THE PRIEST VOW Episode 12 – 14

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Episode 12.
By Amah’s Heart.

Anna was acting strange but I pretend not to care even though I wish to know what was eating at her.

Anna needed to sit up, she was too relaxed and thought she can get away with every sinful act. she forgot there is a consequence for every action.
I was not happy with the way she treated her own child or even mingled with a married man.
If she has gotten involved with a single and responsible man I will not be worried but Fred was married with kids. He has been visiting for over a month and I never knew until I listened to the urge of the holy spirit which directed me home that day.

I try to be a bit strict with her and kept reminding her about our upcoming journey to meet Gumi.
As the said day draw near I went to her to remind her again.

“Anna, our journey begins tomorrow or next. Get yourself and Joel ready. We will be leaving very early.

She gave a heavy sigh before saying

“Can’t you see that I have not been feeling fine. Why didn’t you observe or the holy spirit did not tell you this time? But it told you to come home and destroy my relationship with Fred. I’m not feeling well so I can’t go anywhere.

“Are you pregnant?

I asked the question I have been wanting
to ask her for days.
She gave me another annoying sigh before saying.

“I’m too smart to get pregnant for Fred. You thought I’m pregnant…. c’mon, what do you take me for? Please, I’m not pregnant. I’m only love struck and I need a real man in my life. I’m not going anywhere near Gumi. I can’t even remember where he lives. I losed my memory again. You made Fred to leave me. How do I get another man that will make me feel like a woman. Is obvious that you are impotent or you lack a manhood. But bear it in mind that I’m not stepping out of this house. I’m having memory lose and can’t remember a road to Gumi’s house.

I was not going to hear another excuse from her. She was still angry with me because Fred left her but I won’t beat around the bush or make her feel comfortable that it was okay to do whatever she pleases.
I told her my mind.

“I’m sorry if you are not feeling well or suffering memory loss, I can get you drugs or pray for you to get back your self again only if you are interested but Fred is not an antidote to your health. You need to grow up Anna. Don’t derive joy in other people’s pain. We are going to see Gumi tomorrow and that is final. If your memory is lose then start searching for it. You will be in the car and there is nothing much for you to do rather than tell me how to get to him. get ready, after today, by tomorrow we will be out of town to meet Gumi.

I left her and entered my room.
Very early the following morning I tapped on her door but she did not respond.
I waited, hoping she will be out but Anna did not come out.

I knocked again and called out her severally but no response.
I opened her door and went inside and she was lying naked and smiling at me.

I quickly turned my face and walked out.
Joel strolled out to meet me and i got him ready and wait for Anna to be out.

Anna came out but not dressed.
She bared her breast out and walked round the house with only pant.

” Is this the best idea you came up with so that you won’t show me the way to Gumi. You can do better than this please…

She started laughing sarcastically.
And surprisingly pulled off her pant and throw it at me.

i quickly dodged it and looked else where.

Anna began to cat walk round the house with her nakedness. I sat down and stare right at nothing.

“You said I can do better… and I’m trying to show you how much I can do. Why are you looking away? Take a good look at me James…. am I not desireable? You want me to live in this house with you as a Reverend sister… hahahaha. You chased away the man that gives me satisfaction. You think I care if he’s married or not. All I cared about was the way he makes me feel and how he handles me in bed. If his wife was good enough he won’t be coming here to smash me in bed those afternoons. Father James, Keep your holiness to yourself and leave me with my sin. I was never a saint. If you know how many married men I have slept with or the things that I have done before you met me you won’t be under this same roof with me. I have dealt with a handfull of single men too and I can tell you that you are really missing a lot. If only you will allow me to handle you just once, you will go and testify of how good I am. I wish to know the size in between your legs and help you feel like a real man. What kind of stupid vow or celibacy that is keeping you from enjoying the sweet juice that a woman is ready to offer you. What kind of a man are you that will live with a woman for a good three years without a touch or a kiss. Do you even have manhood or you are impotent…. maybe you are a naive virgin who doesn’t know how to handle a woman. I can teach you if you will let me. Listen James, you can sleep with me now and nobody will judge you or even know about it…it will be between us. You can even marry me if you want. My family probably thinks I’m dead and I hate them all because they referred to me as wayward and prostitute. Permit me to show you what real love feels like. You have being missing so much. Check me out…. take a long look at my sexy body”

She moved her naked self to where I sat focusing at nothing.

