The Open Check: Given By Christ To You

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The people I come across daily will hear me say “it is well.” Some even suggested that I should write a book on that topic, seeing that I say it so much.

Let the truth be told

The truth is, when I say “it is well,” I am very conscious of that open check that was given to me by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I am so very grateful for understanding the power of knowing that I have been given this check, and that everything I have need of has been deposited into the account of this check.

It happened on the cross

About two thousand years ago Jesus went to the cross to destroy everything that would have worked against us. He took our sins, sicknesses, diseases, poverty, blindness, defeat, failure, etc… He left nothing out, even the things that might seem new today, he did pay the price for that too. There is power in the cross.

The benefit

Jesus didn’t die on the cross for himself, he died for us. He died so that we might live a more abundant life here on earth, and also have eternal life in the world to come. We see people suffering all over the world. We feel inadequate to help them, but not everyone feels this way. Many believers have the knowledge of what they posses, so when you see healing, miracles, signs and wonder, it is just the knowledgeable cashing in on what they understand about the open check.

Understanding is crucial

Understanding the value of the open check, whose name bears the signature, and to whom it was given, will bring faith to our hearts, and joy to our souls, but only if we can see it clearly. We must be able to see it through the eyes of faith. “If you can see it you can have it.”

Walking by faith and not by sight

We are so distracted by the things we see, that it sometimes become difficult to affirm our faith. You know that you see with your natural eyes, but there is another way to see, and that is with your spiritual eyes. To understand the open check you would need to have your spiritual eyes opened. The things we see with our natural eyes are temporal, but with our spiritual, eternal. The things that are of faith are more real that what we see with our natural eyes. As a matter of fact, the spiritual is what came first, then the natural. All the things we are seeing today is a result of seeing the spiritual form, people may have other names for faith.


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