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Episode 21

Diana looked at her farm house for a good number of minutes wiping the tears from her eyes as the thoughts of leaving the house she had come to love and lived in for 16 years clouded her mind. She could not help cry even at the watch of her son who kept asking her why they had to move.

“We have to my son because I have said so” she looked at her son who stood his hands akimbo.

“Am sorry Joshua, we have to get away from here.” she added and placed the last item in the back of the truck that was moving them and getting into her car pulling her son to move faster as the boy stayed stationed in one place.

“We can start moving now driver. We are done here” she shouted at the driver to the truck transporting their things and started the ignition as her mind went back to what happened barely a year after Grace had left.

She was seated on the outside veranda selecting the bad beans from the tray as she wanted to prepare it for their lunch the dinner that day. The horning of a vehicle at the main entrance to the farm made her look up to see who it was.

“Choolwe can you take that?” she shouted and saw the worker already trotting to the gate.

“Am on it madam” Choolwe responded and she watched as he opened the gate a range rover gray in color drove in she wondered who it could be. A good looking man came out wearing some black pants with brown slippers on his feet he had a nice looking figure as she could see him stand tall. For a moment she was lost watching the man and wondering who it could be when her worst night mare came to light. The movement of another being from the car and its revelation as the woman stepped forward looking straight at her made her stand and the first thought was to run.

“Stop now Mrs. Mwape, just stop we talk!” Jena yelled seeing the woman running back onto the house like she had just seen a ghost.

“no, this can’t be” Diana panted as Jena and her husband got closer now she recalled she had seen that face somewhere only that Ben looked a bit older and more handsome she could confirm that.

“What, what… the hell are you doing here?” she stammered her temper or anger whatever it was rose, Jena and Ben could not put their hand to it as the woman shook they could see her hands vibrate.

“Why are you so worked out Aunty Diana? Have you not missed us, it’s been years you know?” Jena smiled only her smile was sad as she realized it was Diana who took her baby after all.

“Where is she?” Ben chirped in without letting any chance pass.

“I have no idea what you are talking about” she responded going back to sit on a chair.

“yes you do, or you wouldn’t want to run away from the people you had fooled all these years” Ben added this time his voice cold and firm he moved closer to the woman noticing her skin had grown frail and weak from the firm smooth skinned person she was years back. She had surely aged and her fear right that moment made her look even older and weak.

“I will not be lasking again, Diana, where is our daughter?” Ben stepped forward Jena saw he was getting pissed she quickly moved in feeling sorry for the older woman.

“Aunty please, I know this is probably hard for you, but what you did years ago was evil, how could you do that to us, we respected you and we thought you had accepted the situation, now” she paused swallowing as she tried to find the right words to tell her.

“We have come to take her back, she is our daughter and you have no right to hide her from us, its high time the truth came to light, so please, I beg you hand her over and we all live in peace. I have suffered, we both have suffered” she pointed at her husband.

“For years we mourned our baby just to find out she is still alive, please I beg you, where is she? Call her out and let me see my baby Aunty please” she cried getting down close to Diana.

“look here you two, am not going to allow you to come into my house and accuse me of anything at all, I have no idea what you are talking about and so please leave if you have nothing else to say” she responded and stood up leaving Jena still kneeling down crying.

“you will tell us where Grace is or you will answer to the law, for kidnapping and faking the death of our daughter” Ben answered her back so cold his eyes were firm on her one could see how irritated the act of Diana was making him feel.

“you buried Grace Jena , I don’t know what this is all about cause we all were there when you put a flower on your daughter`s grave, please my husband is gone and I cannot have you both reminding me of the pain that you caused us when you came back to claim that baby. So…”

“Stop Diana, please stop already, can you even hear yourself? You are shameless that even after being caught you still trying to get your way out, it’s over, it’s been almost 18 years now and all this should come to an end. Be reasonable for once please” Jena walked closer to her holding her hand but she pushed it right back and walked away getting into the house Ben had to stop her from locking the door storming inside angrily and at the moment, the first thing that came into view was a picture if Grace hanging on the wall she was smiling beautifully at some snow looking place.

