Understanding The Hair of Your Samson (Series 2)


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Understanding The Hair Of Your Samson (Series 2)

Now that you have discovered, in part one, that every Christian has his own hair of Samson which is the area where your spiritual strength, success, manifestation lies. So also every Christian has his own area of weakness through which any Delilah sent from the pit of hell can penetrate. The reality in the realm of the spirit is, the area of your spiritual strength is a threat to the kingdom of darkness, and also is a door which 70% of blessings, favour, grace coming to your life will pass through, while your weakness is the door through which 70% of any problem, or calamity may pass through.

And the fact is that every man born of woman has his own specific strength and weakness. No matter how holy you are, people are looking at you. The fact remains that you have your weakness. All the great men of God we are celebrating today have their own weaknesses. Seeing them from afar makes us to see them as an angel Gabriel. If I am lying ask their wives, she will tell you the fact.

But the question is, why has Delilah not cut off the hair of their Samson? Despite the fact that they have weakness as Samson have. It’s because they are able to guide against their weakness, and build their strength.

You can not build your weakness by yourself, it is only by grace, but you can guide against it by yourself. For example, not everybody has the grace to resist the temptation of sex, but once you know you don’t have the grace to resist it, “flee.” Guide against your relationship with opposite sex, by doing this, you are guiding against your weakness. You become a prey if you compare yourself with another person in this area.

Don’t teach a sister the book of Deuteronomy in a room, lest you enter into a deep revelation different from the ones in the Bible, Because the real plan of Delilah is not to have sex with you and go alone, but to cut off the hair of your Samson.

That you fail through your weakness is not the joy of the devil, because he knows that if the righteous falls seven times, you can rise again. His joy begins when he is able to cut the hair of your Samson, that is destroy the area of your spiritual strength.

Despite the fact that you fall into sin through your weakness, you can still cast out demons, heal the sick, even many can still give their lives to Christ under your message, why? It is because the hair of your Samson has not been cut off.

The bible says after Samson stood up from harlot, he went and removed the door of a gate of a city and the two gate post, pull them up and put them on his shoulder to the top of a hill (Judges 16 vs 1-3) Smile…. Why is the power still there? It is because his hair has not been cut off. He has disobeyed already, as many are disobeying today, yet he removed a mighty gate with his hands.

This is where many men of God get it wrong, they continue in sinning, because they are still seeing manifestions, because they are still pulling the gates of hell, they think they are safe. They do not know that Delilah is only waiting for them to sleep spiritually so that she can cut off the hair of their samson. They fail to agree that Delilah has entered into their lives already, only waiting to destroying the hair of their Samson gradually.

That is when you see that if the hair of their Samson is fasting, they will start justifying fasting that all is by grace joor and not by works. If the hair of their Samson is prayer, they will suddenly discover that there is no time to pray again. Those who receive divine strength through studying will no longer have time again to sit alone with the holy spirit, their Bible and much spiritual materials. That is when you see them repeating one sermon in different invitations given to them. No revelational message again. hmmmmmm…

Why do we have lukewarmess in the body of Christ? It is because the hair of their Samson has been cut off.

Therefore, my people of God, guide against your weakness, lest Delilah of the kingdom of darkness will penetrate through it to destroy your strength. That you have weakness is not the real issue with the devil, but that you have area of strength is a threat to him. Because once the strength remains, the Philistines of his kingdom have no hope.


See you in part 3.

From the desk of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle

Segun Bello



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