Joel was eating breakfast and playing with his toys. He was so occupied and did not care about the drama his mother was performing.

Anna came to stand in front of me and widen her legs, dangling her breast right at me.

I looked up at her and she was biting her lips, sticking out her tongue in seductive style.
Anna did all this without minding that little Joel was sitting right there.

I stood and try to walk away but Anna blocked me.

” Hahaha… you are getting all hard and can’t resist me. Let me unravel you and make you feel like a real man. We can do it right here or in the room. Nobody will know. I’m all horny and yawning for your touch. I have yawn for it for three good years. I guess is time we get it done. i can also back my actions with the scripture that says the kingdom of God suffereth violence and violence takes it by force. Yes I’m taking it by force from you today. Please touch me… allow me to kiss your sucklent lips. You are too handsome to be wasting away all in the name of serving God and keeping your vow of celibacy. Try it once and see what it feels like. The feeling is heaven on earth. You will enjoy it I promise you…

I was praying all through this period not because I was afraid but because at a point along her seductive act and speech I became distracted.
And getting distracted was a little space that the devil needs to penetrate into my heart.
I was not going to flex muscle with the devil and show him how strong I am or how I can flee from temption no matter what.
I can’t contend with the devil carnally. I invited the power above all powers to make the enemy to submit to the authority.

I was caught up by the holy spirit at that moment and quickly placed my right hand on Anna’s forehead and began to rebuke.

At first, she looked at me as if I was performing some sort of magic. She began to laugh but I kept rebuking with so much authority and did not stop until her laughter turned into a terrifying scream.

The fire burn through her and she fell to the ground and started rolling all over.

I kept praying as the holy spirit took over me, rebuking every seducing spirit, every marine and spirit of confusion in her.

I asked them to flee from her and never return.
This bad spirits were strong willed and stubborn. They refused to leave but I was not battling them alone. The presence of God filled The house and it looks like the whole building will collapse.

I heard a cry of a baby, it was Joel. The little boy was terrified but I was too carried away with the heavy task at hand.

I prayed until Anna became still on the ground.
She was motionless and the seductive spirit was out of her.

My Bible said for we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities in the high places that are out to torment the children of God.

When I recovered from what happened, Joel was lying still on the ground, he did not move and Anna lay naked.

I took cloth and covered her up before tapping her.
She stood from the ground.
Covering herself up quickly.

I went to Joel and check if he is was alright before lifting him to my arm.

Anna was on her feet.

“What happened… what did you do to me and what happened to my son…is he dead… father James?

She asked moving away from me as if I was a ghost.

” Anna, go and rest today. Our journey will start tomorrow to Gumi.

I carried Joel to my room and lay him on the my bed he suddenly wakes up.

I carried him back to the parlour and got him busy with his toys again.

I needed to have a quiet time, so I returned to my room and resume praying.
I did not come out until evening.

I checked up on Anna and Joel. They were watching the television in silent.

Anna was holding her son more tender than I have ever seen her do before.

I returned back to my room till the following day

The next day I was up. I got ready and as I was coming out Anna was also coming out from her room with Joel.
They were both ready.

She greeted me cheerfully and handed Joel to me.

“Good morning father James. i have been up since… very early and was waiting for you. I also packed some food for the journey ahead”

We left. I drove out of the city and Anna was my road map.

I kept driving all through the morning till afternoon sun settled in.
I stopped at a gas station and filled up my car tank before we entered the road again.

It was mid noon before we finally got close.

” He lives in this town. Take your left and turn right to the next street.

Anna said pointing out the way.
I followed and kept driving until we arrived at a building.
It was already sun down.

“That’s his house. Right there…. that tall building. Yes, that one over there.