“My baby, wow, my God, this is how she has grown?” Jean whispered as she slowly entered the house straight to the photo Diana looked down. Not even for a moment did Jena doubt her daughter`s face. She instantly knew it was her and Ben for a moment felt bad he had not been able to tell her daughter even after being so close to her before.

“She is the one Ben, she is our Grace, our baby. Diana how could you do this? we have missed so many years of our daughter`s life because you were selfish” she turned to look at her and back at the photo.

“Mommy! Who has come?” Joshua walked in at the moment they all looked at him.

“You had a son?” Jena asked Diana.

“it’s none of your business, Joshua go to your room now sweetie” Diana shouted at her son but the boy walked forward looking at Jena and Ben.

“You know my sister? , who are you? Your eyes, just like Grace,” the boy pointed out looking at the photo and back at Jena. Diana got so furious pushing the boy to get out of there.

“he is right you know, my daughter has her mother`s eyes” Ben responded.

Diana knew she was cornered though she played hard to admit the fact. In sympathy Jena offered her freedom if she would tell them where Grace was at. Ben on the other hand wanted to insist on her paying for her sins.

“Please my love, not now, let’s just find Grace and take what is ours back. Diana`s own judgement will come from God. You know what Aunty” she sighed looking at Diana.

“I so much looked up to you, I thought you were an angel but after all this, I cannot understand why you turned like this” she shook her head sadly.

“Well, has it ever occurred to you that this is all your fault you ungrateful woman? You threw away a newly born baby just to come back and grab her back just like that. You don’t deserve my daughter you know that! You are just a useless and stupid girl. No matter how polished you have turned out, for me you are still nothing and do not deserve anything good, we will see if Grace will ever accept you, she is no longer a small girl that you can just take you know, she is a woman and I have raised her well, she will never accept you pathetic clowns, you are just…..”

“Enough old woman! Enough, insult my wife and I again and I swear you will rot in jail where you belong. Who are you to judge us after what you did?” Ben cut her short and stood to scream at her she flinched back until Jena pulled her husband`s hand and looked at Diana with tears in her eyes.

“I was so wrong Aunty, I know that and there is no day I forget what a terrible thing I did, but I wanted to become a better person for my Grace, I and my husband came for our baby because we really loved her and wanted to make up for my mistakes, throw all the insults at me it doesn’t matter now, all we want is your daughter, where is she?” Jena asked trying to stay calm.

“Even if I told you where she is, she will never accept you “Diana shrugged casually.

“She is studying in Italy” Joshua shouted from the other room and Ben looked up at the boy who was standing in the door way eavesdropping, tears in his eyes.

“Joshua go back to your…”

“No” Ben stopped Diana and moved to hold the boy by hand and led him in the living room they all sat.

“Am sorry you heard all that Joshua, but it’s true and we need to see Grace. Can you help us?” he asked gently and Joshua looked at his mother.

“Why didn’t you tell me about this mother? Am 15 years old and deserved to know the truth, how come you loved Grace more than you did me after all am your biological child?” Joshua cried

“Don’t …” Diana raised her hand to speak but Joshua yelled out aloud.

“yes, you have always loved her, you never talk about me to your friends like you do about Grace, it’s always about her and there is no little thing I do right, why do you love her so much if she was never yours in the first place?” Joshua asked and before he could say more her mother slapped him hard across his face the boy stepped back crying loudly.

“She calls sometimes I have her number in my books” the boy spoke looking at Diana who kept looking at him warningly.

“Joshua! Joshua! “Diana yelled as the boy rushed to his room and came back with a piece of paper handing it to Ben.

“thank you young man, thank you” Ben patted Joshua` s back and looked at Jena who nodded her head.

“Am sorry, but we will come back to settle this matter later on” Jena looked at Diana as they walked outside Diana sunk back in the couch crying.

