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(An Online Christian Novel By Olufunke Hadassah)



At meal, she noticed that Adeola was picking at his meal. She was worried. He had been keeping to himself since his valedictory service two weeks before.
“Ade, are you sure you are alright?”
“Mum, there is nothing wrong with me.”
“Nothing is wrong with you? And you have been keeping to your self these past days?” Bimbo said with a worried look.
”Mum, big bro is missing school. He is particularly missing Angela, his school crush” Anu said and walked into he kitchen with an empty plate from the dining. “Raaaahmaaa” Bimbo said wide eyed. Adeola smiled and shook his head. This sister of mine, he thought. She will always have something to say. Even if was irrelevant. He smiled again and ate little more from his food. He remembered when in primary school, he went to the crèche session to pick Anu. A classmate of his had gone with him and asked him what the meaning of Anu was. He replied “Mercy.” The boy smiled displaying his spaced gum, and said “Mercy in Hausa is Rahma.” Adeola loved the sound of the word. Rahma. He got home that day and told his mum. He would be calling Anu, Rahma. Anu was just a year old then. The name stuck. Only a few people called her Anu. Bimbo calls her that when she was angry with her or intentionally wanted her to do a chore. Adeola loved his sister. He was about six years old when she was born.
There were questions bottled up inside him. He had seen his classmates come to school with their fathers. Where was his own father? he would ponder. When he was seven, he asked his mother who their father was. Instead of a reply for him, Bimbo burst into tears. How would she explain to her seven year old son that she was trying to protect them. He consoled her and promised himself never to ask again. He does not like to see his mother unhappy. She was all they had. So, he kept to himself and found solace in the many books their mother bought for them and the ones he placed his hands on. At age ten, he had read books like Things Fall Apart, and many other classic books, stacked in his mother’s shelves.
He loved listening to his classmate talk about their adventures with their fathers. Whenever he was asked about his, he simply changed the topic or just gave a I don’t know shrug. He hardly pick offences and this endeared him more to his classmates. Everyone wanted to be his friend but he had no particularly friend. He was accessible to them all.
While writing his valedictory speech, Adeola was moved to tears when he appreciated his mother in the speech. He wished there was a father figure. He had a vague memory of a man whom he addressed as father before their lives changed dramatically. He was determined to ask his mother and this time, he promised himself not to accept tears from her as a cover up. He cannot live all his life without knowing who birthed him. For all he cared , he bears Jolade Adeola. Someone owns the name.

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(An Online Christian Novel By Olufunke Hadassah)

Part 12

Adeola left the dining with his food half eaten. He picked the new smartphone his mother presented to him on his graduation. All his classmates had phones. His mother had insisted that she would only get him a phone after he finished secondary school. Bimbo presented the phone to him a day before his graduation. Adeola was elated. The phone came at the right time. He promised to take all the selfies and pictures with his friends.
He left for his room. The house has four rooms. One of the rooms is used for study, while their mother and Anu shared a room. They hardly have visitors and so, Yemi stays in the guest room while he stays in the last room adjacent their mother’s. Adeoti laid on his bed scrolling through the pictures on his phone. Now he can operate Facebook directly from his phone. He opened Facebook account with his mother’s phone about two years back. He selected some of his graduation pictures and uploaded. He was selecting more pictures when his mother knocked.
“Come in Mum”
Bimbo walked in and sat at the edge of the bed beside him.
“Adeola, talk to me. What is it?” she pulled him closer. “ókó mi. What is it?” Why have you been keeping to yourself?”
Adeola was silent. He was thinking hard. Would this be the right time to ask about who their father is. He knows his mother won’t relent until he opens up.
“Or is it Angela?” Bimbo asked smiling.
Adeola laughed. He was. not expecting that. Angela was his classmate. A dark skinned Fulani girl with long hair. She was different from other Fulani girls. Her Mother is Igbo. She was his only competitor in class. Adeola sat up on the bed and folded his two legs across.
“Mum, you have never told us anything about our Father.”
Bimbo was dazed. “was that what was making you keep to yourself and sulking?” she asked.
“No Mum. It’s not like that it’s just that we don’t know anything about him. You rarely speak about him and on those occasions you do, are when you are scolding us”
Bimbo smiled. Her son noticed too. Whenever she was angry at them for doing something wrong, she would make statements like “see his big eye balls like his father’s relatives or don’t bring in that attitude of stupidity like your father” she always regretted saying such afterwards. The words would have been out before she’d realised. She heaved.
“Okay. What do you too want to know about your father?”
“Everything Mum” Adeola replied excited with sparks in his eyes.
“Let me check the water I’m boiling. . I’ll be right back.”

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