I drove down and parked in front of the building.
I got down but she was still in the car.

“Father, I’m afraid. Gumi is also a drug Lord and very mean. I will just stay in the car.

“You don’t have to be afraid of Gumi. You are not alone Anna. We are together in this and I will not let any harm come to you or Joel. Okay? Let’s go…

She nodded and came down. She carried Joel and matched behind me as I followed her instructions and walked straight to the door.

I ranged the door bell twice and a young man came to answer the door.

“Hello! my name is James and we are asking for Gumi. I was told he lives here.

“Ooh, he used to live here but not again.

I breathed in and said.

” Please, where can we find him. Is very urgent.

The young man looked from Anna who kept a distance and then back to me before saying.

“The government took over most of his properties after he was arrested. Gumi has been in prison for two years now. He is serving a life sentence and may die there except if the court of appeal decide otherwise or grant him a patrol. Whatever they like they should do with him because he was a pain in the ass. A serious pain in people’s neck…. a hardened criminal who deserves to rot in jail…”

I asked the man which of the prisons they kept Gumi and he described it clearly for me.

I thanked him before leaving.

I planned to go and see Gumi in prison but not today, it will be another day.

We need to go home and get ready for another journey ahead.

I’m glad we are making progress and Anna is no more a hindrance to meeting Gumi the drug Lord and Joel’s father

Episode 13.
By Amah’s Heart.

I needed time to pray over this prison visit.
I don’t know what to expect but I was at peace in my inner man to proceed.

I took off after two days, it was another long drive but I wasn’t worried and I also wanted Anna to feel free.
Gumi was behind bars and won’t hurt her but even if he happens to be free he was not to be feared but loved.

I assured Anna that she was safe because God is always going before us to make every rough way straight.

I drove until I got to the prison yard.
Anna came down but I asked her to remain in the car with Joel while I go in first.

I wasn’t dressed like a Reverend or a priest. Ever since i moved to my late mother’s city I appear as an ordinary man before people because that is who God wanted me to be at such a time.

Nobody knew I was a priest in the city.
How will they even see me as one when I live in the same house with a woman.

It sound very absurd.
I miss being a priest. I miss officiating in God’s vineyard.
Yes, I miss the outreaches to hospitals, orphanage, prison and elderly homes.

Those days I used to visit Tagbo and many others in prison. We will sit around a table and talk like we have known all our lives.
I was called to gather and not to scatter. I was called to build and not to tear down and I was called to become a servant and not to rule over anyone.
My calling is to serve mankind and I have followed every step of my duty diligently not because I was stronger than all or more spirit filled but because of the abundant grace God bestowed on me.

“Good day officer, my name is James White. I’m here to see a prisoner….his name is Gumi.

He looked up at me for a while and asked me to step aside and remove my face cap.

I removed my face cap and stepped aside.

“I almost mistake you to be him but you look very fresh, young, calm and disciplined. unlike Gumi, looking like an uncircumcised barbarian. What do you do for a living?

He asked still staring at me suspeciously.

“I’m a cleric sir.

“I see.

That was all he said and asked another officer to come and take over.

Another prison guard came and did the search.

I went back to the first officer who was filled with question.

“What kind of visitor? Business, lawyer, colleague, friend, relatives or clergyman?

He asked me. I breathed in before replying.

“Relative sir.

They showed me a place to sign in and I did.
I was ushered in and asked to wait at the visitors waiting hall.

I sat, waiting for the one man that was terrorizing many people.
The one man that was a drug Lord, the man that Anna and even the officer mistake to be me.
though some of Anna’s story doesn’t add up but I chose to ignore.
I still wonder how Gumi will hit her with a wood after she announced her pregnancy to him. She was supposed to fall right where she was hit but instead she end up being knocked down by a speeding car on an express way.
That did not add up but I feel she was telling the truth.

I sat looking all around the waiting hall after asking God to take control.

There were other relatives and friend visiting their love ones in prison. They were seated in the hall, talking quietly.