“What have you done?” she looked at her son who shook his head and walked away.

“You never loved me because of her” he shouted as he went to his room banging the door close.

“Mommy, where are we going now? Are you running away so that they don’t take you to prison?” Joshua asked his mother snapping her out of her sad thoughts.

“No, you idiot! Just shut up, it’s all your fault “ she yelled at him.

“Am sorry Joshua, am just overwhelmed with all this” she looked at him after realizing the damage she was causing to him as the boy looked in front silent.

“yeah, lets just to mom” he responded and looked back seeing the truck slowly following them as the farm house disappeared slowly as they got away.

“we are going to be fine son, you will see all this will soon be over and Grace is coming back home” Diana spoke but mostly to herself as her boy had closed his eyes and faked to be sleeping.


Episode 22

Jena walked out of the Judges Office replaying their conversation she had with him.
“I never wanted this you know, but Diana has forced my hand, how can she run away again? I am not sure what happened your honor but the number that Diana’s son gave us to call Grace on has not been going through, so far. We are suspecting she had told something to Grace and made her change her number or something. Now I want her in court so that she can be judged for her crimes” Jena told the judge with a tone of sadness
“Well, the story you have told me is so serious and what the woman you are talking about did is quiet a crime, she will probably get a lot of years in prison for that. But if you have made up your mind, bring this case on” the judge nodded at her.
“I never wanted this Diana, but you have pushed my hand” Jena whispered to herself as she got to the car and drove out the parking lot. She was going to meet up with her husband in town and hoped the results of his search were successful.

She had tried to call Jack and find out what he knew about Grace but yet again Jack shut her down and never wanted to help her.
“Mam, am sorry about whatever it is going on with you but believe me, my girlfriend has nothing to do with your husband” Jack had told her and hang up the call before she could get anything out of him.
Unknown to them, Jack and Grace had the theory that Jena was out to avenge her husband’s infidelity and so they never wanted to let her in on where Grace was. Jack had a meeting with Grace’s mother before she left and it was then that the two had told her about some visitor who wanted to confront Grace for some husband and wife issues. Till Diana found out Ben and Jena were on her, she quickly connected the dots knowing it was not what Jack and Grace knew but made sure they both were not aware of that fact.
“Make sure you never tell that woman about my daughter Jack, she has to concentrate on her studies and I don’t want any drama to disturb her. Can you make sure they never get to Grace?” Diana had asked Jack who with the intention of wanting to please the mother to his girlfriend, upheld the promise and completely blocked out Jena making it hard for her to find out anything about Grace.
“I will not do that mother, trust me, I want the same thing for my lady.” he had promised and so the past year and some months it was still a hidden fact for both Grace and Jack on who truly was looking for her.
Jena drove in to the restaurant where her husband was waiting for her, she was hurrying to find where he sat when a familiar face stopped in front of her and clicked her tongue in disgust, Jena smiled widely at her making her look like a fool.
“What a clown” Chipo made her face at her.
“well, am sorry Chipo, I am a real person unlike you who cries and drags someone’s husband to court just to get their attention. Ben Is mine and you can go ahead and scheme whatever you want to get him away but that will never happen. I won this love battle years ago and again and again, I will still win, you know why?” Jena moved closer to her and looked up her heavily made up face and smiled
“because it’s me he loves Chipo, even when he made that mistake and came to you, all he had in his mind and heart was me, he might have given you his body a couple of times I don’t care because I know my husband’s whole being is what I have” she added and that made Chipo look down and she got furious.
“You are so pathetic, the fact that you had to be a lawyer defending your husband made you even a fool” Chipo raised her face at Jena.

