going on. Betty was among those that helped to resuscitate her. Esther opened her eyes and wondered what had just happened. One of the male nurses helped them to lift her up and they took her inside for consultation. Angela stayed behind, trembling “Oh Lord, please help my friend” she prayed. After about 20 minutes, one of the nurses called her. “You will need to accompany your friend to the general hospital in town. There are some tests that will need to be carried out on her as we don’t have the necessary equipment here. Betty will go with you. She will drive you to the hospital in her car” the nurse said. Esther put her hands around Angela’s shoulders as they followed Betty to her car.

When they arrived at the hospital, the doctor carried out some tests on Esther and asked her to wait. Angela waited impatiently at the waiting area. After close to an hour, the doctor came back with the results and asked Esther and Betty to come in his office. “Please sit down” he said. Esther and Betty sat down as they looked at the doctor who was going through the results, nodding his head to show his understanding. He looked at Esther and said “Young lady, are you sexually active?” Esther felt rather embarrassed. “No, no sir, I am not” she said. The Doctor smiled

Doctor: You don’t have to be ashamed. I am a Doctor and Betty here is also a nurse, so you don’t have to worry about confidentiality. I know why I am asking you this question
Esther: But I am not sexually active. In fact I have never had sex with anyone in my life, except…except…Doctor: Hahahaha. Except what? You ladies of nowadays are funny. Well, you can lie to me, but the results here are quite clear. You have a sexually transmitted infection.
Esther: What? What do you mean? No I can’t have it
Doctor: Well, yes you do. That is why you are having all these symptoms of sore throat, back pain, itching beneath and others. But no need to worry about that, I am going to prescribe the specific medicine that you will need to take and you should be fine in no time. But please as a father I would like to admonish you to be very careful with your life. You are so young and you have a bright future. Don’t allow boys or men to rob you of your precious destiny. Abstain from sexual activities and preserve not only your future, but your body too because there are so many disease out there.

Esther broke down and cried. Betty hugged her “Don’t cry. It happens. You just need to be more careful now. Once you take your medication, you will be fine” Betty said. “But I am innocent in all this. Why is it happening to me?” Esther said. Betty hugged her again and gave her a face tissue to wipe her tears. She collected the prescription and they left the Doctor’s office. As they came out, Esther ran to Angela and put her head on her chest “Angela, I am innocent” she cried. Angela rubbed her hand on her back “It’s ok Esther. Let’s go. You’ll explain to me later.” Betty passed by the pharmacy and bought the prescribed medicine for her. “There you go Esther, don’t worry about the money. I have offered it to you” she said. “Thank you” Esther said, sobbing.

“Oh my God! I can’t believe this. That bastard not only raped you, but also infected you with an STI. May he rot in hell!” Angela shouted that day as Esther told her about the results. Esther just sat on her bed, starring at the ceiling as Angela rumbled and shouted, cursing Jacob. Esther went straight to her bag and took out her Bible. She mercilessly tore it into pieces like a mad man and threw it in the dustbin. Angela watched the scene with her hand on the mouth. Esther lifted her head up and shouted, as though she was talking to God “I don’t believe you exist. You are fake!” Angela did not have the courage to stop her as she looked quite violent. Esther threw herself on the bed and slept.
Meanwhile Betty ran to David’s shop. “David, David. We need to talk my dear” she said. David, who was just about to leave the shop, looked surprised “What is the matter? Is everything ok?” he asked. Betty pulled him by the hand and took him behind the shop.

Betty: David. You won’t believe what I am about to tell you. Your so called friend, Esther is a whore!
David: What! What do you mean?
Betty: She was brought at the dispensary today by her friend Angela. She fainted as she waited for her turn to come so we rushed her to the general hospital. After running some tests on her, we discovered that she has an STI.
David: Impossible! Esther is not that type of a girl
Betty: Well, are you saying I am lying? I was there when the doctor gave her the results. I even bought the medicine for her. Check this out…This is the prescription that was given to her. The girl is a pretender. She has been sleeping with men and she pretends to be holy
David: My Lord! I guess it’s her fiancé that passed it on to her. I feel so bad for her
Betty: Fiance or not, she is infected. I just thought I should tell you since both of you were very close and you’ve always told me how much you like her. Be careful my dear, before you get infected.

