Children’s Sunday School – Getting Your Class Involved in Your Lessons

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Children’s Sunday school is in place so that your youth ministry can come to a better understanding of the Bible and the teachings of Christianity. Sunday school should be a fun affair that lets your class express their ideas and creativity. Here are some Sunday school ideas to get your kids involved.

Answers in Silence Bible Activity

This activity emphasizes the importance of prayer in Christianity to your children’s liturgy. You’ll need the following for this particular Sunday school activity:

cup of water

an apple (or another piece of fruit)

picture of a stop sign

index cards

*hand-drawn map of the church

To prepare for this Bible study lesson, you’ll need to draw a map of your church. You will also need to write the following questions on your index cards:

I am hungry. Can you help me?

I like your church. Where is the sanctuary so that I can attend the service?

I am thirsty. Can you help me find water?

I want to join a gang. What do you think about that?

When you’re ready to begin the Bible activity, place the water, fruit, map of the church and stop sign on a table and ask for two children to volunteer. Give the four index cards to the first volunteer. He or she will verbally ask the questions to the second volunteer. Explain that the second volunteer can use any of the objects on the table to answer the questions. However, he or she is not allowed to speak. See how many of the questions can be answered non-verbally.

After the Bible lesson for kids is completed, explain that the cup of water and the fruit represent how God answers our prayers for what we need physically. By giving us water and food, He is showing that He cares about us. Furthermore, the map and stop sign represent how God speaks to us through the Bible. The Bible is like a map for how we should live our lives.

Knowing God’s Word Church Craft

Crafts are a great way to get your children’s liturgy involved and interested in learning. In order to lead this Sunday school activity, you’ll need:

light-colored construction paper

markers, crayons and other decorating items


Hand out the construction paper to your children’s Sunday school class (it must be large enough for them to trace around their hand). Help your students trace around their hand and then cut out their hand-shape. After the class is done, have a student read the following verses aloud:

Romans 10:17 (Hear)

Revelation 1:3a (Read)

Acts 17:11 (Study)

Psalm 119: 11, 13 (Memorize)

*Psalm 119:15 (Meditate)

Discuss each verse as a class. As you discuss each verse, have the children write the corresponding words (shown above after the verse in parenthesis) on one “finger” of their construction paper hand. Encourage your class to use this paper hand as a bookmark in their Bibles to remind them to focus on these five things in order to better understand the teachings of the Bible.

These are just two ideas for your children’s Sunday school class that’s sure to get them interested in your lessons.


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