“Laugh all you can, you still got nothing out of us that year Chipo, just grow up, you lost the case, you lost a man years ago. If I were you I would concentrate on making sure I work extra hard and take care of my sick child instead of going round breaking people’s homes” Jena shook her head and looked up just to see Ben standing near then she stopped looking at him.
“My love, I have been waiting for you” he smiled instead making Chipo look at her back seeing Ben standing their smiling at his wife.
“Can we go now?” Ben smiled and stepped forward holding out his hand to his wife and completely ignored the staring eyes of Chipo who looked at them both wondering how Ben could completely ignore her like she was not even there.
“What was that?” Ben asked his wife looking at her smiling face.
“It was nothing my love, I was just saying hi to a stranger “she chuckled and they both laughed out.
“am glad we are back like this Jena, am also so grateful you stood in court last year to fight that evil witch for me” he smiled squeezing her hand and moved the chair for her to sit on she looked at his face and pulled him down to plant a kiss on his lips.
“Because that is what a good couple does, they live and fight for each other. It is what has strengthened our marriage Ben, and what will I gain by being against you my husband and letting the outsider destroy you?” she shrugged and Ben bent down kissing her again they were not aware Jack who Ben had called for a meeting was standing watching them.
“Um, good afternoon, are you Mr. Ben?” Jack asked after clearing his throat.
“Oh, yes, yes, I am, Jack right?” Ben smiled and stood upright shaking Jack’s hand.
Jena looked at them both and wondered how her husband had managed to get Jack to meet them, she recalled what Ben told her about a surprise meeting to let her in on what he had uncovered concerning Grace.
“Jack?” she looked at the young man standing before her.
“Yes, do you know who I am madam?” Jack responded looking at both Ben and Jena wondering what was going on. As far as he was concerned a man had called him and told him he had some business proposal for him and he had promised to meet the man at some lunch.
“Um, am, we sit now?” Ben cut in and they all went to sit down and there was silence for a few seconds.
“Jack am Ben Chisenga, like I mentioned on phone earlier, this is my wife Jena” he smiled.

“Oh okey, I don’t understand this meeting I thought it was….”
“I know young man, soon I will tell you what all this is all about, I could not tell you beforehand because I feared you wouldn’t come through. Now let me tell you something that will give you some light of why we are here….” Ben went on and told the whole story about Grace and by the time he was done, Jack was looking at both of them marveled.
“So you telling me the woman who has been calling concerning Grace is actually her mother?”
“yes I am, am the one you have been pushing away Jack, all I needed is to get to my daughter and see her again after years of being made to believe she was dead. We have spent more than half our lives looking for Grace, please if you can help us. Please I beg you, help us find our baby” she held his hand
“I don’t know what I can do exactly, what Grace told me about you people is totally a different story. Am confused now, you mean it’s not true that you abandoned her?”
“No, like we told you Jack, we wouldn’t be looking for her now if we never cared about our daughter.” Ben responded.
They sat there for more than an hour talking about the way forward and how Jack was to help them find Grace. Ben insisted Jack never told Diana about what they had discussed as she was going to scheme another thing to keep her away.
“I don’t know what Grace’s reaction about all this will be but when she comes I will try to talk to her, we cannot discuss this over a phone call” he had told Jena and Ben and both of them agreed to his plan.
“Am so nervous to see my daughter again, the last time I saw her she was 5 years old but now she is over 22. What is she like?” Jena asked wiping a tear from her eyes but this time she was not feeling so sad, the look in the young man`s eyes gave her hope, she could see he was a good person and though she didn’t know much about him, she thought if at all it could work between her daughter and Jack, her daughter will end up with a good man like she did.
“She is more like you” Jack responded making Jena look up at him and smile.
“How do you mean?” she giggled.
“Well, she is so calm and peaceful, she smiles a lot and is so mature. I can see she gets her gentle spirit and goodness from both or you” Jack smiled
“Thank you dear, can I see her face? I mean, if at all you have a pictures in your phone.
“Yeah sure, here” he handed them his phone and they all marveled on how much Grace had grown.
Grace was just getting to her room after class when she noticed she had a lot of missed calls from home, most of the numbers where from Jack and a couple more from her mother, she decided to call her mother first and smiled when she heard her voice from the other end,
‘Hey mom! Sorry I couldn’t pick up, I was still in class” she answered her back
“No problem my child, I really wanted to talk to you about something very important” Diana started
“Okey am listening mom, what is it?” she asked her mother.
“Well, I didn’t know how to tell you but we moved away from the farm last year. I could not get to tell you earlier because I didn’t know how you would take the news Grace”
“Okey? But why did you move? We both know we all love that place and the farm need us close to help take care of the activities there” Grace wondered
“Well. Am aware of that it’s just that it has not been the same without your father and so I decided we moved somewhere else, your father had built another house in a different area within Monze and I thought we could live close to town center” Diana explained
“I don’t get it mom, but if you think that is what you want then its fine by me. I would have loved to stay on by the farm though, we have spent all our lives there and it’s just so quiet and peaceful I loved it there” Grace sighed
“So what else is going on there mom? I have not spoken to Joshua in a long time is he okey?” she changed the subject.
“Yes he is okey. He is so moody of late you know how he is. I will let him talk to you some other time” Diana lied knowing so well the reason he never wanted Joshua to communicate with Grace. The boy had threatened to tell Grace what he knew and ask her if she knew if she was aware they were not of the same mother.
After some time of talking, Grace hang up and immediately tried to call back Jack whose line went unanswered. She threw down the phone deciding to take a nap before she could go for another class in the laboratory. She had that year as her final year of study and was trying to put in her best to pass the final exams and finally go back home. Good with studying medicine outside Zambia where she was spending less years in studying.