David stood there thinking about Esther. “I guess I have completely lost her. If she can be having such diseases, it means that she is really into her fiancé. I Just pray he doesn’t infect her with an incurable disease” he thought to himself. Betty smiled and pinched him gently “Hey, don’t think too much my dear. Just thank God that He has revealed this to you. Who knows what diseases she could have given you if your plan to run away with her had worked?” she said
To be Continued


Weeks had gone by since Esther discovered that she had been infected with an STI. She had finished taking her medication and she was back in shape. Things were getting rather tight at school as the students prepared for their mock exams. Esther and Angela were concentrated on their studies as they were eager to pass these exams to test their level before the final exams few months later. However, Esther was becoming colder by the day: she refused to believe that she could amount to anything in life. “I am only concentrating on these studies because I just want to get a diploma, get a job and run away from my father’s house” she would say as Angela tried to encourage her. According to her, the whole notion of God was a mere philosophy by men who just wanted to control others by faking the existence of a God to place rules on their lives. Angela was still very supportive and always offered words of encouragement.

Elder Barnabas and his wife regularly called Esther to know how she was doing. They reminded her of her upcoming wedding immediately she completed her third year. “Make sure you put in all your efforts so that you can acquire your diploma. I know, in a few months’ time when you get married to your fiancé, he will definitely allow you to get a job. And anyway even if he doesn’t, I know that you will be very happy with him. He will take very good care of you. You should see how he has furnished our house here. May God bless this young man!” Elder Barnabas would say whenever he called. Esther pretended to be comfortable with their plans. But deep inside her, she was suffering from emotional pain and was seeking a way out. The emotional trauma made her to become very rigid. Her anger and hatred towards men was heating up daily. She blamed men for the situation she was going through. She made a vow to never get involved with a man out of love or affection.

“I don’t ever want to get married. I prefer living alone” She said as she discussed with Angela. Angela laughed “Esther you are funny. Don’t allow one situation to dictate the events of your future. Does it mean you don’t want to have children?” Angela said. Esther thought for a while and said “Of course I want to have children. You forget that we are medical students and we learn that you don’t have to sleep with a man to have children. What is artificial insemination for? I am ready to undergo the process, without knowing the sperm donor and he will not know me either. Then I can take care of my child” Angela was not shocked to hear these words from Esther because over the few weeks, Esther had truly changed. She was no longer the soft Esther that Angela had known. However, Angela was patient with her, knowing that she was still undergoing tough times.

Esther had just finished revising in the library. She was about to leave the library when she met with David. David looked at her and was thinking she would try to greet him. He was determined to just pass by without saying a word to her. But to his greatest surprise, Esther bypassed him as if she had never known him. David was shocked by this. He never expected to see such a reaction from Esther. “Indeed, this girl is not what I thought she was” he said to himself. “Men think they are superior beings on earth. They forget that we are all mortal people and we are equal. Rubbish!” Esther said to herself.

Angela had gone to spend the weekend at her parents’ house. Esther was left alone. She decided to take a walk around the Campus. When she got to the entrance of the hostels, she met Naomi and Janet. They were both looking very classy, although Naomi looked even more beautiful. She wore a beautiful pink dress with black high heels. She had a beautiful and flashy pink bag and walked like a star. Esther looked at them in admiration. She had not seen both of them for quite a while and she wasn’t expecting to be in good terms with them. However, Naomi shouted upon seeing her “Esther, my lovely Esther! How are you? Come over here.” Esther looked rather surprised. She walked towards them slowly and greeted them ‘Hello ladies, how are you doing?” Naomi smiled and gave her a hug, spreading her arms straight as though she didn’t want her nails to be touched “Helloooooo my dear. It’s good to see you after such a long time. Where have you been hiding?” she said. Janet also hugged Esther and laughed “Madam Pastor. You disappeared from the act. Where have you been?” she said. “I have been around. I’ve just been busy with my studies, that’s all. You both look beautiful” Esther said.
“Thank you darling. Hey we are about to go and have lunch at Caesar’s. Come with us. I’ll pay you good lunch” Naomi said. Esther kindly rejected the offer stating that she was already full, but the two ladies insisted until she finally gave in.