Gumi seem to be taking forever to come out but I wasn’t in a haste. I will wait forever if that is what it takes to meet Joel’s father.
Anna said Gumi was my older version, we shared same resemblance but I look very young while he looks older.

I’m curious to meet this man and as time goes my anxiousness grew.

After sometime I saw a man in chains, in an overall prison cloth. He was lead by an officer who pushed him forward like a dog on a leash.

He looked around the hall as he tries to figure out who came to see him.
The officer pointed towards me before pushing him forward again.

As he stepped forward, I flinched in shock.
I can see a clearer picture of him.
And yes, Anna was right.
Gumi looks mean, harden and has a rough dread lock. The most important thing is that I shared almost same resemblance with him.
He looks older and fat too and had a long scar that run through his forehead and below his eye lid.
He has a scorpion tattoo on his neck and wore a single earring on his left ear.

He frowned and grind his teeth on seeing me.
I guess he was dumb founded just like I was.

It was a striking resemblance if not that Gumi was very rough in his appearance, and even fixed a gold teeth up and down, people will he was another of my version or maybe my older twin which I never had.

He may commit a crime in a place before disappearing and if I unknowingly cross the crime scene I could be arrested mistakenly for Gumi’s crime because of the resemblance.
But our differences were much and very obvious.
Gumi was a fat thug and had full long bear in his face which he waved together.

He stared at me suspeciously before taking a seat beside me.

” Who the hell are you?

He asked with a hardened voice.

“James…. James White and I’m here to see you… Gumi.

“I gat no business with you man, get the fuck off from here.

He barked at me but I remain seated and instead of him to get up he stared with a shrewd face.

“Why… why.. the hell do we look alike… where are you from, how did you get to me white?

“Call me James. Somebody lead me to you Gumi. A girl you picked from a nightclub, dinasaur night club… You both got entangled and she became pregnant. after telling you about her pregnancy, you hit her with a wood….I guess there is more to the story that i…

Gumi interrupted with a hushed voice.

“Kita…. Kita that was her name. she died because of her stubbornness. I remember that girl…she was a common whore. A prostitute with no sense. I wanted her to be mine but she went on sneaking around. I’m a busy man and don’t want any girl to tie me down with a child and she thought she can. She was enjoying all the benefit that she was getting from me and thought a child will keep me all to her. I warned her not to mess around with me…I did warn her. She came with the news that day and I told her to get lost with her pregnancy story but the stupid girl wanted to try my patients. I was angry and the first thing that got into my hand was that wood. I grabbed it and smashed her empty skull but she did not fall there, suddenly she ran off like a crazy person. I guess the beating got into her brain and she took off and kept running. I was kind enough to go after her but she launched to the express road. I stood and watch from a distance as a car knocked her down and I took off. That was the end of her, when I checked back later if her dead body was still there it wasn’t, it has been taken away probably to the morgue. I really did not know why she decided to run off like a crazy…mad woman and succeeded in finally killing herself. But that is in the past now. She is long dead…is been over three years. Are you a lawyer, you want to prop me further for killing her? Listen man… I’m already in prison and serving a life sentence for different charges leveled on me and I’m hoping they will give my lawyer a listening ear so that my punishment can be lessened. I don’t like it here but I don’t have a choice either and I never meant no get Kita killed. If you still want to add that to my charge then fine… get it done with. Do I look scared to you? I laugh in the face of danger…. hahahaha.

He began to laugh loudly, expressing his two golden teeth.

” I’m not a lawyer but a cleric and I’m here to let you that there is no sin too big that God can’t…

He interrupted me, getting up on his feet.

“You expect me to sit here and listen to this thrash. I’m not gonna waste my time listening to some preacher. Go and look for another sinner not me. I dinne with the devil himself…we eat in the same table. God is too busy with the good and righteous people like you, he will not have my time. Get lost man and let me be…

An officer announced that Gumi’s time was up and he needs to return to his cell.
I quickly stood up and said.

“Kita is alive and she has a son….your son.

He paused and looked at me.