To be continue…..


Episode 23

Jena and Ben had gone back home after meeting up with Jack, they felt relieved someone was ready to help them hoped in their hearts they came to finally see their daughter. They tried to move on with their lives knowing there was nothing much they could do until Grace was done with school and back to Zambia. The court case of having Diana judged for her crimes was put on hold by Jena who had insisted they waited till Grace was back.

The couple decided to let go of their search for Diana and planned on only confronting her when things where okay with their daughter.

“Why didn’t you tell me Grace was my cousin uncle? I know you saw her with me at school, how come you never recognized her and now the story has changed” Junior asked his uncle one evening as they watched some soccer match on TV.

“Well, I could not even think of that possibility of her being alive since we were made to believe she died Junior. Besides, I last saw her when she was 5 and the girl had changed so much” Ben responded shrugging.

“Hm. one thing is not adding up though, a five year old child cannot forget her parents Uncle, at least not an intelligent girl like Grace. So you tell me she was taken and immediately forgot you guys?” he asked further

“I wish I could answer that question Junior, but like I said the entire truth will have to come out when Grace is back home. There are so many questions to be asked, all in due time we will get the answers we all need” he added.

“to think that I almost dated her is kind of awkward though, I don’t know what stopped me but I truly had feelings for her only I was so afraid of having anything more than friendship with her” junior chuckled looking up at his uncle.

“So what could you have done if I had fallen for her and we both started a relationship, got her pregnant or something” he smiled and laughed softly making Ben shake his head.

“well, it’s good it never happened that way junior, God has his own way of doing things so I guess he stopped you from playing your little guy tricks on my Grace “ Jena responded setting a bowl of desert in front of the two and sitting next to her husband who moved to give her enough space.

“Tell this boy that my love, he is so unbelievable” Ben responded and they all laughed.

In Monze Diana was counting down for the arrival of her daughter. With that plan to get her find a job in a different town and maybe she could move in with her later on when Jena and Ben got tired of looking for them.

“Mom, when is Grace coming back?” Joshua asked his mother.

“She will be here in a few weeks don’t worry” she responded without paying much attention to her son.

“Hm. so are you coming to tell her the truth now?” the boy looked at his mother chewing on a lollipop.

“Are you crazy or what? What truth? Grace already know am not her biological parent and unlike you she has no issues with it, I wonder why you are so burnt of making this thing blow up Joshua” Diana glanced at her son narrowing her eyes in wonder.