She followed them as they walked out of the hostel. Esther was thinking that they were about to stop a taxi when suddenly, they both turned to the other direction. Naomi took out some keys and pressed them with a proud look on her face. A small but beautiful red car flashed its lights and Naomi opened the front door. “Come on in ladies” she said as she carefully put her bag inside the car. Esther was surprised to learn that she had finally bought a car. Naomi put some loud music and danced to it as she drove. Her phone rang and she answered “Hello baby….I am fine and you?….Yea I miss you too and I can’t wait to see you too……Not really, I am just going out with some friends to have some lunch……oh come on! Just some friends……Ok, I am with Janet and another friend by the name of Esther…..yes….Yes….Nothing….Ok baby listen, I am driving and I don’t want to be caught by the police. Talk to you later but please don’t forget to bring my Gucci bag when coming. Love you”

She smiled as she put down her phone, looking at Janet who was also laughing. They arrived at the restaurant and sat down as they ordered for food. As they waited for the food, Naomi started up a discussion
Naomi: So Esther, how is your fiancé doing?
Esther: He’s fine thank you?
Naomi: Does he usually visit you here?
Esther: hmm, it’s been almost two months now since he visited. He’s quite busy at work. But we are definitely in touch
Naomi: Ok, that’s great. However, there is something I really wanted to tell you but I have not had the courage and opportunity to see you. I know that both of us have not been in very good terms for a while now. But I want you to know that I have always liked you Esther. It’s true that sometimes Janet and I behave somehow wild, but deep within our hearts, we have nothing against you. I cannot see something bad happening to my sister and keep quiet about it.
Esther: Something bad happening to who? Please shed more light
Naomi: To you my dear. That man you call your fiancé is not really a good man. I have personally seen him taking girls out to hotels and clubs whenever he is in town. For instance, there was a day he told you that he had left and yet he was still in town. He had spent a night with a lady I know from the club. She is the one that narrated the story to me. She said Jacob had told her that you surprised him in town and he had to lie to you that he was at work.

Esther looked down. She felt rather ashamed to hear this. Although she knew that Jacob was a playboy, she did not expect or even wish to hear it from Naomi and Janet as she knew that they would use it to mock her. However, Naomi sounded so nice and concerned.
Naomi: You don’t have to feel bad my dear. Let me tell you one thing. This life is very short and you only live it once. You can’t allow a man to play with your feelings just like that. You are an educated person and you need to fight back
Esther: How can I fight back? In any case, I have no interest in men as they are all dogs. I hate them with all my heart and I don’t want to have anything to do with them. I just want to finish my studies, find a job and move on with my life
Janet and Naomi looked at each other in amazement. They wondered what had pushed Esther to say such things.
Naomi: Why do you say that? Not all men are bad. What about your friend David? He seems to be a nice person and I was actually going to suggest that you maintain your relationship with him and dump Jacob
Esther: Which David? Pffff. I have told you that all men are dogs. David and I are no longer friends. He’s just like every other man
Naomi: Hmm. This is getting interesting. What did he do?
Esther: Just forget about it. I don’t want to talk about it
Naomi: Come on tell us. Maybe we can advise you on what to do
Esther: He stopped communicating with me. He completely ignored me and when I tried to ask him he treated me like a fool
Naomi: Hmm. My dear, I know exactly what happened
Esther: What?
Naomi: David is a good man and I am sure he only did that because he didn’t want to bring problems between you and your fiancé. And who knows, maybe Jacob might have warned him to stay away from you. Now tell me something, do you really love David?
Esther: No! I mean yes I do, but it doesn’t matter anymore
Naomi: Please just answer my question. Do you love David?
Esther: Yes I do, bu…
Naomi: No conditions here my dear. Love is worth fighting for. If you truly love David, you need to go back and try to reconquer his love for you too because I know that he loves you very much. He is just afraid that he might bring problems between both of you. But to be honest with you, Jacob is not a man worth marrying. He is a hardcore player and if you marry him, you will suffer for the rest of your life.
Esther: But how can I become friends with David when he does not even want to talk to me?
Naomi: It’s very simple my dear. As ladies, God has given us so much intelligence and asset that we can use to win the love of any man. Just go to his room and beg him with all your heart, cry in front of him and explain to him what Jacob has been doing to you. Then tell him that he is the one that you truly love and that you are ready to break up with this playboy just to be with him. And if he refuses, my dear just gently remove your clothes and seduce him. There is no man that can resist the seduction of a determined woman.
Esther: I can’t seduce David to sleep with me!
Naomi: Then you can lose him forever! Listen David is a very handsome and good man who can make a good husband. And believe me, there are many ladies out there who are dying to be with him, especially that he now seems to be making it financially with his little shop. It’s either you grab this opportunity or you lose him forever. The choice is yours
Their discussion lasted the entire time they were having lunch. They left the place and arrived at the university. Naomi and Janet continuously advised Esther to beg for David’s forgiveness. When Esther arrived in her room, she seriously thought about what the ladies had told her. She was reluctant to go to David’s room. “What if he embarrasses me? Maybe his roommate is there too” she thought to herself. She resisted the feeling until around 7:30pm when she could no longer take it. She looked at herself in the mirror and shook her head “I don’t think I am sexy enough to make David fall for me again” she said to herself. She opened the door and ran to Naomi and Janet’s room.

