Understanding The Hair of Your Samson (Series 3)

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Understanding The Hair Of Your Samson (Series 3)

Psalm 65 vs 4a:
“Blessed is the man you choose and cause to approach you, that he may dwell in your court.”

I perceive the question that may arise in the mind of people is:

“how can I know the hair of my Samson?”

The truth is that your strength lies in what you love to do. Love is a powerful tool that has the capacity to move a man to do anything despite the difficulty, or risk attached to it without minding the consequences.

Just as lust is a powerful tool that is capable of pushing a man to do what is unlawful with his life.

Therefore your spiritual strength lies in the spiritual things you love to do. While your weakness lies in the sinful things you lust after.

The fact is that, if there is anything that God wants you to do, He will put the desire to do it inside of your heart.

Love and lust is a spiritual language that many do not take cognizance of. If any voice or thought comes to you from the devil to do what is sinful without the force of lust backing it up, it may not have any effect on you.You will easily wave it off.

Same with the kingdom of God, if God wants you to do anything, he will activate it with the desire to do it. The way God deals with his children in the new testament is totally different from the way he dealt with his people In the old testament.

The God of the new testament is a God that is at work in us making us to “Will” and to “Do” is work.

So your strength lies in what you love to do willingly without considering the benefit or consequences attached to it. If it is prayer, you will see yourself finding joy in praying. Though prayer is for everybody, but the fact remains that, there are some who have grace in that capacity. By the time i start looking at time after praying for 15 minutes, you will see people like that having guilty conscience after praying for 2 hours. They are able to pray to that much not because they are more spiritual than us or because God told them to pray for such hours, but because they just love to do so. Not praying for hour at a sport is like road to hell fire to them. Long prayer has become their normal nature. That is the power of love for you.

There is always an unsatisfied longing to do more in any capacity that is your area of strength.

The question is what is the secret behind this longing and desire? It is God at work in you making you to will and to do.

The God of this dispensation is not a God that will ask you to do something without giving you the capacity and desire to do it.

Use me, use me for your glory is the cry of the youths of this last days. We are no longer in the dispensation when until you have accident with one leg broken before you know God is calling you. This is not the dispensation of Jonah when until you are thrown into the sea of this world and swallowed by the shark of the enemy before you respond to go to Nineveh.

He said already that in these last days the youth shall be willing and volunteers in the beauty of holiness (Psalm 110 vs 3).

I personally left secular job to be come full time pastor, not because I heard any angelic voice calling me into ministry. The love and passion for the work of God only consume my heart, and I also felt some grace in my life, that is all.

So my dear brethren in the Lord, which spiritual exercise do you love doing? Is it prayer, studying the word, fasting, worship, speaking in tongues and many more, because that which you love to do is the hair of your Samson.

Sprituality is not religion, which you will force yourself to do spiritual things to please God and satisfy your conscience. The power of love is available for the spiritual people to do what God wants them to do.

From what I love to do, I know what God called me to do. God is love. Spiritual desire makes me to know what he wants me to do at every point in time.

The bible says whatever is not of faith is sin and also the book of Galatians says faith expresses itself in love. Therefore, anything you don’t love to do is a pure sign that you are not acting in faith and such cannot produce result.

That is why you see many religious prayers, fasting, that does not produce result. They don’t do it in love, they only do it just because their pastors emphasis on quiet time.

That is why the highest they do is to read open Heaven in thevmorning and that is all. They don’t have the capacity to enter into the realm of the spirit with prayer, studying, worship and many more. All they do is to act religiously.

Tell me the spiritual thing you love to do and I will tell you the hair of your Samson.

Thank you!

See you in part 4

From the desk of
Banjo Ayeka

Edited by
Tomi Ayokunle

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