“Because mother, I know dad wouldn’t have loved what you are doing, running away because you want to hide Grace forever, she is not your child so why then? Am not enough for you?” Joshua asked for a moment Diana stayed silence analyzing the boy`s face as he talked and she shook her head before speaking.

“You are my son but I wonder where you get all this dullness Joshua, you are so naïve you behave like you are still 5 years old.” She spat angrily and the boy was silent for a while looking at her.

“You know I still remember when I was 5 years old, you and dad had a fight over me, you were telling him how sharp and good Grace was and you wondered why God had to give you a son like me. So mother, I know how you feel about me and I think it’s time I too get the attention I need from my mother. You have never looked at us both the same and it’s only fair she too goes back to her parents. “The boy added like someone was just speaking through him.

“oh so this is what is up with you huh? You are jealous of your sister?” Dia shook her head.

“no mom, am not jealousy of her, I want her to give me the chance to be loved by my mother” he responded and walked away before Diana could say more, unknown to her, as the argument went on Joshua had taken he mothers phone and he walked outside the yard away from where his mother could hear him talk. He stopped by the tree two houses away from his own house and scrolled in the phone to get Graces ID.

“Yes” he smiled as he dialed the line and waited for it to ring.

“Hello” Grace answered from the other end and he went silent for a second not knowing how to go about what he wanted to tell her.

“Hello, mom, are you there?” Grace asked hearing the line going silent from the other end.

“No, it’s not mom, it’s me” he answered finally.


“Yes Grace it’s me. I wanted to tell you about your mother” the boy started

“Joshua are you okey? Is mom well, what is going on? Why are you using her phone did she give it to you?” Grace asked worried hearing him stammering from the other end.

“Am ok, but mom is lying to you, your real mom came here. She lied to them that she doesn’t know you and where you are. I wanted to tell you so that you can come and go to them. That woman was crying wanting to see you and I felt bad for you” Joshua rushed through his explanation making Grace fail to grasp what the boy was talking about.

“Calm down will you, you are saying a lot of things at once and I cannot seem to understand you, what do you mean my mom came to see me? Who is that Joshua?” she asked hearing the boy breathing heavily on the other end.

“Joshua what are you doing with my phone? Who are you calling you stupid boy!” the voice of Diana yelling was heard by Grace and before she could as what was going on Dian grabbed the phone from her son and cut it off.

“What the hell is wrong with you Joshua, are you stupid or something, why are you doing this?” Diana screamed at him pulling him back to the house finding it so hard the boy was growing fast and his weight at only 15 years old was more than expected.

“I had to tell her mom, she has to know” the boy cried as the mother pulled his ears pushing him into the house.

“oh my God I have people out there threatening to take away my daughter and now I have to deal with you too?” she asked slapping the boy he rushed out to his room leaving Diana pacing around as she thought of what she was to tell Grace from what Joshua had blown.

In Italy Grace was still trying her mother`s line and was surprised it was off.

“What is going on there” she asked herself in wonder.

“well, maybe you brother has something to tell you but then he doesn’t know how to say it” Grace`s friend who was watching her silently responded.

“He said a lot of things at once I cannot seem to process all of it at once. I wonder what is happening there and why mom won’t answer me back” she shook her head sitting back down.

“God we going back home in a few weeks you will find out what is going on right?” she added and Grace looked at her and sighed deeply.

“You are right. Something is going on there, I can hear the sound of Jack`s voice every time we talk too, it seems he has something hidden and I am just sick of this curiosity. Why won’t these guys tell me what is really going on” Grace wondered trying to brush of the thoughts in her head.


Episode 24

“Are you sure this is a good idea?” Jena asked as she pulled over her blouse finishing up.

