The Oil That Signifies Grace

Dear Father, we look unto you this night that you will feed us and help us to understand and to be doers of your word in Jesus name. Amen

Before we begin on this topic, I want to encourage our hearts.
Our Father in heaven that inhabits eternity said that even though you are in this world, you are not of the world or alone. He said that He is still the Most High who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all. He said that He is not short of ways of showing Himself strong and that His own part cannot be shaken because of inadequacy. But He is waiting that you take your place fully, that’s why Je is committed to helping you become all that he has destined for you. Don’t be weary or lose focus. He is still on Hs throne, right behind you. He said I am still able to meet the need of men and to render help when needed.

Now to our topic!
Let’s read from the books of 1kings 17:10-16. Kindly read through the text please.
I was quietly asking God in my heart that, what was the secret behind the sustenance of prophet Elijah during the time that he has declared a prophecy and everyone is subjected to find sustenance on their own ability in verse 1 of this chapter. I saw that God was committed to keeping him such that he will not know dryness or lack till the time that the will of God prevail in the land. And even you as desirous as you are to stand well for God and see that his will prevail around you and in your generation, He will sustain you!

I saw that this prophet was not sustained by his ability and I asked God that, what kept him till his destiny and purpose is fulfilled? Then I saw it clearly in this man’s life that he was being sustained by God’s grace!! Then I found out that it’s God’s Grace that keeps a man’s life till he has fulfilled all that God and his generation is expecting of him. I discovered that this Grace is not from around or abroad but from Above. It’s from the Father of Light, the one with whom theie is no variableness or shadow of turning. The scriptures say every good gift is from above.

Grace is the ability of God and the strength of God at work in a man’s life that God gives to a man to keep him from sinking and from perishing. It’s also this grace that keeps a man from struggle, because it’s not you again but God doing things effortlessly through you.
I was looking at this prophet and I saw God Himself making provision for his survival even beyond his own understanding. It’s God’s grace that keeps a man fresh and strong irrespective of what is happening around such a person. I saw that God has taught this man how to abound and abide, and he has taught him how to receive and follow instructions.

It is also God’s grace that helps you when your strength is exhausted. I saw it in brother Paul’s life that God said his strength is only made perfect in weakness, I then find out that a man that is still strong in himself cannot experience the strength of the Lord. As long as a man is strong in himself. God stays where He is, but when a man’s strength has failed him, then he calls to God and God fills up the weakness with His own strength that never get weak. I pray that the Lord will grant us understanding. Amen

And I also wonder, why didn’t God give brother Pau the fire and anointing  when he cried unto Him? Instead he said his grace is sufficient for him and it was so!
And I discovered that until a man comes to a point of acknowledging his helplessness outside the help of God. Heaven still continue to look at him and pity him afar off, because human strength will fail. I also found out that God’s grace and strength only attend to a man that has come to the end of himself. And on God’s part, I discovered that there is no weariness or tiredness with him. He is always able and fresh!

Let’s quickly take few lessons from this man’s life

1) He was a man of the secret place. 1kings 17:1
In that scripture, he (prophet Elijah) said before whom I stand!
I then see that this man has been a man standing before God before coming to man. A principle says, Kneeling begets standing. Before coming to man, he has been before God. Heaven does not back up a strange man! Do we get it? So this man knows how to talk to God before talking to men. And we must learn this from him.
Our Master Jesus Christ is mostly a man of the secret place. How can you work all day and pray all-night. Then I also saw in my Master’s life that it’s the strength of God that never gets weary at work in Him.

2) A man of prayer. James 5:17-18
This verse confirm that he has been with God, laboured in prayers before coming to speak before men. Again you must learn how to speak to God before speaking to men, if you do not want your words to be ordinary!

3) An obedient man or let me say a Man totally yielded to God. 1kings 17:5
Until God spoke to him, he didn’t move or go his own way. Then I should also tell you that when you lean on your own understanding, you get human result. But when you lean on God’s wisdom, you get understanding from him, and your life becomes a wonder. You don’t depend on God only when you feel confused, the scriptures says at all times. Ambassadors, it’s all the time that you lean on Him if you will see and experience God’s results in your life

4) A man that trust God. 1Kings 17:7-10.
I was asking myself that if that is you Funmilayo, won’t you find your way? Because that man could have done something between verse 7 and 8 that God spoke to him and he would have missed God’s best but instead he knows who he believed and he patiently waited on Him! How much do you know your God and how much do you trust him? This man will not move except by the word of the Lord and that is what made God so committed to him after testing him and knowing that he is totally depending on Him!

5) A man that stand well for God.
As I have earlier said, kneeling beget standing. The God that you don’t know on your knee, you can’t stand well for him on your feet!

Steps to receive this grace on a daily basis

1) Be born again. This matter is a matter that cannot be overemphasized. And it’s a matter that will continue to matter till every soul take it as a matter!
John 3:3-5. Christ said unless you are born anew, you can’t see the kingdom of God.
What you don’t see,you can’t pursue! Unless you are a child of God growing to be a son. You can’t know Him or enjoy Him as a son!

2) Grow the inner man. This new birth ushers you to a new life entirely. Not an extension of that old life that you have. But you have become a brand new baby that need to feed correctly to grow correctly. 1Peter 2:2. Romans 8:29. Romans 12:2. Desire the word of God and grow in feeding well.


3) Grow in grace. 2Peter 3:18. Knee well before God with a desire to be with Him, knowing Him, and representing Him well.

And daily ask for the grace that will keep you strong for standing, doing and walking with God. When all you desire is about yourself, God told me that you are not yet ready for revival. Because He will not allow flesh glory in His presence.

Receive grace to walk with God. This is the secret to greatness in the open. To walk with Him in secret and open. And also to work and stand well for Him.

Time has gone. I stopped on this note
You only experience God when you take responsibility. 
May the Lord grant us understanding. Amen!



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