They were both surprised to see her. “I need you ladies to lend me some of your beautiful clothes. I want to go and see David now” she said, catching her breath.
Janet and Naomi gave each other a high-five. “Now, you are talking! Way to go my girl! This is what we call woman power!” Naomi shouted. Naomi made Esther to sit down. She brought out a beautiful yellow dress and asked Esther to put it on. Esther was skeptical at first, but Naomi and Janet insisted. She tried to pull the dress a little bit to make it longer. Naomi and Janet laughed “My dear, don’t worry about it. You look beautiful” Janet said. They sat her down, removed her headscarf and styled her long hair “Wow, I wish I had such lovely hair” Janet said. They did her make-up and gave her a pair of not very high heels to wear as she could not walk in higher ones. When Esther looked at herself in the mirror, she could not believe what she saw: She looked exquisite and sexy. The shape of her hips made her look like a real goddess. “Wow!” she said to herself. “You look splendid my dear. David will melt in his trousers” Janet said.

Esther left the room feeling a bit uncomfortable. Some male students looked at her as she passed by, some even whistled to her. It was getting dark, so Esther moved as fast as she could. She arrived in front of David’s room and took a deep breath. Her heart was beating so fast that she wondered what she would say to him. She took another deep breath and knocked on the door at least twice. She could hear footsteps. Finally someone opened the door. It was David. He was stunned to see Esther. He looked at her from her toes to her head. “Wow! Esther, what brings you here?” he said with admiration in his heart. Esther was shaking “I….I…I came to talk to you” she said. Before she could continue, someone came behind David and said “Baby, your phone is ringing”. Esther could not believe her eyes: It was Betty, the assistant nurse. She wore only a pair of short knickers and a bra. They both looked at each other. Betty, with a smile on her face said “Oh hi Esther. It’s good to see you. I hope you are doing well” she looked at David and said “Baby, your phone was ringing. I think it’s your sister”

David looked rather ashamed. Esther felt like fainting. She could not believe her eyes. She looked at David and said “Sorry, I didn’t mean to disturb you both. I need to get going now” she said. Before David could utter a word, Esther ran as fast as she could, almost falling down because of the shoes. David watched her as she left, feeling quite confused.
To be continued.


Esther ran as fast she could, feeling very disappointed. The door to Janet and Naomi’s room was not locked. Esther pushed it wide open. Naomi and Janet were surprised to see her return early. “Hey Esther, didn’t you find David?” Naomi asked. Esther went to sit on her bed and cried. The two ladies looked at her. “What is it? What happened?” Naomi asked. Esther wiped her tears and narrated to them what had happened.
Naomi: I can’t believe this! Men are vipers!
Esther: You can say that again. That is why I told you that I no longer want to be involved with any man. They are all dogs
Janet: But to tell you the truth, I don’t blame the guy. I am sure he has been trying to win your heart, but you were busy believing the lies of your so called fiancé
Naomi: Yes, Janet is right. David was surely tired of waiting for you. He’s a human being, not a piece of wood and he needs to satisfy his desires. And I am very sure that you can still win his heart
Esther: I don’t even want to try again. I think I am fine just like this.
Janet: And you want to allow that small cockroach called Betty to take the man that you have ever loved? What surprises me is how David can even think of going out with such a witch! I have known Betty for some time now. She is a subtle young lady. I remember very well that she used to go out with one old politician. He is the one that even bought that car for her. She almost ruined the man’s marriage until the wife came with some men who beat her up very well at one of the clubs.
Esther: What? But she looks very quiet and kind?
Naomi: Hahahaha. Quiet my foot! You are too innocent Esther. Don’t let anyone fool you. That girl is a green snake in green grass.
Janet: Yes. Naomi, do you also remember the day she fought with that colored lady because of the footballer?

