How to Instill Self Love in Your Children


Creating self-love in your children is something that you need to do because it is not created automatically. If you want your child to be happy and successful in life, then understanding how to instill self-love in your children is a must.

Instilling self-love is so important because even if you create love around your children in the home, their self-worth can still be damaged when they are not in your care.

We live in a society that puts a lot of self-worth on what we do and not who we are. I believe our children can get caught in the cross fire of feeling like, “failing is not an option.” Many people in our society only celebrate winning and not losing. Failing is just as important as winning. It shapes our personality. It makes us grow into a balanced human being.

Pushing our children to excel also chips away at their self love because; you are saying in a round-about way, that they are not good enough the way they are.

Put more trust in your children and it may surprise you.

Our children know what they like and what they don’t like. It is not up to the parents to choose what their children should be interested in. Children will automatically excel if given a chance to choose what they enjoy doing. That means if your child is not a straight “A” student than it just means the child is showing you their talents. No one is good at everything. Look at your child’s talents instead of trying to create their talents for them.

Acceptance, forgiveness, and caring for oneself are the essential elements of self-love. In accepting, forgiving and loving ourselves, we learn the necessary skills to do the same for others as we develop healthy, caring relationships. It is simply impossible to offer others what we don’t already have.

Understanding how to instill self-love in your children, will give them the tools they need for true happiness. If you help your children see their shortcomings as gifts they will learn to love themselves completely. As they grow, no one will be able to strip them of their self-worth.



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