“Jack said it’s good we get to welcome her from the station. I don’t think it’s wrong though. It is actually going to give us a way to starting our talk with our daughter” Ben smiled

“What? You are developing a cold feet all of a sudden?” he teased his wife

“You bet I am, I have not set my eyes on my daughter for years and she is now a woman, how could I not have cold feet?”

“I know my love, come here” Ben pulled his wife close and hugged her for a couple of minutes and sighed assuring her.

“She will love you, you are a great mother and wife too. No one in their right senses would think twice about loving a person like you Jena. Besides, we will tell her the truth and she will understand” he added calmly.

“What if she does not want anything to do with me? What if she has already been brain washed by Diana and won’t look at me as her mother. Am so worried Ben, I have always thought through all this now that we are close to seeing her I cannot help feel worried” Jena looked at Ben stepping back from him with worry written all over her face.

“stop now, stop Jena, don’t be too negative about all this, we will be okey and am sure this time around, God will not let us lose our girl. Let’s go now before the plane lands. We have to be there when she arrives” Ben pulled his wife and they walked out hand in hand their kids running towards them as they walked out.

“Mom, can we come with you too?” Isaac asked

“no, not today Isaac, your father and I will go and see your sister and when all is well then we will get to have her come home, stay inside the house and help your sister with her homework” she pointed out and the kids walked back in after watching their parents leave.

Jack had already arrived at the airport the time Jena and Ben where getting there. He walked towards them smiling widely.

“Good afternoon” he shouted his greetings and they all exchanged greetings happily.

“Where Is Diana?” Ben looked around the place

“Um, am not sure yet, but she doesn’t know you will be here. I wanted to ask Grace to surprise her and not tell her she was coming but you know she is stubborn, she told me she missed her mother and would want to see her as soon as she lands. To add to the fact that she doesn’t even know where they moved to. “Jack explained

“That woman, how could she? You have no idea how awful I feel right now, I have to hide before seeing my daughter, yet she will stand there smiling and happy seeing her land, it’s not fair, it’s not” she shook her head sadly.

“Calm down, from today things will not be the same my love, you will see, let’s just stay out here and wait” Ben comforted his wife.

“You are right, things will change and in all honesty I wish Grace can see you guys for who you truly are. You are good people and I can see it in you both how much you love her” Jack smiled easing the tension around.

“thank you Jack, well, you will let us know then, my wife and I will stay out here, the plane should be here in less than 20 minutes, so go on and wait from the front” he added and Jack nodded walking away Ben had to hold his wife`s hand squeezing it hard they looked at each other and smiled slightly.

Grace looked down the runway as the plane touched down. Her heart was steady and she felt great she was finally back home and this time it was for good. She looked at the phone in her hands and noticed her hands were sweaty she wondered why she was feeling nervous all of the sudden

“It’s like am seeing these guys for the first time” she whispered inside herself. The air attendant announced they had arrived and thanked all the passengers wishing them well. Grace sighed standing up and grabbing her small hand bag waiting for the person in front of her to move forward before she joined in.

“Hey! Excuse me lady, you dropped your headsets” a voice called from behind Grace turned to look at the white guy standing tall and smiling at her.

“Oh, yeah, thank you Sir” she looked back grabbing the headsets.

“You are welcome, coming for the first time?” the man asked as they slowly moved forward.

“No, this is my home, I just went for studies and am done, so yeah am back home” Grace smiled genuinely feeling good about it.

“What where you studying?” the man asked as they touched the ground walking towards where people awaited to receive them.

“Medicine” she responded without so much attention as her eyes scanned through a group of people waiting some steps away she wanted to see Jack and her mother.

“Really, wow, what lucky. We recently opened a hospital here in Zambia so we are hiring Doctors and other medical personnel.” He smiled

“Seriously?” Grace asked now paying attention to the man,

“Serious, am just coming to see to it that all is in place before flying back to UK.” The white guy shrugged casually.

“Grace! “ Diana called out excitedly making Grace look away from the man.

“Here is my card, call me when you are settled we can talk” the man handed her a business card and she smiled thanking him.