Naomi: Hahaha. It was like comedy. They pulled each other’s wigs. Betty almost ripped off that girl’s eyes. She’s a crazy lady.
Esther: I am surprised. I hope she won’t hurt David. Anyway I don’t even care. Let them do what pleases them. I will live my own life
Naomi: Hmm, actually you are right Esther. You need to live your life. One thing I know is that David loves you very much. Even from the way you narrated the story, I believe right now he is feeling so bad. I am sure he is only trying to satisfy his desires with her but you are the one he loves sincerely. There is a way you can get him back
Esther: H-o-w? I am sure he has already forgotten about me
Naomi: It’s simple! Just make him jealous and he will come crawling back to you like a baby
Esther: How?
Naomi: Listen; there are many men who are ready to have fun with a beautiful girl like you. You don’t need to be in a serious relationship with them, but you can use one of them to make David jealous.
Esther: Are you asking me to start seeing other men? I can’t do it
Naomi: It won’t be forever my dear. The aim is to make David jealous. When he is jealous, he will come back to you because he doesn’t want to lose you. It’s simple my dear. In life, one just needs to be very clever and know how to play the cards well. Janet and I usually do it. For instance, when I was seeing a certain guy, he started playing games with me, going after useless girls. I just played along by going out with a man much older than him, filthy rich. Not less than a week when he saw me with my sugar daddy, the guy came back running to me like a puppy
Esther: Are you still with him now?
Naomi: Nope! I didn’t like him that much so I left him, but he keeps begging me like a fool till date.
Janet: You don’t even need to sleep with the men. Just use them to make David realize his mistakes. Make sure he sees you hugging the man tightly in front of his shop. You will thank us later my dear.

Naomi and Janet put in all their efforts to push Esther to find a man she could use to make David jealous. Esther was very skeptical and did not accept. She left their room, promising to think about it. She also expected David to pass by and ask why she had gone to see him, but her expectation was in vain as David did not show up at all. When Angela came back, she narrated the whole story to her, but did not mention that she had been in touch with Janet and Naomi. “Amazing! So Betty has been eyeing David all this while hun!” Angela said. She advised Esther to just concentrate on her studies, emphasizing that she would definitely meet the man of her dreams at the right time.
One day, as Esther was going to the dining hall in the evening, she met David and Betty on their way to the dining hall as well. Betty was all over David, holding him tight, laughing as David seemed to be telling her some funny stuff. Esther felt like a sharp knife pierced her heart. She remained focused and continued walking. David and Betty saw her. Betty was the first to greet her “Hi Esther, how are you doing?” she said. Esther put on a fake smile and said “I am very well thank you and you Betty?” David looked at her and with a smile on his face, said “Hi Madam. What’s up?”

“I am fine thank you David” Esther said. Betty put her hands around David’s waist and hit him gently on his cheek with her finger “Let’s go baby, I am very hungry” she said. Esther went her way as David and Betty also entered the dining hall. Esther felt hurt. David seemed to be happy with Betty. Esther looked at them as they sat down, laughing and cuddling while she sat alone to have her supper as Angela, who never had the habit of eating in the evenings, was in the room. As Esther looked at David and Betty, she began to remember the advice she had received from Janet and Naomi. “Maybe those ladies were right. I can’t seem to get over David no matter how hard I try. And if what Naomi and Janet said about Betty is true, then I can’t allow David to continue with such a lady. He deserves better” she thought to herself. She thought about this until she was about to leave the hall. Betty and David were still eating, looking so much in love. Esther finally decided to go and meet Janet and Naomi.


“I am ready for it” she said as she told them her decision. Esther and Janet gave each other a high five “Now you are talking! I have always known that you are an intelligent lady. A real woman fights for what belongs to her” Naomi said. She picked up her phone and made a call ‘Hi Prince……doing well thanks…..yes….Ok so you remember the beautiful sexy lady you asked me about the other day?…yes that’s the one…..She is ready for the game….hahaha…Ok see you in a minute then” She said looking very happy. “Hey Esther!. There is a guy that fell in love with you when he saw you with us having lunch the other day. He was with his stupid girlfriend when he saw us so he couldn’t come to say hi. But he later called me the following day to ask of you. I even told him that you are actually looking for someone to play around with in order to make David jealous and he is ready to do so. He is a rich guy and will actually make David be on his knees for your once he sees both of you” Naomi said.