“Then that’s good for her. I don’t care and The news do not move me either. Tell her to quit prostituting herself and take care of her son. Marry her or make her your whore. Whatever you like do but don’t come here again looking for me. Get lost fresh, fine preacher boy. Ladies will love you…. kiss my ass nonsense…hahahaha.

He pulled out his middle finger at me before the officer came to take him away.

Gumi was very rude but I wasn’t offended.
He will be a hard nut to crack and I will crack him not by my power but by the Lord’s.

I signed out and walked to join Anna in the car.
And we drove back home

Episode 14.
By Amah’s Heart.

I drove back home and and continued with my quiet time.
I still resume at the grocery store and had my meeting place at the coffee shop.
I stayed home praying for the rest of my free hours for Gumi precisely.
He was a difficult person, in action and appearance more than I can explain in words.
I was neither afraid or worried because the heart of all men is in God’s hand.
I was only curious to know why we share resemblance.
I prayed and did not cease, asking God to unravel the puzzle for me.

I was back to the prison alone this time.
I signed in and waited for Gumi but he refused to come out.
I sat, waiting but Gumi did not come out.

I left that day and returned again another day but it was same thing.
I came the third time and decided to wait until he comes out.
I got tired of waiting and stood up to leave
On my way out the search officer said to me

“You have to stop wasting your time coming here to see Gumi. He gat no business with a fresh looking and a soft talker like you. He obviously doesn’t want to have anything to do with you…give it up man and focus on other things. Gumi may never want to see you. I guess he doesn’t want a family or anybody visiting him. He is a lone cone man not the type you will want to come and see often and on. give it up and stop wasting your time with a man like Gumi. Is an advice man and it will do you lots of good.

I quietly nodded and said

“Thanks officer.

I walked out and returned again after two days.
The officer on seeing me began to shake his head pathetically.

” James White you are back again? You don’t want to give up??

I smile in response before signing in.

I went to sit as usual to wait for Gumi.
I wasn’t going to give up because of his harden heart or refusal to see me.

What seem impossible with men is never with God. For with God all things are possible.
I will come everyday and sit and wait until Gumi decide to see me.
If he wasn’t part of God’s plan to be saved I wouldn’t have met him.
I believe the purpose of meeting Anna is to also meet Gumi.
Gumi is not too difficult for God to handle.
At the right time he will come around.

I bowed my head, held my two hands together and prayed to God, the yoke breaker, the only one who melt the heart of men. I prayed in silent without my mouth moving but with my eyes shut.
I prayed because Gumi may appear difficult but not to God.

I have even lost count of my visit here yet I wasn’t ready to give up on it.

“What in hell do you want from me?

I was startled out of my quiet prayer by the strong voice.
I looked up and it was Gumi standing and looking down on me with a very mean face

“Only to talk.

I replied quietly.

” I don’t have anything to talk with you. I gat better things to do rather than talk. Relaxing, exercising or sleeping in my cell is far better than sitting here and talking thrash with you. Is high time I tell the officer to stop letting you in here. I don’t have your time. I’m sure there is a whole lot of people in your Church who will appreciate the petty talk. Don’t come here looking for me or I will be forced to punch you hard on the face and disfigure this your fine fresh boy skin. I’m not one of your church members get that into your empty skull. Scumbag… and get the hell out of here.

I remain seated unconcerned and kept looking at him as he spoke with anger.

I wasn’t bothered at all in anyway.
He stared down at me thinking I will be threatened or scared by his mean appearance and harsh tune but I wasn’t.

“… You are only acting all stubborn like a little kidy. When you are done sitting then you kiss my ass and take your leave. I will never step out of my cell ever again to see you. Go to hell….

He started walking out and I said.

” Have you ever wonder why we share some resemblance?

I halt him with those words and he turned and look back at me.
It was my opportunity and I decided to use it well.

“… this is not coincidence or some sort of magic. I feel there is connectivity or probably a bond. Is not a mistake at all Gumi and I don’t believe in magic either.

He took few steps back and when I thought he was going to be reasonable he started with his usual way with a raised eye brows.