“Mom! Hey” she rushed to Diana and smiled even more seeing Jack emerge from the cloud he stepped forward and hugged her close after she strode back from her mother`s hug.

“Hey, I missed you” she whispered and without hesitation, Jack planted a slight kiss on her lips making Grace look down.

“Mom is here” she shook her head and they both laughed looking at Diana standing close by.

They exchanged greetings as they waited for the language and walked along as the language guy pushed the carrier to the car park.

“So? What is going on here?” Grace looked at Jack as Diana opened the car to allow the carrier guy load the bags in the back.

“Been great baby, I have a big surprise for you” jack smiled

“Really? What is that? Must I close my eyes or something?” she teased closing her eyes and opening them back again.

“Promise you won’t get mad at me, but that you will give a shot what am about to review to you” Jack asked.

“The two of you will continue chatting here or you will come in we start going?” Diana shouted from the driver`s seat.

“Mom, give us a moment, Jack has a surprise for me” Grace answered back with excitement making Jack look down knowing the hard part had come.

“Wait here” he looked at Grace and she could not answer he rushed away Grace looked at her mother and the two shrugged not knowing what he was up to.

“Do you know what this is all about?” Grace asked Diana as they waited impatiently. Diana could not get to answer at the moment as her eyes were set of the two people she had come to hate so much they disturbed her every being. He tongue felt tied and she could not move as she saw them close in with Jack walking besides them his nervous smile evident, right that minute Diana felt disappointed with him and was regretting the very day she agreed to entertain him around Grace.

“You demon” she screamed in her heart shaking as she realised how much that was going to change everything.

“What is…….?” Grace started asking turning back to face where her mother`s eyes were at and standing still seeing the only person she could identify along with Jack she breathed out.

“Uncle Ben?” she asked surprised

“Hey Grace!” Ben tried to smile as he looked at the girl and at that moment could see what he had not seen back then when he saw her with Junior. She was his daughter and his blood moved seeing her look at him wearing a smile he could relate to.

“What are you doing here? Is this.. the, the surprise?” she asked this time looking at Jack who was silent his eyes focused on Jena who all this while kept looking at Grace without blinking her eyes she had her mouth open.

“Who is this woman?” Grace asked seeing how silent and shocked Jena was.

“Grace, ehee… Grace” Jena stuttered her eyes filling up as she slowly moved forward and touched Grace`s face who flinched back wondering why a strange woman was eyeing her like that.

“Can you tell me what is going on here?” Grace asked Jack looking at him the hands of Jena still on her face she was looking at her mother like she was mad.

“Grace, you don’t need to be here! Come on let’s go!” Diana walked in between Jena and Grace pulling her daughter back to the car.

“No, not again Diana, you will not do this to me again” Jena spoke her voice broken as she failed to keep herself from crying.

“What? Who are you? You know her mom?” Grace was shocked the more seeing the reaction of her mother towards the woman.

“ um, can we talk somewhere private?” Jack tried to step in but Diana looked at him slapping him hard across his face.

“I trusted you, you traitor! How dare you?” she snarled angrily

“Can someone tell me what is going on here? Who are you and what is Uncle Ben doing here, where is your wife Uncle? Mom, Jack?” she looked at them all her confused face so sweaty.

Ben knew the woman she meant and he had no words to respond to her instantly, breaking it straight up to her he was her father and Jena her mother seemed not the right way to go.

“I agree with Jack, can we all sit somewhere else?” Ben responded calmly but Diana shook her head furious.

“No, we are not talking to these people Grace, come on lets go home” she pulled her pushing her into the car.

“Am your mother Grace, am your, am your mother!” Jena shouted seeing she was following Diana, they all stopped and looked at her. Grace slowly stepped down the car her mouth dry she looked at her from head to toe slowly and accurately, she had no idea what to do at the moment.

“What?” she finally answered looking at Jack and Diana, Jack nodded his head whilst Diana shook it vigorously.

Story continues…


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