Esther was not sure if she was ready to take up the challenge. She had never been involved in such a thing, but then she was ready to do anything to win David back. The two ladies asked her to put on something sexier. Esther asked for the same dress she had worn the day she went to see David. After a couple of minutes, someone knocked on the door. “Yes! That should be Prince” Naomi shouted as she jumped from her bed. She opened the door and shouted “Hello Prince of Bel Air. You look gorgeous. Come on in.” Esther watched to see who the famous Prince was: He was a tall dark skinned man. He was probably in his early forties. Esther trembled as she looked at the man. She couldn’t imagine going out with a man old enough to be her uncle. The man smiled “Hello beautiful ladies. How are you doing?” he said. Esther looked at his mouth and noticed that he had lost one of his front teeth. Naomi introduced him to Esther. And after a few minutes, she asked both of them to take a walk around the school premises ‘Make sure you go near his shop. I usually see him around there at this time of the evening” Naomi said. Prince stretched his hand towards Esther and said “Come with me beautiful one. You lead the way.” Esther stood up and they both left the room. This was definitely the hardest thing that Esther had ever done in her life. Prince tried to put his hands around her waist, but Esther shouted “What are you doing?”

Prince laughed “Don’t be afraid. I am just trying to help you get your man back. And you will need to put in more effort if you want this thing to work” he said. Esther looked at him naively and gave in. Prince put his hands around her waist as Esther led him to David’s shop. They had hardly reached the shop when suddenly they met David heading to his shop. He was alone and was rushing. “That’s David!” Esther whispered to Prince. Upon hearing that, Prince held Esther tightly and kissed her ear “You are simply the best my love. You’ve made me so happy” he said. Esther did not feel comfortable at all but she pretended to be enjoying Prince’s company. They both pretended not to see David as he came from the other side of the men’s pavilion. David experienced the shock of his life when he was saw what was happening. Prince went ahead and gave Esther a kiss on her lips. Esther would have pushed him with anger, but she played along. “Hi Esther. Enjoy your evening” David said as he looked at them angrily. Esther responded ‘Oh David thanks dear. I didn’t even see you.” Prince hugged her again and said gently “Baby, let’s go to my house this evening. I’ll bring you back to school early morning tomorrow”
David shook his head and continued his way. “Wait, let him go so that I can now go back to my room” Esther said as she asked Prince to stop. “Oh come on, let’s continue the game. I am enjoying it. Let’s go to a nearby restaurant so that I buy some nice food for you” Prince said, pulling Esther’s hand. Esther let go of his hand with so much anger “No! This thing is only supposed to end here. Thank you for your time” she said as she went back to the hostels. Prince smiled and shook his head “Ah, village girls. So hard to get. But I will soon have you my dear. You have something that every man is looking for, something so rare” he said to himself as he left.

“I hope that David will come to apologize to me this evening or even tomorrow” Esther said to Naomi when she had gone back. Naomi laughed “Ah Esther, don’t be too impatient my dear. People have different levels of ego. If he doesn’t come back tomorrow, Prince is still available to play the game until you get what you want” she said. Oh no! I am not going to continue this game with this guy. He is exaggerative. I was thinking it was just a simple game but he was taking it too far to the point of kissing me. I have never been so disgusted in my life. And his mouth smells so bad. He needs to spend some of his money on proper toothpaste” Esther said with anger as she put on her clothes. Naomi laughed but Janet seemed to be upset with Esther’s words. Esther left the room. When she had left, Janet looked at Naomi and said “Who the fk does this little brat think she is to be talking about Prince like that? Idiot! With her village scent, she even has the guts to say Prince has a bad mouth odor. I hate this girl with passion. Sometimes I just feel like throwing her in a pit of st”

Naomi laughed again: Oh come on! Don’t take it too personal. This whole thing is going to be over soon and you and I will soon be enjoying our shopping on Oxford Street, London. It’s just a matter of time baby. Let’s just be patient” she said. Janet smiled ‘Oh I can’t wait. I’ve heard so much about Oxford Street that I will surely shout with joy when we get there”.


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