” So?… and so fuckings what? What are you insinuating? Cut the crap man. We aren’t connected in anyway and I don’t bond with your type. stop being stupid and get the hell out of here.

I stared right back at him unbothered.
he walk back to where I stood and said.

“…Did you think we are… I’m not a celebrity that people will want to reckon with. I’m locked up here…a prisoner and no hope of getting out to know what the outside word feels like.

“What are you scared of Gumi? Are you afraid?

I asked while sitting calmly and staring up at him.
He began to laugh sarcastically.
I watched him calmly.
He suddenly stopped and took a seat in front of me.

“Sometimes…but hardly. Sometimes I get scared of leaving this world. Scared of dying as a prisoner and not as a free man. Sometimes I look back and knew deep down I don’t deserve anything good out of Life. I have done many things beyond human but I try not to be remorseful about it because in life you are either hard or soft and I chose to be hard….

I was quietly listening.

“Do you have regrets?

He did not reply me immediately but later did after sometimes.

“Maybe few regrets but the deed is done I can’t undo it.

I looked at Gumi and breathed deeply.
Beyond the tattooed body, the dreadlocks, the pierced ear, the golden teeth, the scar and fire in his eyes, beyond his physical appearance there was a softness somewhere in his heart which he try not to show.
Gumi may look older in appearance but he is like a child trying to be tough and acting like a bully.

“I’m glad to know that and to also know that there is still a human inside if you. Are you the only child…

He was quiet and stared at his palm.
I knew then God was at work.

“Are you interviewing me or what? You ask questions like a nosy female gossiper.

I laughed out and he surprisingly joined in.

“I don’t know if I’m the only child but it doesn’t really matter. I grew up in the street after ruining away from an orphanage home. I hustled up to make a name for myself. My real name is Benjamin Cole. My street name is Gumi. Is a name I gave myself. I joined a gangsters as a teenager…we steal, smoke and did anything necessary to survive the tough street. I went into drugs and became popular. I made a name for myself and became wealthy man. I had whatever I wanted including women. I was a busy man and did not want anyone or anything to hold me down. Kita tried but couldn’t succeed. She deserved whatever happened to her but is a good thing she didn’t die. I don’t know the woman that gave birth to me but I knew the man. He is irresponsible just like I am. You know like father like son…hahahaha. I got to know him after sending out different search gang to dig him up. He couldn’t deny me because I look so much like him but he died many years ago. He had cancer of the lungs. He was a chain smoker too. I have taken different things, smoke different things, injected different thing Just to get high and nothing serious happened to me except maybe now that I sometimes have this breathing issue but is not a big deal, I have survived many things, I will survive this too. the old man dying off like chicken was probably because his immune system was weak. I felt no pity for him neither do I blame him for the road I took to become Gumi. Is the part I chose and I blame no one for it. I enjoyed it while it last but nothing last forever. Is my time to face the consequences for my actions so I have little or no regrets.

We became quiet.
I gasped out and said

“I grew up without a father and never met my mother either. She died after birthing me. I grew up in the Catholic children home and I have been on this journey for almost 40 years of my life…

Gumi interrupted.

” You actually look like a 20years old boy. I guess you have never suffered or being in the street. Your type cannot even survive there. I’m almost 40 also but I look like a 70years old man. Hahahaha… isn’t that funny. maybe is a mare coincidence about our resemblance and being orphans..

His time was up and he needed to return to his cell.
I had many questions I wanted to ask but there was no time to ask them anymore.
I was very happy that God arrested his attention
It was beyond my imagination but God did it
Gumi looks far too old than his age and I guess is because of all the drugs and substances he took that made him look older.
He was also an orphan and ran away from the orphanage home to become notorious drug Lord.
I was very curious especially now that I know we are almost age mate.

“You can come in another visiting day. Talking with you made me feel at ease. And another thing I noticed is that you are a good listener and not quick to anger like I am but that doesn’t change the fact that you have become a pest but I’m gonna see you as a good pest…

He laughed out and I smile back in response as I watch him disappear into the corridor.

I stood with a satisfying smile and left.


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